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Getting jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country full of talented individuals ready to work! While finding jobs in Nigeria today is getting more challenging. There are ways you can look at in order to secure a job.

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Nevertheless, there are still load of jobs out there. In fact, majority complain about lack of jobs; In the same way, graduates find it difficult to secure a job after graduating from the university and at the same time working class people are loosing their jobs while those still in employment do not know their faith.

What is next for our generation? Funny enough, Nigeria is still the best place to be. Inasmuch as you have what it takes, you should be rest assured something good is on the way to you.

There is hope!

In this article, I will be going through different ways in which individuals can secure best jobs in Nigeria this year 2018 for themselves in Nigeria. You can read more on “How to let the best jobs in Nigeria look for you“.

First thing to remember, this is no brainier; those organizations with best jobs in Nigeria can actually look for you. But to get then to start looking for you, certain things are required of you.

Follow me and let us look at those few things required of individuals looking for jobs in Nigeria. In the article, I also include some tips on graduate jobs and applying for graduate training job.

Jobs in Nigeria with Opportunity

Generally, job seekers say things are tough. Of course thing may be tough, but I will also tell you that this is the biggest opportunity period to make something out of yourself. I call this “the time of opportunity” in the Nigerian Job sector.

How well do you use your time?

I can tell you today that the ONLY thing that can not be regained when lost is time. So, how do you spend your time?

Let us start to look at those things that will help secure your dream job.

1. Time……waits for no one

As a matter of fact, I am starting with “time” because whatever we do, time is irreversible.

You should always let your time be productive to yourself. Just try to put a check on how you spend your time and what comes out of the time spent.

Social media is a very good platform for many of us but many also do not know that more time are wasted on social media than any other websites.

I will endeavor you to expend your time on social medial to be more productive. You will achieve more on social media if and only if you allow your creative mind to take control. Use social media to your advantage!

How do you use social media to your advantage? You will not go on social media posting that you are looking for a job, neither will you apply for a job through social media. But, you can be creative.

Truly, your creativity on social media will allow you to showcase yourself. This can lead to organizations or the best available jobs in Nigeria looking for you.

Henceforth, always be conscious of what you do with your time.

2. Visibility is key to securing your next job……works like great marketing

As shown above, we spoke about time spent on social media to be creative. Now, lets look at visibility and how best to make yourself visible to people that matters.

In a word, internet paved way for visibility, use this to your advantage.

How best can you use the internet to your advantage? Truly, you can use the internet to leverage when it comes to visibility.

You may not know this, but I will tell you; you need to know that many decision makers in big organizations and small businesses in Nigeria now use the internet to scout for talents that will take their organization to the next level.

Given these points, it is to the best of your interest to showcase your talent on respectable websites. To do this, you will have to register on some of the respectable jobs in Nigeria websites. Some of them allow you to upload your resume or CV while others will not.

This is the tricky part of this – submitting your CV. If you may like to know, thousands of applicants are doing exactly the same thing that you are doing.

Apart from that, how many company representatives will go through thousands of CV submitted on a job websites. Thou, some will sieve through the uploading your CV. In that case, yes, you may me the lucky candidate.

Remember, submitting your CV on job websites is just one aspect that may or may not work in your case. That is a 50 – 50 chance.

3. Your skills and experience count……it differentiates you from the crowd

Generally, many people beg to apply for a job. Why should that be?

Nevertheless, a lot can happen to you within the shortest possible time. You can go from a jobless person to the person every organisation want to employ.

If you have what it takes, that job will fish you out. For example, let us look at the case of Brian Acton, WhatsApp Co-founder; he was rejected by facebook when he applied to work for the social media giant website. He uses is skills and expertise to form partnership with WhatsApp founder – Jon Koum.

Of course Brian did not sit down in his comfort zone, but he went ahead to showcase is talent by teaming up to create the WhatsApp application. Obviously, we all know the story today; five years after facebook rejected his job application, Brian sold WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stock.

As shown above in the case of Brian, you need to put your skills to work in other make a difference.

How do you make a difference?

As mentioned in point #2 above, you need to showcase yourself, talent and experience. The best possible way to do this is by joining one of the “Freelance Websites in Nigeria“. These freelance websites will showcase your skill; some even allow for video upload of your past jobs.

In fact, decision makers now look for talents on freelance websites. So, it is in your own interested to get on one of these website and let employers start looking for your expertise.

On the other hand, your next big jobs in 2017 may come through a freelance website. In that case, I will recommend you register on a freelance website.

4. Networking makes a big difference……huge opportunities lie within

Equally important is Networking; connect with your old mates and get involve in progressive groups. There are huge advantage in connecting with like minds. As shown above in the case of Brian, he mentioned in one of his twitter handle saying “It was a great opportunity to connect with some fantastic people” – see below.

Brian Acton, How to find a job, Jobs in Nigeria

In the light of this, I take this opportunity to tell you that – networking with the right set of people will produce the best result for you.

Networking options for Jobs in Nigeria seekers
  • LinkedIn – A great social media network website;
  • Job forums – good resources for you based on different topic;
  • WhatsApp group – Another smartphone networking platform where you can join progressive groups.

Kick-start your jobs in Nigeria opportunities

As shown above, the listings are just few of the many ways in which you can move your career in the right direction. Just to emphasize, the most important thing is for you to kick-start from somewhere. Remember, if you don’t do it today, tomorrow may be too late. This is your best opportunity to have a go at things mentioned above.

Nitty Gritty of securing good jobs in Nigeria

It is important to realize that, Day by day, weeks by weeks and months by months, getting a job in Nigeria is becoming more difficult. In that case, how then can you secure a job of your dream in Nigeria?

Generally speaking, many of us believe we need to know an individual or know someone that know an insider in an organization before we can get the best job. Although this may be true but it is not 100% true.

From time to time, there are various job positions on offer by various organization on the internet. In fact, more job adverts than you may think of but how will you compete with thousands of applicants? Again, it will be better for you to go freelancing.

Types of jobs in Nigeria

There are different types of jobs in Nigeria when it comes to jobs hunting; namely:

  • Graduate jobs;
  • Internship jobs; and
  • Jobs that require years of experience.

For the purpose of this article, I will start with graduate jobs.

Graduate training jobs

Many of the Nigerian university graduates leave it till late before they start there job search. I will not blame most of them, I will blame our university system.

Why do I blame the Nigerian university?

As a matter of fact, our universities need to create career centers and services for their leaving graduates. The role that career center play in the lives of these graduating student is a lot.

What is a career center and how does it help student?

Career center is a center or office established by the university to help, inspire and support graduating students to transition into the working community. In other words, it is a center that give career advice to students.

Below are few advantages of a center to students:

  1. Help with student and alumni in developing and evaluating career plan.
  2. Presenting students to potentials graduate recruitment organization
  3. Advising on career path for students
  4. Manage the university career pages on the school website.
  5. Career center see the space and introduce the students that do the job.


By all means, creating good career center within the Nigeria Universities will be an additional advantage for students. In fact, almost all universities outside Nigeria has a career center to help their students and alumni.

By the time of writing this article, the ONLY university with a good career center is the American University of Nigeria. I am not surprise, are you? It is time for Universities in Nigeria to take up the responsibility of helping their students by creating career centers in the schools.

Companies recruiting Nigeria graduates directly from the university:

Are you a fresh graduate or graduate with limited experience? If yes, you should not allow anything to limit your career aspiration.

In fact, you have a greater opportunity in securing one of the best jobs in 2017 because of various organizations in Nigeria now offer graduate training positions in Nigeria. Few of them are listed below:

Graduate Jobs, Jobs in Nigeria, University career Centers in Nigeria

1. Chevron –

An international company that operates in Nigeria Oil and Gas sector. If you are looking for Oil and Gas jobs, Chevron has the following jobs available as at the date of this publication –

2.Shell –

Also an international company, Shell in Nigeria offers three kind of job offers namely:

  • Experience Professionals
  • Shell Graduate Programme
  • Student Industrial Training and Internship Programme

3. Bitcom ICT Solutions Limited

Different from the two companies mentioned above, Bitcom ICT Solutions is an indigenous company. They offer jobs to both graduate and experienced individuals. With Bitcom ICT Solutions, their recruitment starts with the shortlisting of candidates; successful candidates will then be invited for a chat. The first interview process begins.

As a matter of fact, competency is the number one quality that the company look for in candidates. Other qualities they look at are:

  • A Passion for ICT;
  • Ability to learn new things;
  • Keen eyes for details
  • Depth of research, intuitiveness and perception;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Character, Comportment;
  • Ability to work in a team – good team work;
  • Presentations are usually done during a second interview which is with a wider variety of Bincom Team members (usually from various department)
  • The third stage is the candidate’s meeting with the Management (Senior Partners).

On the whole, check out the comprehensive list of companies that offer graduate trainee positions at graduate trainee jobs in Nigeria.

Your next step: Graduate jobs and jobs requiring experience

The list above is just few of the companies that offer jobs to Nigerians. Whatever job you are applying for, be it graduate position or jobs that require experience; we have compiled things you to do in other take your job search to the next level.

1. Prepare yourself

I will be very blunt with you; your jobs searching success depend on your readiness to plan yourself. Remember, he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

The key to a successful job hunting is preparation. Why is this very important? It is important because it actually sent a kind of signal to the prospective employer.

Above all, your preparation is vital to your job hunting success.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) preparation

You will have to plan the layout of your resume in such a way that anyone ready it will be carried along. It is important to realize that your CV speaks volume. Therefore, a well written CV is important.

You should always remember to attach a Cover Letter with every CV/resume sent out; this is equally important. The cover letter give the reader a good reason to want to go through your resume thoroughly. It sends out a good signal about you.

For the purpose of CV preparation, I have listed below the elements that a good CV should have.

  1. Create a professional format;
  2. List you names (if you have a third name, include it), address, phone number and email at the top section;
  3. Write a your professional profile (optional but highly recommended);
  4. List your education and other qualifications;
  5. List your job experiences starting with your most recent one (if you are still in employment), if not, start with your last job;
  6. And finally, list your Achievements and Skills.

In addition to the above, you may include references in your CV but this is not compulsory. The employer can always ask for your references later.

Serious about searching for jobs in Nigeria, you need to have a top notch CV together with a good cover letter. You can learn more on “How to write a good CV” in our CV writing section.

3.Your Preferences

Done with your CV now? YES. 

Without delay, you now need to intensify your job search. Use the Internet, newspaper job adverts and your network to do this. Using the power of the internet, you can search and apply for jobs directly to companies that have vacancies. Meanwhile, you can also register with recruitment agencies at the same time.

The following steps should be taken after you secure an interview.

4.The company Profile

I find out that few candidates actually take time to learn about the company before going for an interview.

As a matter fact, first thing to do at this stage is to research about the company. Research about the company using the internet, ask yourself question, take notes and make a profile of the company. You will be surprise on the amount of information you will get about the company online.

Use this to your advantage!

Any serious organization will have one or two things that will be helpful to you as a candidate during the interview process.

For the purpose of this interview, try to learn a bit about the company. After all, it is to your advantage on the interview day.

By doing this, you can use what you have learned to create a sense of belonging to the interviewers. A common culture with most company is the ability to be a team player; and most companies always look out for a team player when recruiting.

The more you know about the position you’re applying for and the company, the more chance you have in getting the job.


5. Your Skills, Experience and Achievements

On the positive side, make sure you relate your experience, skills and achievements to what the employer is looking for. By doing this, you are given yourself a 90% chance of getting the job.

Many individuals makes the mistake of not getting to know about a company before applying for a position in that company. Do not fall into this category, take some time to study the company.

Get your career in the right direction, relate what you have to what the company is looking for.

Thank you for reading “how to secure your next job”. We will appreciate it if you help share this article with friends and family! You never know, you may be changing a live for good.

If you think that we have missed out on something that may be of good resources to people on this article titled “Getting Jobs in Nigeria”, please drop us a note. Thank you.

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