List of Top 10 Loan Apps in Nigeria You need For Quick Cash Access

Once in a while, you may need an extra-cash to boost your personal or business finance; this could be an emergency cash requirement for urgent needs. There are multiple loan apps available in Nigeria to address your quick cash requirement.

When you are short of cash, your first point of call is to ask friends and family for a quick loan; this happen in most cases. If your required cash amount is big, friends and family may not be able to lend you the money.

Then, it’s time to take the next step. That is to say, check to see if you can get your quick cash loan from a Nigeria bank.

In Nigeria, many banks now offer loan facilities; but the proces is tedious. In fact, this may not be your best solution for a quick cash loan; not only is the process lengthy, but also require thorough scrutiny of your submitted documents.

If you need money today or tomorrow, you can apply for a quick cash loan online. For business financing, you may be better off applying for a business loan from reputable banks in Nigeria

Regardless of your reasons for the quick cash, these lenders are there to borrow you the money you need.

Of course you may not have the time to read the full article, but here is summary of 10 top loan apps in Nigeria: Best lenders for quick cash.

Quick Cash Loan Apps in Nigeria at a Glance

Apps Name

Maximum Loan Amount (₦)

Interest Rate (% per month)

Repayment Duration (days)

Customer Ratings

1. GetCash


5 – 27

91 to 180

2. QuickCheck


1 – 21

30 to 365

3. Easy Loans


0 – 35

91 to 180