Problems of Agriculture in Our Country Today with Solutions

Problems of agriculture is a thing of concern; in fact, if care is not taken, many of the major agricultural problems faced by farmers will affect food production on a larger scale. As human population increases, so is the amount of food consumption increases; therefore, there need to be a lasting solution to the problems of agriculture in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

It is important to realize that without identifying the problems facing agriculture today, there is no way we can provide a lasting solution to those problems facing agriculture in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Be that as it may, we have seen the importance of agriculture in our society; therefore, it is a great deal for us to solve these agricultural problems in order to reap all the benefits associated to it.

But wait!

Let us look into major problems facing agriculture in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

What are the major problems of agriculture today?

Well…… these problems are many; nevertheless, I will list the main problems in agriculture in this article along with recommended solutions.

I will like to point out to you that these agricultural problems has been in existence in our country and many other countries for many years, but what are we doing to provide a lasting solutions to them.

Although, problems in agriculture has two sides to it, namely – Natural or artificially created agricultural problems.

By and large, majority of these problems has solutions; as a matter of fact, they can either be solved permanent or we can use a preventive method as solutions needed to the problems faced in the agriculture sector.

Here are the problems of agriculture today as it apply to Nigeria and many other countries

  1. Government Negligence to Agriculture.
  2. Lack of Agriculture Infrastructure.
  3. Poor Funding of Agricultural Sector.
  4. Loss of Agricultural Land.
  5. Lack of useful information.
  6. Inadequate food storage facilities.
  7. Lack of modern agricultural produce facilities.
  8. Environmental Factor.
  9. Insufficient Labourers.
  10. Poor Road Network and Transportation.

As listed above, these are the 10 major problems facing agriculture and farmers in our society today; as a matter of fact, these problems need immediate solutions.

Inasmuch as we all know why agriculture is important, we should also look for lasting ways of solving agriculture problems.

Without delay, let me go through the problems of agriculture in Nigeria one after the other; remember, this may be peculiar to Nigeria, but most of these problems also exist in other countries too.

Problems of Agriculture in Nigeria

1. Government negligence to Agriculture

Since the discovery of crude oil in the country, there has been a shift in the main source of Nigeria income from agriculture to oil. This has greatly affected the country’s agricultural sector on a wider scale, in fact, many

As shown above, there are numbers of problems farmers are facing when it comes to agriculture today. But the good news is, agriculture also have prospect. So, what are the prospect of agriculture in Nigeria?

Prospects of Agriculture in Nigeria

Nigeria is a rich nation when it comes to natural resources. Yes, the country has it all in abundant.

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