The Power of Online Marketing for Businesses

The Power of Online Marketing – Use it and see the positive effect it has on your business

Take it or leave it, online marketing with the use of a good online marketing strategy is the way forward for any business today. Yes, I mean it – Any business, big or small need the power of online marketing to succeed.

As a matter of fact, it is a powerful tool, you get your return on investment and above all, it gives your business the much desire publicity. What is it we are talking about here? We are talking about the very best thing in Digital Marketing today – The Power of Online Marketing.

What is the Power of Online Marketing?

“The Power of Online Marketing is the positive effect on business brand, revenue and website traffic a business may experience for an online promotion or advertisement embark on. these promotion may be paid or free advertisement campaign”.

Before we move deeply into the whatever name you may want to call it, or as people call it, let us take ourselves back to the basic.

Are you a marketer? or looking to learn how to be a marketer? or perhaps, you have a business and looking for the best way to promote your business. If you answer yes to any of the above; then, this whole article is for you.

You may also be looking for way to promote your brand, this article is good for you too. In reality, all form of business today need online marketing.

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Online Marketing

Online marketing is the process of advertising products and services through the use of the internet. Although, the method use in the advertisement may vary from email marketing, social media marketing and you name it; they are all referred to as Online marketing.

For example, How will this world be without internet? My dear, many of us will not know what we know today. In fact, many people making millions on the internet through the use of the power of online marketing to market different products and services will not be making them.

Nevertheless, there are still room for everybody to take advantage of the power of advertisement brought to us by the internet.

The internet is powerful, you need to take advantage of it!

Who needs to take advantage of the power of online marketing?

To be honest with you, the only person that need to take advantage of this power is YOU. By say “you”, I mean everybody reading this article. As long as you have a job or a business, you need to take advantage of the online digital power to move your job or business to where it should be.

To tell you the truth, virtually every businesses, brands and organisations – big or small needs online marketing.

Why did I say that? I am able to say this because any individual or group that set up a business want to grow the business; and if you are looking to do so, the way forward is an online marketing

Are you ready to take advantage of the power associated with online marketing? If you are, let us look into the following needed to achieve our goals.

Basic strategies needed to build powerful online marketing

Strategy #1. Develop a plan

Strictly speaking, you will need a plan to in other to have an effective online marketing presence. These plan should include the following:

  • What are you trying to achieve with online marketing?
  • How many platforms are there for you? and which one is more effective?
  • What audience are you looking to promote your business, products and /or services to?
  • Who are your competitors? and how are they promoting their businesses?
  • How will you convert your audience to buying customers?
  • What resources will you be committing to your online marketing? and
  • How will you be measuring the effect of your online marketing plan?

Together with a good online marketing strategy, your plan (as shown above) will take your business to a place where you want to be.

Strategy #2. Be more focus and be strategic about it

Focusing on those things such as your business strength or your product benefit should play a significant role in quest to achieving best online marketing results.

How do you focus on your business strength? You can achieve this by performing a little SWOT analysis of you own business. Even though, you may be thinking that your business does not need a swot analysis, I can tell you now that this is equally important to see the effect pf the power of online marketing.

SWOT stand for – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

In the first place, you know your business more than anybody; therefore, you should be able to perform a good SWOT analysis of your business. Regardless of what you may believe or told, I will always recommend you do this analysis first in other for you to know exactly where your business stand; and to project where you want it to be.

In addition, it will help you to be more focused on turning your weaknesses into strength and at the same time, turn threats into opportunities.

The two points mentioned above are key to your business in other to experience the power of online marketing.

Now that we have seen the two basic strategy need to achieve our online marketing goal, let us now look at the Drivers of the Power of Online Marketing. Together with these drivers, your business online marketing will achieve a better result.

Drivers of the Power of Online Marketing

The following drivers may also be referred to as Types of Online Marketing. They are very useful and powerful with all respect. In fact, I called them “The Best Online Marketing Strategy”.

Alas, they are the future of marketing!

The Power of online marketing will be felt in your business when you use any of the following:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Interactive Advertising
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

As shown above, let us look into each of the drivers.

1. Social Media Marketing

As the name implies,

“Social Media Market is a type of marketing strategy use through social media platform and it focuses on gaining likes, attention and traffic”.

As shown above in the definition of social media, the main purpose of marketing through any of the social media platform is for gaining attention, likes and traffic.

Why is social media marketing important? It is a powerful tool for any business. Big, small and Medium size businesses use social to reach prospective and other customers.

Regardless of the type of social media you use, your customers are already on it. You just need to tap into the system and take advantage of the platform. Generally speaking, your customers are already out there.

Not only are your prospects and customers readily available on social media, but also your competitors. Your customers are already interacting with similar brands and even your competitors, and if you are not taking advantage of the medium to interact with your customers you are missing out big time!

Additionally, it will be worth mentioning that good marketing on social media can bring great success to your business and also create a better awareness or your product and services.

Which of the social media platform is best for my business?

Comparatively, no social media platform can be regarded as the best platform for a business. Why? This is simply because each and every social media platform as their own advantages.

The effect and impact of facebook promotion on a business may be different from the effect and impact of twitter promotion on same business. Similarly, the traffic a business may receive from stumbleupon may be different from the amount of traffic same business receives from pintrest.

Even though, there are different advantages associated to each social media platform, I will recommend you take advantage of that platform that best fit into your online marketing strategy.

In addition, you will achieve best result my combining any of the drivers together. In fact, for best result and to feel the effect of the power of online marketing, I always recommend that you combine them.

To learn more on Social Media Marketing, feel free to visit Social Media Marketing for Businesses.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you really want to experience the power of online marketing, you need to be to get involve in Search Engine Optimization. This is the most effective way to get your website pages rank high in search engine.

You know what, I like it when it comes to SEO topic.

Comparatively, many internet gurus still see SEO as the most effective online marketing strategy of all time.

How effective is Search Engine Optimization?

In contrast to social media marketing strategy, SEO is a long term online marketing strategy that the reward is so enormous.

What do I mean by that? Well…. think of it this way, a well done SEO website today will still continue to give return in the future. This is a major advantage over the social media marketing strategy.

In other words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yield a better Return on Investment over Social Media Marketing on a long run.

Another key point, SEO has been proving to give a business more visibility than any other online marketing strategy.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Equally important to feel the effect of the Power of online marketing is what is known as Affiliate Marketing.

This type of marking is very effective in the sense that affiliates in your region or any part of the world will be promoting and advertising your business, products and/ or services through various platform.

As a result of affiliate marketer promoting you, you will be seeing the effect of online marketing. For this reason, I will encourage businesses to introduce affiliate programs in their marketing strategy.

4. Interactive Advertising and Mobile Marketing

From time to time, many different marketing strategies evolve. Although, interactive advertising is one of the new ways of online marketing, it has been proven to be effective.

What is Interactive Advertising?

“Interactive Advertising is a new concept of marketing that uses interactive media to communicate with customers and consumers; and at the same time, promote businesses, products and services.

To get a better feel of this, have a look at Mobile Marketing Strategy in Nigeria.

For example, the video below show a typical interactive advertisement at work.

5. Email Marketing

A very good strategy for promoting brands, products and services; with the ability to reach mass market. In addition, it enriches business communication with customers and directed to targets specific key markets.

When sending out email as a marketing communication to prospects, it is important to realize that your email should have valuable contents in them. These contents will convert your targeted individuals to customers and it can lead to revenue generation and sales.

You may be thinking about how effective an email campaign can be. You know what, it is very effective; especially when you know how best to use it.

To learn more on creating valuable contents and content management, you can visit Principles of Content Marketing.

6. Display advertising

In like manner, display advertising is a form of marketing strategy used by few organization.

But what a minute!

What exactly is display advertising?

“Display advertising can be defined as a form of video, picture or audio advertisements. They rely heavily on those form (video, audio and pictures) to communicate advertisement to customers.”

What makes display advertisement unique?

Its uniqueness comes from the way adverts are displayed; in reach media formats.

Unlike the other for of marketing, display advertisement send clear messages out and these messages are unique and inviting.

Although, they sometimes come at a cost.

7. Pay Per Click advertising

Popularized by Google, par per click advertising are becoming a very good way of online marketing.

In fact, they are taking over from many of the other form of internet marketing. In spite of its effectiveness, it may be a bit expensive. While the larger organizations can afford to pay for the pay per click campaign, it may be on a high side for smaller companies.

Nevertheless, if your target is a larger audience, I will advise you consider using the pay pay click advertising campaign.

Another key point, pay per click adverts are targeted adverts.

What do I mean by this?

Look at it this way – when you search for a particular thing on the internet, the kind of adverts shown to you are related to things you have search for in the past. That mean, the search engine crawlers uses your searches to displace adverts to you. In another words, these adverts are targeted to you based on your search history.

Power of online marketing can be felt through……


In effect, for best practice and maximum result, try to use them all. On the positive side of things, they all yield good results.

As can be seen, all the above mentioned are good online marketing strategies that brings out the power of online marketing. On the long run, you can combine the use of all of the above mentioned.

In fact, I always recommend using the combination of three to four of the strategies.

In other to take full advantage of the power of online marketing, you will need to understand the necessary procedures involved. The following list gives you an insight on the power that turn my business into a powerful business to recon with.

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