Offline Marketing Strategies that convert leads to customers

For many businesses today, Offline Marketing Strategies does not exist anymore in their marketing plan; all they see, feel and breath is Online marketing strategy – Internet marketing, SEO, Social media marketing and email marketing.

In fact, many marketing firms and agencies now center their work around online marketing. But why? simply because they believe that online marketing has more leverage and it is measurable.

Hmmmm….. Could that be the case?

Before the arrival of the internet, businesses use to have well laid-out marketing strategy that includes the adverts, promotions that reach its target audience . But today, the world of digital marketing as changed everything.

Despite the fact that digital marketing as revolutionized the way and manner in marketing is done today, offline marketing strategies are still worth the while. And I will give you the reasons why.

Reasons why Offline Marketing Strategies are important to businesses

While many businesses and brands have the notion that such marketing techniques is outdated, it will be good to let you know that they actually still have tremendous amount of value.

Offline Marketing complement online marketing; as a matter of fact, they still motive people to go online to research about a brand. Not online does it motive, but also help to acquire offline customers. In other words, it enrich the offline world of your business and brand.

With all the hype about online marketing, digital marketing and Internet marketing, why will you still be considering offline marketing? Well….to tell you the truth, you may still have to implement it into your marketing plan.

Not only help improve your bottom line, but also promote your brand and business. This take us to the importance of offline marketing.

Three most important advantages of offline marketing

Brand recognition:

How popular will you like your brand to be within your locality? I guess you really want it to be popular. The visibility of your brand popularity among your locality is a marketing strategy that actually work; Especially if your business is such that cater for the local people.

The people within your location vicinity is so important that some business can actually survive on those customers. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), this can lead to expanded local presence; people actually pay more attention to such promotion.

Untapped market:

Not everybody is online today, and at the same time, who will cater for those customers that are not online? A smart marketing plan that incorporate offline marketing strategy may do the trick.

By so doing, you are more or less leveraging on what other brands are neglecting. This on its own can give your brand a competitive advantage over your competitors.

This untapped marker are sometimes referred to as the low hanging fruit.

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Reliable customer engagement tactics:

In the world of marketing, customer engagement is an important part that can not be ignore. Engaging in offline marketing such as road shows, trade shows and conferences gives you that opportunity to meet customers and prospects; at the same time, it is an opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with them.

While having a face-to-face interaction with them, you have the opportunity to gain an inside knowledge on customers’ perspective of your brand or product.

As can be seen, the three main advantages of offline marketing are key to a business success. For example, Google, the search engine giant recognizes the importance of the impact an offline marketing strategy can have on a business bottom line.

For more information the best offline marketing strategies and techniques for businesses, please watch “THE NO EXCUSES VIDEO” below.

Hey, have you taught about using simple but effective offline marketing strategies for your business? Well…….

Now that we have seen the benefits of offline marketing campaigns, let us now look into the strategies to help a business achieve those success.

The 10 most effective offline marketing strategies

Let us take a look at the 10 most effective online marketing strategies and best to integrate them into your current marketing strategy. Here they are:

1. Networking: Trade events and Seminars

How do you connect with your clients and customers? With trade shows and events, you are directly under the same roof with your competitors. Similarly, some of your prospects are there too. This is the time to take full advantage of the situation.

Networking, especially at trade show and seminars can be use as a strategy for the following:

  • To understudy your competitors: An effective way to check out their offline marketing materials; In addition, you can use it to gain insight of their marketing strategy.
  • Communicate with customers and prospects: This also give you the ability to have a face-to-face interaction with your customers and other prospects at the same time.
  • Brand showcasing: As shown above (advantages of offline marketing), these trade events give you the opportunity to showcase your products, services and brand.

Network with other professionals in the industry, look for opportunities and grow your business.

2. Referrers: Satisfied customers will always be happy to refer you to others

Still one of the best ways of getting new clients; it is mainly through the word of mouth. This is pretty simple, if people love your product or services, then the will tell others about it.

Irrespective of the kind of business you are into, customer satisfaction should be you number one priority. Therefore, satisfying your customers is one of the ways to acquirer new customers.

Another key point, you can look into creating a referrer program whereby, you reward or incentivize customers that refer other to your business.

In order for your business to earn referrers from customers, you must have:

  • Given customers a satisfactory service
  • Your product must be a top notch
  • Provided an exceptional customer services
  • Exceed there expectation at all level
  • Being better than your competitors
  • And above all, trust and credibility must be strong

3. Print publications: Newspaper and magazine presence increase brand visibility

Print publication could include but not limited to signage, newspaper adverts, leaflets and few others. I have included signage in this bit as a form of print publication because this sometime convert leads to same. For example, you brand name designed and placed in front of your office will tell passer-by what your business is about.

Since we are talking about offline marketing strategies here, digital front office signage is an effective way to market to people around your business visibility. With it, your brand stick like a glue to those that see it frequently on a regular basis. In other words, it create a powerful connection between you and your customers.

A good thing about print publication is that you do not have to pay money for all your advertisement. Hmmm, I bet it you are thinking how can this be possible? Well, it is possible and I will tell you how to go about it.

It is simple, all you have to do is to develop a good relationship with publishers and/ or journalist in your locality; sound them out and see which one of them is looking for good contents. This is an important bit!

After you have identify those looking for good stories, offer them yours but remember to let them feature your brand in the publication.

I have tried this and it has worked for me severally. I think you too should give it a try.

4. Road shows create awareness

Participating in road show create brand awareness. Use this to your advantage. You can either participate directly in the road show or sponsor the event. By doing so, you are adding a valuable visibility to your brand in the presence of prospects.

By participating in road shows, you are strengthening your brand and at the same time, creating awareness for your business, This search as an advantage over few other form of marketing strategy.

As part of the marketing strategies that you are implementing, it will be better for you to look into seeking opportunities where you will have the opportunity to present your brand ate road shows and events.

This takes us to point #5 below.

5. Speaking at events, make use of a golden opportunity

As a speaker at any event, I always use the advantage to talk about my brand. Even if this will only last for few minutes during the time that I am given my speech.

Remember, speaking at professional event offers you a great opportunity to create a better brand awareness for your business. In fact, they are most effective to your brand if you can be a speaker at these events. As stated above, you should be able to use the opportunity to talk about your brand.

How to do this?

Find events relating to your business sector and arrange with the organizers to be a speaker on the day as a volunteer. Try to come up with a topic that will interest the audience but have it at the back of your mind that your topic should relate to the theme of the event.

Another key point, when talking at the event, do not allow your speech to be a sales pitch but rather, make it something that it educative; but do not divulge all information. If you follow this guide, you will find out that your audience will be looking forward for more information.

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6. Given back to your community

One of the most effective way of getting your brand notice is to give back to your community. How do you do this? You can sponsor local events, or worthy causes; these are great ways of connecting your brand with your society.

What you nay not know is that your community needs you and by sponsoring any good cause will create a kind of lasting impression and at the same time, boost your credibility. This is an offline strategy that has been used over time by great brands.

For example, Harvard Business Review made mentioned of what it called “Act locally” in an article title “Good cause, good business“. In the article, he emphasized on “A national or global marketing proposition can benefit powerfully from local emphasis through good cause to the community”.

Therefore, to make your offline marketing strategy more stronger, I will recommend your business support one or more local causes.

7. Incorporate marketing materials such as brochures

You never know will see your brochure neither do you know where it will get to. If finance allow this, I will highly recommend you incorporate it into your marketing strategy. In fact, it should be on the priority list.

Let us talk about brochures a bit.

They are offline marketing material that give readers more information about you company; this can be information on what your business is into and at the same time, what benefits customers will get by patronizing you. This gives you the opportunity to communicate more to customers about your brand, products and services.

As a matter of fact, by using brochure as a marketing material, you are building your business credibility as well as expanding your brand reach.

Since the brochure will house key information about your business, the look and feel should reflect your brand. At the same time, the content inside it should be a reflection of your brand quality. A key point to remember, you should use the brochure to share the importance of your products and services.

8. Distribute business cards, this is a good practice

Small is shape and design as it may be, your business card is an extension of your business. It contain vital information such as your brand name, contact details as well as your name. Endeavor to give out your business card to people because one day, your card may be what your prospect will use to locate your business and do business with you.

This is a no-brainer, business card are a good way to market your business. Good thing about them is that they are very handy and serve as a good reference; they do carry important information.

When designing your business cards, you should have it at the back of your mind that these are cards that should create a lasting impression to those that you give them to. Therefore, the design of the cards and information within it should be of quality standard.

Just in case you don’t know, your business card can say a thing or two about your business; hence, take maximum advantage of using it to sell your brand.

9. Cold calling still work; does it still work?

Although cold calling is an old type of marketing strategy but, yes, it still works; In fact, they actually convert more leads into sales if done properly.  With good combination of this and other marketing techniques, cold calling will contribute immensely to your business offline marketing strategies and in turn, convert leads to sales.

Hey, wait a minute, how is this possible?

This is how…… You may want to know that marketing experts have come to realize that cold calling is the quickest way of making sales possible. This can be achieve if and only if the caller know how to sell.

It is a marketing strategy method that can instantly turn a prospect in to a customer. In other words, a deal can happen instantly if call was made to a real potential customer that is interested in your product and services.

Another key point surrounding cold calling is that it gives you an instant feedback. With instant feedback, you can sit back and appraise your business. Asking yourself or your team if this part of your offline marketing strategy is working according to plan or not.

As a business owner, you have the advantage of leveraging on the instant feedback gathered during this period.

10. Employ sales team, train them to deliver results

Offline marketing strategy involve exclusively the team among other things that will drive it. As you may know, offline marketing strategies without a solid team to drive it will not be as successful as you may want it to be. For this reason, you need a well trained and dedicated team that will drive your plan. This team is generally referred to as your sales team.

As a team, they represent your brand; in fact, they are the face of your business. Since they will be interacting with customers and prospects, the will need to be well trained. By the time they go on the street to sell your products and services, I expect you to have equip them with the necessary materials that will make them convert lead to sale. This is very important.

What are the effect of using offline marketing strategies?

In conclusion, Offline Marketing Strategies we have been talking about will produce results if use appropriately. As mentioned above, your aim is to get results; just as it is with online marketing strategy too. But there are huge differences between them.

While part of the online marketing strategy is to build links, you are not doing so with offline marketing. But, what you are doing with your offline marketing strategies can give you good results that will affect your business financial bottom line in a positive way.

To get a desirable results of the offline marketing you are embarking on, it is important to think about both the short and long term business and marketing goals; and determine which of (or combination of) the mentioned strategies will fit into your plans.

Remember, a well structured offline marketing strategies will complement any other marketing plan you have.

Video: Offline Marketing Strategies and techniques.

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