What is Web Hosting? - How to choose a Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting or website hosting as it is sometimes called is a service provided by an organization to individuals or organizations mainly to make their website pages available on the internet.

Do you sometimes wonder how websites, web pages or blogs come to be on the internet? Well, that is exactly the business of some organizations called web hosting companies.

On this page, I will be providing you with detailed information on web hosting and web hosting services in addition to the definition of web hosting.

In like manner, I will also give you information on how to make a choice when it comes to choosing a web hosting company for your website.

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In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be equip with basic information associated with website hosting

How does Web Hosting work?

Have you ever thought about how all these online websites, web pages, blogs or social media websites get viewed all over the world? Or have you tried to figure out how pictures, videos and infographics get displayed online?

The truth is, a website hosting company is behind this beautiful technology that we call internet. So, if these companies are behind the technology then how does the technology works?

The answer to that questing is simple. Website Hosting services work by storing your website information on an high-powered computer. These high-powered computers are known as web servers and they hold so much information that human brain can not.

In addition, these high-powered computers are then connected to a very fast network to deliver good services.

Types of Website Hosting Services

Generally speaking, there are only two types of website hosting services available, These are

  • Free Web Hosting; and
  • Paid Hosting.

Let us touch base quickly with these two types of hosting are.

A Free hosting services: A free hosting accounts are the type of web hosting that are given to you for free. Yes, they are FREE.

On the positive side, you can start a website with a free hosting account; while on the negative side, you do not have control over your website.

For this reason, I will always recommend to any serious on having a website to always choose a paid hosting package (as describe below).

‘For example, websites like – www.myname.wordpress.com, or www.myname.blog.com are hosted on a free hosting package’.

These are typically the ways in which free website hosting packages name your domain. What does this mean? It mean that you do not have control how your domain will look like.

Paid Hosting Package are types of website hosting packages that you pay for when you require the services. Although, they are services you have to pay for; but you also enjoy a handful of benefits with them. Above all, you literally have full control of the hosting. Below are some of the benefits

Benefits of paid web hosting services

As shown above, paid hosting packages come with added advantages that I will list and talk briefly on them.

1. Full control of your domain and hosting services

Whatever type of website you may have or plan to have, first thing to remember is CONTROL. Yes, you need to have control over things that goes into the back-end and things that get published on the site.

With you having full control, you can decide on the look and feel of your website. With a free web hosting package, you will not have this kind of control. You will be compelled to go with the look and feel of the hosting service provider.

In the long run and as you get to be more involve in your website activities, you will realize the importance of taking full control of your domain name.

2. Free domain registration……optional with some webhosting service providers

Just as your see some companies advertising buy-one-get-one free, so is this kind of services advertisement from a webhosting company. In order for you to patronize the company, they will offer to give you a free domain registration. At least, you enjoy this for the first one your of your registration with them.

Of course you have a free domain name for the first year, but this is an advantage to the webhosting company. Why is it an advantage? It is an advantage because:

  • It is only free for one year;
  • You pay them for the second year; and
  • Finally, the most important one – you stay with them as long as you are still in business (at lease as your domain name registrar)

To know more on the cost of domain names, you can read it up at – How much does it cost to to develop a website.

3. Email addresses

When it come to the number of email address that you may have with your web hosting package, some some service providers give you unlimited email account whereas, some will limit the number emails you can create. The choice is absolutely you!

Another key point, do not pick a web hosting package that limit you on the number of email list that you can create. By the time your website grow, you will realize the importance of email list.

Wait a minute, why should you limit yourself on the numbers of email account you can create? For this reason, I always recommend you go for unlimited email addresses creation account.

Similarly, by not limiting your email list, you will be able to do lots of email campaign when the time arises.

5. Control Panel

I call this the POWER HOUSE. If you are new to website development, you may not know the importance of a control panel. Your control panel is that location designated to control every bit of item running within your hosting server.

It is within the control panel that you configure your sub domains, addon domains, email accounts, website files and many other things.

In addition, it is within the control panel that you install the template that your website will be built on (see below).

In essence, a web hosting control panel is very important when it comes to we development.

6. Optional website development templates

Equally important, the website template. Gone are the days when website developers have to code every single bit of sentences before you can have a complete website. At the present time, 99% of all website run on one type of template.

Let us look at the definition of a website template. In a word, website templates are pre-designed webpages that anyone can customize to their own look and feel. Since they are pre-designed, you you do is to add contents.

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By and large, almost all the website available in the present time uses one form of template or the other. Although, you may need to employ the services of website programmers to tweak your template to your requirement.

Nevertheless, most available template withing your control panel should be able to be use to create a standard website.

Below are few of the templates you can use:

  • WordPress
  • Jomla
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Squarespace and many more.

One thing to remember, when choosing a website template make sure it is mobile friend and responsive.

7. FTP accounts

According to Indiana University knowledge base page, FTP is

“An acronym for File Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, FTP is used to transfer files between computers on a network. You can use FTP to exchange files between computer accounts, transfer files between an account and a desktop computer, or access online software archives”.

As can be seen, FTP is mainly use for file transfers. When files are large, it is advisable to use FTP to transfer them. These may not apply to everybody.

For the purpose of these article, I will not talk much on FTP because you may not need to use the function withing your web hosting control panel.

Other important Benefits of Paid Web Hosting package

The following three benefits that I will be talking about are the most essential bits of website hosting. Why are they essential? They are essential because of the fact that they are the reasons why we have many websites today.

Most websites exist to publish information and those information in turn, will yield revenue. So, follow and let us sail together in our quest on the website hosting article.

8. Revenue generation

Hmmm, I like this bit!

For the fact that I can make money online, I will always recommend to people to always go for a paid web hosting package. However, if you are interested in learning more on making money online, please visit – How to make money online with opportunities.

In fact, that article taught me a lot on how best to monetize my website. In order to leverage on what you are paying for subscription of a paid web hosting package, you need to incorporate an income generating scheme on your website.

Since it is a paid website hosting package, you have the liberty to add adverts of your choice or include promotional material on your website pages. Unlike the free web hosting package that you do not have control over, you are free to play around with revenue generating programs with a paid package.

9. Promote your website

Are you looking to promote your website hosted on a paid website hosting platform? or you are looking to create link partnership with other website owners? With a paid hosting platform, you have 100% flexibility to promote your website to the fullest. Whereas, you can not do all these with a free hosting platform

10. Optimize your website

The king of it all. Without Search Engine Optimization, all what we have been talking about will not yield good result.

Wait a minute, what is the relationship between Search Engine Optimization and web hosting server?

You may not know, but your hosting server play an important role in the speed of your website. How fast your website hosting server is will have an impact on the speed of your website pages. This in turn will reflect in the result of search engine for your website.

In addition, how images are handled on your website server will also have an impact on your Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

With all the analysis, pros and cons of types of website hosting, I will now give you a summary of how to choose a good web hosting provider.

In conclusion, the following are what you should be on the lookout for when you are searching for a good website hosting provide.

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