Link building strategies for SEO used by the experts

You will agree with me today that link building is the cornerstone of good search engine ranking; and at the same time, the best strategy used to drive traffic to a particular website or web pages. In fact, link building strategies for SEO are used by SEO companies and experts to drive traffic to their site or their clients’ site.

Google, the search engine giant recently published a 32 pages document called “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. Inside the document, you will find all the necessary tools needed to rank high on google search engine.

In this article, not only will I teach you the best link strategies used by SEO experts, but also give you necessary tips to rank high for your keywords.

Are you into search engine marketing? or your want your site to rank high for certain keywords in search engines? or your are want to seek the services of SEO companies for your search engine optimization job? If your answer is yes, then this article on link building strategies is for you.

Remember, this is a link building strategy article, I will not be running through all the over 200+ ranking factors listed by google; I will pick the important factors relating to link building strategies that will help your site to rank high in search engine pages.

The Best Link Building Strategies used by SEO companies

Hey, do you wonder why your internet marketing strategy is not yielding good result for your company? Well….., you need to look deeper into your SEO strategies.

From time to time, SEO experts and companies have used Search Engine Optimization techniques for their clients; not only to rank high in certain keyword searches, but also to improve conversion rate which in turn leads to sales. In other words, more sales leads to more profit.

Enough of this rigma rolling, let us go straight to the point.

Just like me, I am pretty sure that you will have heard and even read a lot about link building. Am I right? If I am, then what do we mean about building links.

Let us start with this.

Wait a minute, it is worth to let you know this before we dive into the best form of link building strategies available. Andrey Lipattsev, a senior search engine strategist at google pointed out that the two most important signal used by Google to rank websites for searches are – High quality contents and link pointing to your site (Link building) (Search Engine Watch).

Video: The two most important factors to rank high in google directly from google senior strategist.

So, if these are important to rank high in google, then it is worth letting you know about the best link building strategies use by SEO companies to rank high.

What is link building?

Link building is process of acquiring external links to your website or web pages. These links from external websites are like references back to your site. To explain further, search engines see links are backlinks as vote vote of confidence.

Now that we have gone through the definition of link building, let us now go though the step-by-step ways of building baclinks.

Remember, it is not enough getting all sorts of getting links to your website; but getting quality back links is what I an talking about here.

Link building strategies to get quality backlinks

Below are the best link building strategies ever used by the experts. They are a fantastic check list to follow if you want your site to rank high. In addition, they are good search engine marketing strategy use in today’s world.

1. Create user friendly sites:

You want a website to link back to you? You got to create a user friendly web pages on you site. This is extremely important! In fact, google emphasize on the importance of user friendly site on its steps to a google-friendly site. This is worth reading.

As a website owner, I am pretty sure that you will not like to a site that is not well structure, or does not have good layout. If that is the case, then you have to take adequate step yourself to have make sure that your own site too is user friendly.

2. Content is king:

Yes, this is true. I have receive good traffic on ALL my site pages that have great contents. If you really want to achieve success in your link building strategies, you got to create good contents.

Good contents are like magnets; not only will they attract others sites to link to you, but also send signals to search engines that they are important contents. And what does that mean to search engine? It means that they have no choice than to rank it high.

Remember, search engine crawlers always look for unique contents. Therefore, you need to give search engines what they want to get high ranking.

Additionally, content is a very powerful way of marketing on line. If your content is good, believe it, not only other site link to it, but also command good traffic to your website.

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3. Site SEO Auditing:

From time to time, you need to audit your website pages, WHY? Not only because it is good to do so, but also to show SEO good practice. One of the greatest thing that search engine crawlers dislike is to find dead links on your site. Apart from that, other sites owners that want to link to you will know that you take your contents serious.

For this reason, it is always good to do a proper site auditing regularly.

4. Create good resources for your site visitors:

Equally important are web pages and sites that you link to. These are the outbound links on your site; and can be referred to as resources. Google take this serious because it shows the crawler that not only are you providing good contents, but also give your visitors good resources to find more information relating to what they are searching for.

This is a good strategy to use in other to rank high, and also encourage other site owners to link back to you. Remember, this is not a reciprocal link strategy but it is a one-way link strategy.

5. Make good use of header tags:

The header tags <h1>…….<h6> on web pages are important because they help give a well defined structure on a page, and at the same time, give visitors a clearer understanding of what the web page is all about. This is part of what google referred to in their SEO guide that a site must be user friendly. In addition, it give your visitors a well laid out structure when they are reading your content.

This is a good link building strategy because it will encourage other website to link to you due to the fact that your website pages are user friendly.

6. Concentrate on your niche market:

As a rule of thumb, one of the best link building strategies used by the experts in the industry is to build their links around their niche market. What impact will this have?

As a site owner, it help you to dominate that niche; and at the same time, it shows to prospects that that particular page is relevant to their own site. This is a very good practice in SEO. In fact, it is one of the best practice that will quickly rank you site high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

7. Mobile site optimization:

Netmarketshare, a research company pointed out that Google account for 94% of all moble/tablet search globally. This is an indication that more and more people search for solutions online using mobile phones or tablets. For this reason, Google now use mobile optimization as part of good practice to rank high on search engines.

What does this indicate to you within your link building strategy plan? It is given you an indication that your site need to be more mobile friendly. Additionally, it will encourage prospects to link back to your site.

As part of the link building strategies to help your site, you need to use responsive site building templates. They are more mobile friendly than static website templates.

8. Optimize images on your site:

Are you serious about building good and quality backlinks? Then, it is important to realize the role of images on your website. This will encourage other site to link to you; In addition to that, you are giving your visitors an alternative visual information.

This is good practice used by experts in link building strategies for SEO.

According to a whole section within the Google Search Engine Starter guide, Google actually explain that the use of images need to be optimized. What does this mean? And how do you optimize your images?

What google mean is that you use alternative text that represents the images on your web page. This will help search engine crawlers to understand the image on your page. If that is the case, then how do you optimize those images? Simple, just use the “alt” attributes within the HTML codes.

9. Create unique page title:

Your page title tells readers what your web page is able. Creating a unique title is an important part of SEO strategy that can not be overlooked; In fact, it gives prospect sites owners an indication that you content is related to theirs.

Great titles relating to the contents is one of the best practices of SEO and it is a good link building strategy as well. Following the release of Google Search Engine Optimization Starter guide, many SEO experts have made good use of the documents to rank their website on search engine pages.

10. The use of “description” meta tags:

Using description meta tags on your post and pages are good SEO practice to use in your link building strategies. They are good indication to prospects that will link to your site that you are using good SEO best practice; similarly, search engine crawlers also have information about what the page is all about.

Importance of backlinks, Link building strategies, How to get quality backlinks

Source: Google Search Engine Optimization Starter guide.

If you noticed above, all the 10 distinct SEO strategies mentioned are something within your own control. They are called the On-Page SEO strategy.

They are good practice within the industry that not only help you to rank high on search engine result pages, but also help to attract other site owners to link to your website. As a matter of fact, they are good factors that contribute to getting backlinks from other websites owners.

As said and done on the on-page seo link building strategies. let us now look at ways of getting backlinks.

Important link building strategies are below

The following are list of the most important factor in link building strategy to consider. Although, I have listed few of them, you the ones listed are more than enough to give you positive results for your SEO strategy.

They are actually the best ways of getting backlinks to your site, they a good link building strategies of all time with additional advantage that double up as a good online marketing strategy.

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11. Guest posting:

A link building strategy that have stand the test of time is guest posting; It has come to stay. The two main advantages of guest posting are – (i) you are helping another site to create great content; and (2) you are being credited for your work. In other words, you can place a link on that particular post.

As a sign of recognition, most site owners always allow guest post owners to include one or two link back to their own site. Additionally, guest post owners usually include their site link within the authors’ column area.

Remember, because your links are within the body of the post, these links are most likely to be a “dofollow” link. Let me quickly breeze through what a “dofollow” link is.

Dofollow links are the are links pointing back to you website that has the potential to increase your search engine ranking and your site credibility whereas, nofollow links are links pointing to your website but do not have the potential to increase your site ranking.

Although “nofollow” links do not increase your site ranking or it credibility, it has its own advantages too.

12. Web 2.0 website linking strategy:

Using web 2.0 website linking strategies are one of the best link building strategies of all time simply because you have control over the links pointing back to your website.

You may not have heard about we 2.0 websites, but let me explain what they are to you. In a nut shell, web 2.0 websites are sites that allow you to create free contents on their own domain. For example, social media sites, wordpress and bloggers are few of those sites.

I hope you grab the type of picture am trying to paint here? If so, my honest opinion is for you to take advantage of the web 2.0 site to increase your link building strategies.

13. Directory submission:

This is the lowest hanging fruit of all. You can easily get hundreds of good quality backlings from different online directories. In fact, the online directories are readily available for you take advantage of.

First thing to remember when building links with through directory submission is to always submit to the most relevant category. This has its on advantage in the sense that search engine always look at how relevant the links are to the site they are linking to. This is one of the greatest advantage of getting links through directory submissions.

Another key point to note when it comes to directory submission is, it give you good quality backlink. Below are few directories to start with.

Free web directories for building links:

Below are 10 of the good free business directory websites that you can submit your link to. You can make it a starting point when implementing your link building strategies.

  • Google place for business –
  • Yahoo! –
  • Bing Business Portal –
  • Yellowbot –
  • e-business Pages –
  • –
  • –
  • Hotfrog –
  • Yelp –
  • Super Media –

14. Infographic submission:

Inforgraphics are not that new in the market but the way and manner in which it has become so important today is magnificent. In fact, many SEO companies are using inforgraphics to build good quality backlinks.

Inasmuch as the information convey in the inforgraphic is of good quality, believe it, it will be shared on different websites including social media sites. And as it is being shared, you are actually gathering backlinks from those websites.

For example, an infographic on Marketing Strategy that I shared on facebook was able to acquire backlinks for me; Not only on facebook, but also on over 25 other websites. Remember, I did not even solicit for backlinks from these other websites.

I will recommend that you factor the use of infographics into you link building strategy for SEO if you are serious on link building. It is also a good strategy in getting back links from authority domains.

Free Link building Strategy. Build links with infographics, Link building strategies

15. Get links from those linking to your competitors:

This is a good link building strategy that work. I have used it a number of times for my own website and client sites and the results are phenomenal. The general believe in the SEO world is, if a site is linking to your competitor, there is nothing stopping that site from linking to you.

As a matter of fact, getting links from sites linking to you competitors are considered to be one of the best ways to build backlinks; You are sure of getting quality links since they already linked competitors.

If by any mean you could get majority of the websites linking to your competitors, to link back to your site, that could mean you getting a better search engine ranking.

With this in mind, you need to start researching on your competitors in order to complement your link building strategy. You can not get a better quality link than this.

Another key point, you need to manage your keywords. To manage the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords can be very difficult for website owners who are not very familiar with the SEO process. Developing content and link building strategies that grow your audience, build your brand, and increase your SEO and revenue is crucial for your business. Check OutreachMama for latest info and strategies on this.


Link building is good, but it is not an easy task. You need to be dedicated and know what you are doing. But if you get it right, the impact will be positively felt. Remember, link building are the cornerstone to getting good results on search engines. With good ranking you get more traffic to your website.

Incorporating good link building strategies for SEO will make the impossible possible for your website.

















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