Best 5 Ways to Revive Your Outdated Email Marketing Campaign in 2020

It is 2020 the email marketing campaign you implement has to be adapted to your engagement strategy for the year. With the open rate of email newsletters averaging just 20.81%, you need to be doing something differently to grab your consumer’s attention this year.

Perhaps you may have noticed a decline in your email newsletter engagement, and you may be wondering why. While there may be more underlining factors resulting in the decline; it is also very possible that your email marketing campaign and strategy is old and outdated. Here are the five best ways to revive your email marketing campaign this 2020.

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Five ways to revive your outdated email marketing campaign

1. Test Your Email Marketing Campaigns

This should be your very first course of action. Mostly because you can’t tell why your email newsletter didn’t work out the way you projected if you don’t carry out proper tests. The best way to figure out why you didn’t get the response you thought you would get from your email newsletter is to carry out an A/B test.

Send out different email newsletters, the same content, but different delivery styles. And then, carry out the test to see which one performs better.

Another test you can carry out is data review. Go through your email newsletter analytics dashboard and study the data. Which content performed well, what are the common factors between the contents that performed well? Make sure you are paying attention to metrics like click-through rates, open rates, share rate, conversion rate, and ROI.

Studying these metrics will give you an insight into the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign; at the same time, it will signal when something is working or not working.

For example, you may see some changes like, a drop in your open rate. This is a signal that your consumers are not engaging with your email newsletter. Maybe the subject line is not catchy enough, and perhaps it has to do with the content, by studying the metrics, you can narrow down the possible problems and then find a solution.

Of course, you need to effectively test your email marketing campaigns to get the best results; in addition to trying out many of the other marketing strategies available on the internet.

2. Send Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns Through Segmentation

Email Subsribers, Email Marketing Segmentation, Building Customer Loyalty

How would you feel if you, as a baseball fan, got an email from a sports brand, and it was on their latest golf clubs? You would think; this brand doesn’t know me at all. And you may get irritated by it and maybe even classify their email as spam. This is what happens when you send mass emails to all your customers without taking into account what they may or may not like.

Statistics show that 72% of consumers will only engage with personalized marketing messages. Hence, as a brand, we advise you to segment your customers into different groups, so you can send emails specifically tailored to soothe their needs.

Sending personalized email newsletters to your customers is also a way to build customer loyalty. As when your customers know you care about them, they are more likely to stick with your brand and recommend you to their network of people.

There are various variables we can use when segmenting our customers. Some of them include gender, shopping history, demographics, and even geolocation. Some email services have features you can use to set up segmentation.

Once this has been set up, sending personalized emails to your customers becomes more straightforward and stress-free.

3. Your Subject Line Matters A Lot, Make it Stand Out

Your subject line is the first thing your consumer will see before they open your email. In fact, it is the determinant of whether they open your email or not. So, you must make sure your subject line is captivating and engaging.

Here are a few ways to make your subject line stand out;

  • Add emojis to your subject line. Some studies have shown that an emoji added to a subject line will increase the unique open rate of email newsletters.
  • Use humor in your subject line. It will stand out among the dry and humorless subject lines.
  • Create curiosity with your subject line.
  • Just as we talked about personalizing the email newsletter, also personalize the subject line. It makes it more

If you find it challenging to craft useful and engaging subject lines, there are a ton of writing services reviews such as best writers online  where you can pay to get professionals to write it.

4. Combine Your Email Campaigns With Other Channels

Next, combining your email marketing strategy with promotions on other channels is an excellent way to revive your inbox. Integrating other channels into your strategy will help you provide a well-rounded experience for your consumers.

One way to do this will be to create a blog that brings value to your consumers or start a social media account specifically targeted to interact with your consumers. Help your customers see you as a brand that cares, and not just a brand continually trying to pull money out of their pockets.

When they feel you care about them, they will be much more likely to interact with your content when they see it.

5. Invest in The Right Automation Tools

Finally, investing in the right automation tools can help you provide more engaging customer experiences. Automation tools like MailChimp not only help you in your personalization and segmentation, they also carry data and metrics you will find useful in your testing.

Another reason why getting the right automation tool is crucial is that when it comes to consumer retargeting campaigns, the right tools will help you segment customers based off of several variables. They will also save you a ton of time, and inform you when there are new trends you need to hop unto.

These tools let you personalize emails with your subscribers’ first names or locations, for example. Sending welcome emails to new subscribers is a straightforward way to use email automation. You can also use automation to send a series of emails as part of a seasonal promotion or ongoing sale on your store.

Lastly, if you are a small business owner and don’t have a whole department in charge of your email marketing campaign, it can become tasking and time-consuming. From writing the copy to designing the template and even segmenting your consumers, it will take its toll on you. At a time like this, the right automation will help you do all these tasks and more with little to no effort from your part.


This is 2020, sending generic emails to your mailing list is the last thing you should be doing. If you want to revive your inbox, you need to create a marketing strategy that engages your consumers in the most meaningful way possible. Also, your strategy should let them know that they matter to you.

With the five tips shared in this article, you can start creating an email marketing campaign that engages and converts.


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