Types of Marketing Strategies That Works Effectively Online and Offline

A Good Marketing Strategy implemented by an organization makes the business profitable; when it comes to business success (home based or office based), good marketing strategies play a very important role in it. As a matter of fact, it is the main driver of a successful business.

Since it play a vital part in the longevity of any business, then, what are the various types of marketing strategies that works in Nigeria? That is to say, what are the marketing that works?

For this reason, I will take you through all the basic types of marketing and the marketing strategies that is good for your business.

Type of Marketing Strategies that works

Marketing! The almighty name in any business – big or small. Hardly will you see any business that succeed in this world without it. If you know any, please let us know in the comment box below. In the article, we will examine the types of marketing that works.

In addition, I will list different marketing strategies to use.

First thing to remember, marketing is very important in all business.

To begin with, you need to know that all types businesses depend on marketing; so, in the same way, your business needs it too.

While your business suffers due to lack of properly define promotional plan of action, other smart business owners are reaping the reward of a good marketing strategy.

So, take a back sit and let us go through the Types of Marketing that works. In other words, let us go through tested marketing strategies that work in Nigeria.

For the purpose of this article, I will teach you the kind of marketing that works in Nigeria, you choose the best for your business. You can also combine them to get the best result.

Market leaders and institutions have committed so much money into what I am sharing with you on this page. You should be rest assure that using any of the marketing that work strategy below, your business will benefit greatly form them.

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Marketing Strategy – Bedrock of Business Success

The bedrock of any business is marketing!

This makes me remember my secondary school days, you too may remember what we call the almighty formula. This is a formula that solve majority of mathematics problems.

Without marketing, most companies will be dead in the water. Yes, all company need to market their products and services in other to be profitable, survive, gain market share and stay relevant in the market. They need to get information out there to prospective clients.

What is Marketing?

The action taken by individual or organization to promote its products or services using different form of medium. These medium may include the use of Internet, television, radio, leaflets and other forms of advertisement materials e.t.c. To majority, this is the definition of marketing.

Wikipedia define marketing as the study and management of exchange relationship.

In marketing, you study the management of your products and services, that is to say, you need the “know how” of it.

Read more – Online Marketing Strategy.

What business sector are you in?

Before you start with a marking strategy or any form of marketing campaign, you will have to look inward into you business sector. This will actually allow you to understand your marking in other to make the right decision on the type of marketing that works in your industry.

Although, various factors will determine the best promotional approach for your business. Nevertheless, it is still in your best interest you to consider these factors mentioned below.

Gone are the days when marketing strategies were centered around television, radio, billboards and newspapers promotions and advertisements; we are now have multiple types of marketing that works on different platforms.

What type of marketing strategy is good for your business?

My advice to you is – start with a research on your business sector through the National Bureau of Statistics. You will get lots of information about your business sector there.

Nevertheless, you can still do a bit of what is call “Competitor Lookup” in marketing. To put it another way, research on your competitors to find out more on what they do in terms of marketing.

Comparatively, we will walk through the following type of marketing strategies that works in Nigeria:

  1. Connectivity Proximity Marketing (CPM)
  2. Partnership
  3. User-Generated Contents (UGC)
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Relationship Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Leveraging Marketing

As shown above, the list are the holy grail of marketing that works in Nigeria.

Types Marketing Strategies that works

For your marketing campaign to be more effective in terms of publicity and Return on Investment (ROI), you need to ask yourself some certain questions. Answers to these questions will help you discover the type of marketing that is best for you.

For example: Target market and demography should come into play. Other things like location, product offering and services may also come into play here.

As a matter of fact, you can also target your audience with blogs and articles on your site. If your blogs are good and provide valuable information, it will act as a marketing strategy for your business.

In fact, more online businesses are using blogging to promote their brands.

Nevertheless, I am presenting you with a whole bunch of information that will make a big difference to your business game plan; at the same time, the it will produce results by increasing your market share in your industry.

Without delay, let us get started.

Here are various types of marketing strategies to use for your business:

1. Connectivity Proximity types of Marketing (CPM)

It is important to realize that the days of old fashion marketing has gone. From time to time, technology is evolving. As long as the technology is there for you, take advantage of it.

Technology has brought something to us in Wi-Fi and bluetooth that ask as a good marketing tool to any form of business, big or small. I bet it, 90% of business owners do not know that you can send promotional contents to your customers’ smart phones and tablets at close range.


It has been discovered, that, majority of smart phone users do not block their phones’ bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections making it easy to be discovered by other users. All you have to do is to send promotional material using this medium to their phone.

If you can, give out free wi-fi facility around your business area. As you may know, data subscription is expensive for individuals in Nigeria while it is much cheaper for businesses. It is for searching for deals from any of the Internet Services Providers in Nigeria.

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2. Partnership – a good type marketing that works

Partnership also known as collaboration is one of the best form of marketing strategy that really works well. Best known in the marketing world as ‘Marketing Partnership’. By creating a form of alliance with other businesses, you stand the chance of delivering better value to a wider variety of customers.

In addition to that, it expose your brand. Given you additional option of reaching new audience which acted as an open source of advantage.

What to look for in order to form such partnership –

  • Provided that the intended partner is not a competitor, partnership is possible.
  • Inasmuch as mutual benefits will come out of the union, partnership can go ahead. Therefore, make sure you analyse the benefits for both parties.
  • All things considered, will the partnership add value to both businesses? If answer is yes, partnership make more sense.

Answering those questions will give you a clearer picture of the type of marketing partnership that is most likely to work for your business.

  • For example: Domino and Coldstone formed such marketing partnership in Nigeria.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Also known as user-created content. UGC implies that, consumers or customers are responsible for creating your content and at the same time promoting your brand. Look at the look on your face; thinking how is this possible? Yes, it is possible.

What a minute!

Why should a business owner use this marketing strategy? Is this part of the marketing that works?


Generally speaking, I will say a CAPITAL yes to both questions above. In a word, you will turn your consumers to your marketer.

For example, Coca-Cola used this marketing strategy model to increase the sale of coke worldwide.

In order to create a long lasting impression and sense of belonging, Coca-Cola launched their personalized coke bottle – the “Share a Coke” campaign. The campaign spread like wide fire, Coca-Cola produced coke bottles at cities around the world with customers’ name on it. This resulted in everybody longing to have their name on a coke bottle.

This was not the end of the story. What happened next amazed even the best marketers in the world.

I am pretty sure you know the story.

Coca-Cola actually turned her customers to marketers. How?

As a result, Coca-Cola asked their customers to share pictures of themselves enjoying a bottle of coke with their personalized name coke on it on social media.

Wow! Good way to let your customers promote your brand.

As shown above in the case of Coca-Cola, I will recommend it as a good marketing strategy that works.

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Image Courtesy: BellaNaija

 4. Internet Marketing Strategy

I am sure you have been waiting for a while to read this. Yes we are here now on the big one, Internet marketing in Nigeria!

As a matter of fact, I call this the “king of holy grail” in marketing. Although this may be true, you still have to combine it with some other form of promotional actions.


As many things are happening around the world now, your business can not survive if you are not thinking in this direction (although, it depend on your type of business). I am not talking about a small shop at the side of the road.

As long as you have a business that is internet inclined, you need a great online marketing strategy to surge ahead of your competitors.

Without much ado, I will tell you that Internet Marketing leads the way when it comes to marketing that works; that is to say, it helps you achieve success.

Regardless of the size of your business, internet marketing is the most inexpensive way to market and at the same time, reach millions of target market. But what exactly is internet marketing?

Internet Marketing is a wide area that we are not able to cover here. If you really want to know more on internet marketing and how if will help your business, read more on Internet Marketing Strategies that work and how to implement them.

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5. Relationship Marketing

Equally important in marketing is your relationship with your customers. Therefore, you must develop a good customer relationship with them.

By and large, all customers are important!As long as you keep them happy, they will always patronize you.


Generally speaking. managing your customers by creating a long-term relationship is what “Relationship Marketing” is all about. As you may have known, one of the most expensive and difficult task facing most businesses in Nigeria is acquiring new customers.

Yes, acquiring new customers is expensive not to mention retaining them. How do your retain your customers? What business strategy do you use to reward your customers and keep their loyalty? These are the questions that needs answers when it comes to relationship marketing.

In other word, how do you maintain a good relationship with your customer?

There are no two ways to what relationship marketing is, rather than saying it is a way of forming long-term relationship with your customers. Business owners should foster good customer loyalty, provide good customers services and give incentives to loyal customers.

As shown above, a pretty good marketing that works over time is the use of relationship marketing strategy.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Wow! this is my favorite of all.

Not only will affiliate marketing promote your business, but also generate more sales for you with little effort on your part.

Any business not using affiliate marketing is missing out of the big cake. Why did I say this? Simply because of the fact that affiliate marketing works in an exponential ways.

For example, company using affiliate program to generate sales in Nigeria includes Yokebay, Konga and Jumia.


For instance, if you have only one hundred affiliate members on your affiliate platform and these hundred members brings in fifty sales each, you will be having 100 X 50 sales = 5,000 worth of sales.

In addition to the sales generated by affiliate, you have these customers on your side.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy is great only if you know how you can take advantage of the program.

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Take or leave it, affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing strategy that works. Do your business use it? If no, it is time to implement the system.

Moreover, the only cost associated to an affiliate program is the commission paid to affiliates.

In conclusion, let us quickly look at what an affiliate program is.

What is affiliate marketing?

A performance based marketing strategy in which you a business rewards affiliates with commission on a successful sale of a product or services.

7. Leveraging Marketing

What the heck is leveraging marketing?

In fact, that was the first impression I had when I first heard the word.

Do not be afraid, it is just a marketing terminology often used by professional marketers. To put it another way, it is widely refer to as Leveraging Digital Marketing; of course, this works mainly as a digital marketing strategy.


Even though, as a terminology, it has started making its way into the world of internet marketing. While the strategy in still new, it will be good for your business to take advantage of it.

Not only is leverage marketing a digital marketing strategy, but also a very powerful social marketing tool. As a matter of fact, it is used in leveraging the power of social media in digital marketing.

To demonstrate how leveraging marketing works, I will recommend you watch the youtube video below –

In Summary, we have been able to see the types of marketing that works and also, some of the best marketing strategy use in business. On the whole, your business needs a good marketing strategy that works.

As shown above, it is very obvious that businesses that put more effort it her marketing activities will do better than her competitors.

In general, we have been able to analyze in details the types of marketing that works with examples. Comparatively, you can choose to use any of them and see how effective it will boost your sales and revenue.

In essence, all businesses (big or small) need a good marketing strategy to be more competitive in Nigeria.


We appreciate you for reading this article. In the event that you want us to add any information to it, please do not hesitate to send us an email or leave a comment below.

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Citation: Harvard Business Review.

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