The Labour of Our Heroes Past

October 8, 2019 Guest Posts,Nigeria

Nigeria has a great National Anthem – Arise O Compatriots; with a sentence – “The labour of our Heroes past”. With this strong and meaningful sentence, what did Nigerians take out of it today?

Nigeria gained her Independence from the Colonial hands of the British on the 1st day of October 1960.

59 Years later we are still basking in the euphoria of a pathetic condition like we have only started.

From one Administration to another, scores of leaders have stepped up to the plate only to magnify failure at its loudest crescendo.

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Nigeria National Anthem Composed By

The combination of John Illechukwu, Eme Etim Akpan, B.A Ogunaike, Sota Omoigui and P.O Aderibigbe had a great foresight when they came together to compose the lyrics “Arise O Compatriots” Nigeria’s second ever National Anthem with music rendition from the Nigeria Police Band under the Directorship of B.E Odiasse in 1978.

How beautiful they wrote.

Each time I listen to the rendition of this anthem, it is difficult to resist the flow of tears down my cheeks.

Each sentence of the Anthem is packed with prayers and anticipation for a great Nation.

The sentence “The labour of our Heroes past shall never be in vain” to me is the most solemn part and each time I arrive at this juncture, my body is overwhelmed by goose bumps and I cannot help but admit hopelessly the manner of Country i shall bequeath to my Children, what a tragedy.

For everyday that breaks my fear looms and increases in size.

Nigeria has remained in a comatose state and the highhandedness of our leaders have proven time and again that the labour of our Heroes past is without meaning and long relegated to the background of a good conscience.

The spirit of Nationalism and Patriotism has taken flight to Mozambique.

Democratically Elected Governments are no longer elected after all but superimposed through those who have the guts to cling to power.

Godfatherism has continued to reign supreme and the multiplier effects caused is wanton corruption and a drive to achieve their selfish and shameless desires by the stooges in acclaimed loyalty.

Leadership with the intent to leave behind legacies for the generations yet unborn has been grossly sacrificed on the altar of greed and reckless abandon and we all have been indicted.

I stumbled over a fact rather presented comically,

“And then Pilate asked the crowd:

Who should I let go,

And the people shouted,

Barabbas the thief,

And over 1,989 years after Jesus’s crucifixion the people are still choosing the thieves.

The above comical assertion sounds weird but it is a blunt truth.

We are where we are today in Nigeria because we have consented to corruption by openly celebrating failed leaders given the slightest opportunity.

We cling to sentiments of tribe and ethnicity to absorb Corrupt Political leaders promoting impunity instead.

Our system does not have an effective stewardship reporting mechanism therefore every tom dick and harry who ascends the corridors of leadership is at liberty to steal and loot the National treasury blind.

The people who are been led must realise that the real power belongs to them and the earlier we cultivate the spirit of demanding for our rights as electorates to enjoying the basic necessaries of life and a good standard to performance the better it is for Nation building.

Men and or Women with a deep value to integrity have become as scarce as the Elephants tusk.

To serve our Fatherland is eventually without love, strength and faith.

The wheels of progress seems to be rotating in the reverse direction and while we refuse to acknowledge the fact that everything has gone haywire, the more we count the years into our independence as a Country, we tend to be moving steadily backward in the eyes of development, equal justice and good conscience.

I am a proud Nigerian and Nigeria is all I have got.

Despite the extent of the rot, I am hopelessly optimistic that Nigeria will be great again,

This is not rocket science.

This is not an onerous task but a call for us all to patriotism which must be carried out to accommodate everybody in comfort.

Nigeria will be great again.

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