List of Freelance websites in Nigeria to find jobs

You may have been wondering about the benefits of working as a freelancer with any of the Nigeria Freelance websites; either as a full-time freelancer or part-time freelancer. In this article, I have the list of freelance websites in Nigeria with job availability. These sites have readily available jobs for Nigerians with the right skills for the right candidate.

Just like many people have discovered that freelancing is the way forward when it comes to getting jobs that gives freedom, name your own price and above all, you can do without you working directly under any boss. Here are the list of Freelance websites in Nigeria that give you those benefits as a freelancer.

Whether you are looking to work as a full time freelancer in Nigeria or a part time freelancer, you will definitely find a gig to go for. In the same way, individuals can use the services of freelance websites to turn their hubbies into a side job or become a full time freelancers.

Incredibly, many Nigerians are making a living working as freelancers. In fact, the number of Nigerian freelancers are increasing by the day. Additionally, the searches for how to freelance as increased. This increase has been associated to two main reasons:

  • Employers are now turning to freelancers to work on different projects; and
  • Individuals find freelance jobs to be more rewarding compared to full time paid jobs.

Without wasting too much time, I present to you the list of freelance websites in Nigeria you can get good freelance jobs from.

List of freelance websites in Nigeria – get paid in Naira.

Below are Nigeria own list of freelance websites where you will find freelance jobs; similarly, I have also listed foreign freelance websites that Nigerians can find various freelance jobs. Regardless of the type of freelance job you are looking for, you will find it at any of the freelance websites in Nigeria listed below.

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1. Yokebay top the list of freelance websites in Nigeria

With more than 50 different categories, Yokebay offers great online freelance jobs that pays for every type of freelancers in Nigeria. It has jobs ranging from a website designer, graphics design, social media marketing to various online marketing jobs.

Wherever you are in your freelancing career or whatever your level of experience, Yokebay is most likely to have jobs for you.

In addition, you have the choice if setting your own price for jobs that you want to take on. With the yokebay freelance website, project owners have the option to contact the right candidate for the particular job.

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2. Gigs Nigeria

Just like any of the indigenous freelance website in Nigeria, gigs Nigeria offer freelance jobs in business support, advertising, computer programming and many more.

The registration process for both clients and freelancers are as simple as any of the other freelance website.

Also, you can get your job done on gigs Nigeria for as little as or as much as N1,000.00.

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Are you looking for basic errand jobs? may be the answer to that. platform is an ideal place for you to look if all you ever wanted are local freelance errand jobs. In addition to the basic errand jobs, justfrom5k also offer professional tasks that freelancers can do and get paid for.

While, some of the other freelance websites in Nigeria are open to freelancers around the world, websites focus mainly of local errands and professional freelance jobs.

4. SourceGig

In reality, is designed for local freelancers and job posting clients; given clients to post jobs and at the same time, freelancers can lookup the job posted.

As a freelance marketplace, has jobs for content developers, graphics design jobs and many more.

As stated on their website, sourcegig main aim is to reduces unemployment in Nigeria and at the same time, increase business productivity.

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5. Asuqu

In the instance that you are looking to sell a professional service in Nigeria, will provide you with the platform. While it offers a professional platform for job posting, it also provide services for SMEs.

The Asuqu SME services includes social media marketing, graphic designs and many more.

As shown in the list of the main Nigeria freelance website, any freelancers can literally get jobs from them and start building a profitable freelance portfolio. In other words, you can be a successful freelancer through these sites.

List of freelance websites in Nigerians from foreign countries

As can be seen, the above mentioned websites are Nigerian owned.

Tagged are the best freelance websites in the world, they serve the international freelancers.

Are you looking to work as a freelancer with any of the foreign freelancers website? or are you are looking to earn some dollars in return for your freelancing jobs? If the answer is yes, you may consider any of the foreign freelance websites listed below.

6. Fiverr – a good freelance site

I will be starting with the most popular freelance website in the world – Fiverr. As at the time of writing this article, is 449 most popular website in the world.

Over the year, as lived up to expectation; offering jobs to freelancers all over the world. With fiverr, project owners can get lots of freelancers to complete their jobs within the shortest possible time and at the same time, freelancers have plenty of jobs to choose from.

So, if you are looking to make money as a freelancer from any of the foreign sites, is your first point of call.

7. for freelancers

As the second most popular freelance website in the world, Upwork has a reputation of having something for everyone. Whether you are new to the freelancing world or an experience freelancer, has something for you.

In its uniqueness, work on can be billed on an hourly rate or per project. That totally depend on the project owner and the freelancer agreeing on a payment mode.

Generally, has a section of its website dedicated to Nigeria freelances. They can also be listed in the list of freelance websites in Nigeria for Nigerians.

8. Freelancer

On the platform for freelancers, freelancers are able to find related work, just making it an ideal place for anyone looking to earn extra income.

As the third most popular in the list of freelance websites in Nigeria and around the world, offers jobs to freelancers in over 30 countries.

One unique feature of is that it allow freelancers to compete for projects. This is an opportunities for any freelancer that has the skill to shine and prove his or her worth. In addition to that, it is a platform for freelancers to showcase their skills.


This is a great freelance platform for every freelancer; yes it is! It provide freelance jobs for web projects such as web design, search engine optimization and many more. Apart from that, many project works are completed on this platform than any other freelance websites.

Being 5,675 most popular websites in the world (fourth most popular freelance websites) and more popular in the United Kingdom, it is a good website for web developers

Inasmuch as you have what it takes, you will always find jobs to do as a freelancer; that is to say, you have what it takes to make it a successful business for yourself. To crown it all, you will dictate your own price in addition to you working at the that it suite you..

10. Toptal

Completing the list of freelance websites in Nigeria, is for freelancers that have lots of jobs at hand. With, every freelancer has to go through a screening process. If you can pass the screening process, you will have access to great projects to work on.

In contrast to the service providers on this list, Toptal has a community of great freelancers that meet up on a regular bases. They also organize events around the world for top freelancers to meet up and share expertise.

It will be good for me to mention that there are still some other freelance websites apart from the 10 listed above, but I have hand picked the above based on my personal experience with each one of them.

Generally speaking, it is important to realize that virtually all of them serve similar purpose. With this in mind, you have the choice of going with any of the above freelance sites.


Despite the fact that many Nigerians are unemployed, only few are taking the advantage of the services provided by freelance websites. For you to break the jinks of joblessness and to make extra income, I will encourage you to put your skills to work.

However, in order for you to be successful as a freelancer, you will need to register with at least two of the websites mentioned above. Take it or leave it, the list of freelance websites in Nigeria above are the best available today.

In addition to registering on more that one of these website, you will need to create a good profile for yourself. Not only to you need a solid profile, but also need to share some of your previous work.

A good point to close this topic – you will need to be honest and always aim to have good review after each completed job. If you can do all that, I am pretty sure that you will succeed as a freelancer with any of the freelance platform available in the market.

Before you leave, I will appreciate a comment from you.

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