Real Estate Marketing Ideas, Strategies, Tools and Implementation

Getting to sell, rent or let out a property may sometimes be a daunting task; especially for real estate agents that are just starting out. In this article, I will go through all the available real estate marketing ideas that will help you to be successful in your property letting and selling business.

First thing to remember when it comes to real estate marketing ideas is that, one single idea out of the lot may do the trick; and at the same time, you may have to combine some of these ideas to get a perfect result.

Be that as it may, let us go into the nitty gritty marketing of properties.

Wait a minute…….

What is Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing is the promotion of your property business through all the necessary available medium to get leads and make sales. It may also be term ways to promote your property and accommodation business to prospects; for letting or selling.

As you could see from the definition above, lot of promotions and campaigns are involve in order to sell or rent properties. In other words, you need to put on good marketing efforts to start and run a successful real estate business.

As much as you can put in the effort, you will reap the rewards associated to real estate business. As a matter of fact, you are not the only individual looking for ways to market your real estate business; many experience property agents are in the dame dilemma.

For this reason, I have come up with solutions for agents and property business owners.

Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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In order to be a successful real estate agent, you will have to market your business and services aggressively; not only using the word of mouth strategy, but also practicing some of the most effecting marketing advice mentioned below.

Here are the best real estate marketing ideas used by the experienced realtors.

1. Use Online Property Platforms

From time to time, agents, developers and real estate business owners leverage on the services of various property websites. These website help agents and developers to showcase their properties to prospects.

Generally speaking, each countries has various online property platforms that will suite individuals’ need. For example, and are popular in the United Kingdom for property agents to market their services.

Similarly, a good real estate and property website in Nigeria will serve Nigeria agents better. Nevertheless, these websites have their pros and cons. With some, you will have free listings of your properties, while you have to pay to list your sercices with others. You just have to check the sites out first to see what types of package is best for you.

2. Market you Services with Own Real Estate Site

Having your own real estate website to showcase your business and services is not a bad idea; in fact, it is highly recommended to combine it with any of effective real estate marketing ideas used by the property pros.

Just like any other business, your site is your online shop front. On the positive side, it is the only platform where you can market your own real estate services; at the same time, market for other property service providers.

You may look into how much it will cost to build a website in this sector. Although, the cost mentioned in that article was just an average for general websites and blogs; the real cost to build real estate website may defer.

3. Use Real Estate Sales Agents

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If you really want to capture your local audience, I will advice you to use local sales agents. With sales agents, you will be able to give specific instructions on what and what you expect them to do.

Additionally, using local sales agents has its own advantages; such as neighborhood Knowledge and physical one-to-one relationship.

In using professional local sales agents for your real estate marketing, you will have to equip them with necessary information needed to carry out the job.

Most compelling evidence shows that using local real estate sales agents yield better results when it comes to property marketing.

4. Offer Freebies

Using freebies to attract prospects to your business and services has been recognized as one of the best real estate marketing ideas ever used. In fact, it is a strategy that has worked for many years in the industry; and it is still working now.

We all like freebies; especially those tangible free gift we get for patronizing or buying from some companies. To a business owner, these cooperate gifts may be small; whereas, these free gifts are valuable to customers.

Presently, I know of a particular real estate company in Nigeria that gives out free designer wristwatches to any tenant that takes up any of his rental property in Lagos.

For the little gesture, this company recorded high demand on his rented properties.

5. Use other Marketing Platforms

With the advancement of internet and technology, there are new effective marketing platform being launched everyday. These platforms are useful if you know your target market.

With your target market in mind, you can customized such marketing platform to serve you the way your want to be served. In addition, you will be receiving 100% value for money.

Remember, a question most real estate agents asked is…….

How do I generate more leads?

These marketing tools are designed to work using Artificial Intelligence (AI); that is to say, they are machine marketers for you.

6. Go into Partnership

This type of real estate marketing idea is ideal for property developers. As you may know, partnership involves sharing individual skills and resources; and at the same time, pool money towards a common goal (if need be).

Therefore, a kind of partnership that may exist in this type of relationship will be symbiotic; where one party will provide the fund and products (that is the property) and the other party will market the products.

Additionally, the party marketing the products are always on commission; that is to say, they will take a percentage for each property sold.

7. Create Real Estate Community Forum

There are various business community out there. Creating and managing a real estate community forum is an ideal way to market your property business.

Using this type of marketing idea is good. In fact, it is rated as one of the best real estate marketing ideas ever know to man.

Why is it?

It is simply because it create an avenue for you to bring in like minded people. Individuals in the group have on main purpose; that is to say, they are real estate investors or property buyers.

With the forum, you will have the privilege to hold data and control so many parameters; not only will you have direct access to all members of the forum, but also have the opportunity to get an idea of individuals goal is.

8. Email Marketing - Good Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy for Real Estate, Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Generally speaking, email marketing and the likes of Social Media Marketing (explain below) are ideal for real estate promotions.

Agents and brokers need a good email marketing system such an inbuilt email management system; or an email manager like “Mailchimp” to manage their email marketing.

In order to get the best out of your email marketing campaign, you will need to follow the rules below.

Rules of email marketing campaign are:

By following the listed set of rules, you give your real estate a good change of success.

  • Target Right Set of Clients

Sending out marketing emails to undefined clients is bad for your business. This will likely not convert.

You need to be focus on those clients you are targeting to get the best results. In other words, your email marketing should focus on the particular segment that would be most likely to convert. 

  • Make Good First Impression

To catch the attention of your readers, you need to make a first good impression with your email. Without that, your email campaign may just be a waste of time.

Make sure the content of your email is professional; and at the same time, it should have value. By all means, make it make it something that is engaging.

  • Make Your Email Educative

Another key point to mention when using emails as a marketing campaign is that it has to be educative. Most readers will just discard your email if has no good content within it. By saying content, I mean it has to be educative.

  • Personalize Your Email

As an agent or broker, you should personalize your emails to clients; not only will it draw more attention from your readers, but also has higher open and click through rate.

On the positive side, personalized emails breathe life into email marketing campaigns; and at the same time, it will improve your email campaign performance.

Therefore, when sending out email campaign, always personalize to achieve best performance.

  • Call Audience to Action

As shown above, getting leads and sales is the only way to measure your email marketing campaign. Therefore, you need to motivate your readers and prospects to take actionable steps on the email toward becoming a customer.

Inasmuch as you follow these rules, I am confident your email marketing campaign will yield good results.

In fact, great internet marketers has made it clear to us that this call to action (CTA) is the most important part of any email campaign.

If that is the case, why not join the expect, turn you audience into clients by integrating a good call to action on all marketing emails sent out.

Obviously, you could see that implementing good email marketing strategy will grow your real estate business.

9. Leverage on Popular Social Media Platform

As a property agent or broker, you need to give your business marketing campaign a wing to fly; and the only way to do that is by having a solid social media presence.

This will create a good brand awareness and trust for your business. Also, it will help you find your target audience. With millions of daily social media user, you need to take advantage of the opportunity presented to you through these platforms.

How do I use social media to market my real estate business?