List of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria

June 12, 2017 Business,Nigeria,Technology

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are entity that provides internet access and related services to individuals and other organizations. These ISP providers often deliver more than internet services to their clients; such other services include broadband, wifi, data services.

Who is the best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria? or better still, who are the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nigeria? And what do they charge? Nevertheless, these companies provide wifi services to both individuals and companies.

Hardly will any successful business in Nigeria nor individuals (with electronic gadgets) in the country function well without the use of Internet Service Providers in Nigeria (ISP). For internet services, you need an internet service provider. Simple!

Not only providing you with good internet services, but also come with competitive charges. Despite the fact that these wifi in Nigeria companies provides good broadband services, some of them also provide other services.

There are lots of Internet services providers in Nigeria today, but, do they really provide the services expected of them? For any business that depend on internet connection, you need a good internet services provider. Not just an ordinary internet service provider, you actually need a good one. In fact, you need the best internet service provider in Nigeria.

ISPs in Nigeria

ISP companies in Nigeria, are they good or not? There are various criteria used in determining if an ISP is good or not; nevertheless, we will be looking at the following companies:

Top Internet Service Providers in Nigeria and top speed you get are:

  1. Cobranet Limited;
  2. Spectranet Nigeria;
  3. IPNX Nigeria Limited;
  4. Swift Network Limited; and
  5. Smile Nigeria

In addition, we will also look at the capability and prices charged by each ISP.

Top Internet Service Provider in Nigeria, ISP, wifi in Nigeria

In this article, we will list the top internet services providers in Nigeria. Take you through the strength of each company and give insight into the services provided by each one; then decide on the ISP company you will like to deal with.

In the first place, can there charges be justified with the services they provided? or do they provider the services they promised?

Criteria we use for wifi in Nigeria companies

In order to confidently say that a company is the best internet service provider in Nigeria, we need to base our judgement on any of the following:

  1. Speed
  2. Down-time
  3. Customer Services and many more.

For example, a company can be good with the broadband speed while the customer services may be bad. Similarly, the ISP company may give you a fantastic customer service but their down-time may be high.

Additionally, I will also provide you with an Internet Speed Website links where you will be able to test your Internet connectivity speed. I bet it, you are likely to move to another provider by the time you finish reading this post.

Even though, these companies promised to provide good internet connectivity; but are they really providing it. If you are reading this article and believe that your Nigeria Internet Service Provider is not given you the connectivity speed promised by the company, please leave a message below with the speed result that you got after testing.

Internet Service Providers in Nigeria (ISP)

What is “Internet Service Providers”?

They are companies that provide access to the internet services. In other word, they made it possible for me and you to use any of our devices to access the internet. With this simple explanation, we can see the importance of Internet service Providers (ISP) in our everyday life.

As a matter of fact, without these companies, you can not access the internet; they provide good internet services in Nigeria for Nigeria businesses.

Then again, just like any other business, these companies fight for market shares but are they providing the best services to the community?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the ISP’s in Nigeria, let me talk about other internet services provided by these companies.

A citation from Search Win Development define Internet Service Provider as

An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other related services such as Web site building and virtual hosting“.

The Best Internet services provided in Nigeria by ISP’s

Then again, these companies provide various internet services we enjoy today. Although, it comes with a price, but can the prices be justified. Nevertheless, I will take you through individual services provided by these Nigeria ISP companies with the prices that go with it.

In order to get a clearer view of the services provided by the Internet Service Providers in Nigeria, let us look into the following in details.

Internet access

You will all agree with me that, browsing the internet, sending an email, trading online and many more are all part of accessing the internet, Therefore, Internet Access is the ability of individuals or organisations to connect to the internet using various electronic gadgets.

The electronic gadgets may be – Computers, Laptops, Game Consoles, Mobile phones and Mobile devices in general to access various services such as emails, world wide web and so on.

In addition, companies that providing these sort of internet access (host) are referred to as web hosting companies.

Internet Transit

I love this! This is a secret that many Nigerian do not know and will be surprise to know that this may save them some money.

In fact, if you can crack this, you will cut down on what you pay for you internet services. In addition, you may likely ditch your present Internet Service Provider (ISP). Let is start with the definition of “Internet Transit”.

What is Internet Transit?

Internet Transit can simple be defined as the provision of internet services by a bigger Internet Service Provider company to smaller Internet Service Providers; the services provided to these smaller ISP’s are later pass down to individuals and organisations, This bigger Internet Service Provider is known as a “Tier-1 ISP” while the smaller providers are known as “Tier-2 ISP”.

Internet Service Providers, Internet Service Providers in Nigeria, Internet Transit, Internet connectivity in Nigeria

As shown above, connectivity flows from the bigger Internet Service Provider to the smaller providers. These smaller ISP providers are also referred to as Tier-2 ISP. In addition to the connectivity taking place between smaller Internet Service Providers and bigger ones, Tier-2 ISP’s can also connect to each other through what is known as Network Access Point (NAP).

It is worth mentioning that:

  • Tier-2 ISP pays Tier-1 ISP; and
  • Tier-2 is a customer to Tier-1

In addition, Tier-2 ISP’s can be customers to each other when there is a form of connectivity between them.

Do not let me bore you to much with technical details. Let us head straight to Nigeria Internet Service Providers list below.

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List of Top Internet Service Providers in Nigeria and their charges:

1. Cobranet Nigeria

I am starting the list with Cobranet because I use them. I will not say they are the best internet in Nigeria service provider; but they are okay. Few ups and downs happened in the past with server not working or server to slow. What can I say?

I took a test just before the publication of this post and below is the result of my test on Cobranet Limited speed test on the service plan that I am. Test also measure the upload and download in “Mbps”; Mbps stands for ‘Megabits Per Second’ which is what indicate the speed of your internet connection.

Cobranet, How fast is cobranet, Cobranet Nigeria, Cobranet Data Plan

Test above conducted using service typing “My internet speed” into the google search bar.

The higher the number of Mbps you have, the faster your internet connection will be.

Cobranet Nigeria is one of the Nigeria Internet Service Providers that started operation in Nigeria in 2003. The company has been providing internet services for both corporate and individuals with strength in reliable and secured internet connections.

Cobranet has the following two services under her umbrella – UGO Mobole and UGO Fibre. UGO Mobile, a service based on mobile broadband access technology while UGO Fibre is the company’s’ latest Fibre-Optic Technology.

Cobranet Price for both UGO Mobile and UGO Fibre plans at the time of publication is as follow:

Internet in Nigeria, Cobranet, Ugo Mobile, ISP, Top Internet Service Providers

Ugo fibre from Cobranet, Internet service plan, Internet Service provider, WiFi Provider

2. Spectranet Nigeria

Spectranet, 4G LTE Broadband Provider, Broadband Service provider

A 4G LTE internet broadband Service Provider in Nigeria with sales offices mainly concentrated in Lagos and environment. The company on her website claimed to be “home to the Only Netflix server in West Africa”.

Spectranet Nigeria is one of the Nigeria earlier Internet service provider and double up as one of the few to have rolled out the 4G LTE internet broadband Services in the country.

3. IPNX Nigeria Limited

With locations called iShop in Kano, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan and Lagos, IPNX provides internet services to residents and businesses. An Information Technology company that provides internet connectivity with other services such as IT services, telephony and television services to both corporate and residential customers.

IPNX Nigeria resident customers will enjoy their broadband services that includes the FOS (Fibre Optic Service) and iWireles in addition to the business media hub services if included in your package.

IPNX, Broadband providers in Nigeria, Nigeria ISP companies, Internet in Nigeria

As a business customer with IPNX, you have various option to go for. Your choices includes but not limited to – Business Broadband, IT services, Collaboration, Business Voice and FTTH Neighbourhoods.

As at the time of this publication, the prices indicated on the IPNX Nigeria Limited for some of her internet services is as follows:


Guaranteed Speed / Monthly Data Allowance

              PHONE                     PRICE
Starter Basic

20Mbps              /    20GB


Modem – N15,750.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Starter Preferred

20Mbps              /    400GB1 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN10,500.00/mth

Modem – N15,750.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Advantage Basic

25Mbps              /    80GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN15,750.00/mth

Modem – N15,750.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Advantage Preferred

25Mbps              /    140GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN26,250.00/mth

Modem – N15,750.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Advantage Premium

25Mbps              /    230GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN42,000.00/mth

Modem – N15,750.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Ultimate Basic

50Mbps              /    450GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN78,750.00/mth

Modem – N52,500.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Ultimate Preferred

50Mbps              /    550GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN94,500.00/mth

Modem – N52,500.00

Installation – N15,750.00

Ultimate Premium500Mbps           /    1000GB2 FREE LANDLINE & ON-NET CALLSN157,500.00/mth

Modem – N52,500.00

Installation – N15,750.00

I will advice you to check on the companies website for any recent chances in prices.

4. Swift Network Limited

One of the foremost Internet Service Provider in Nigeria with her URL – and one of the 4G LTE service provider in the country. Obtaining the license to provide internet broadband services to both business and residential customers in 2002 from the Nigerian Telecommunication Commission, the company has been delivering these services to the public.

Swift Network recently introduced the ‘Swift Dual Bank 4G LTE’ with the inscription “Twice the Strength, twice the Satisfaction”. A services designed to bring better, fast and reliable internet service to the consumers.

Swift 4G, Swift 4G LTE, ISP, Leading ISP in Nigeria

Swift Network offer extra benefits to her customer that includes:

  1. Interest Free Data Loan;
  2. Roll Over Data; and
  3. Multi-Users per connection.

Additional advantage that swift provide on her website is the Internet Speed tester that comes as an handle tool to every internet users

The Swift service plan:

  • Individual – SWIFT Budget (Data Cap: 1GB), SWIFT Merit (Data Cap: 3GB), SWIFT Essential Mini (Data Cap: 10GB).
  • Residential – SWIFT Essential (Data Cap: 14GB), SWIFT Club (Data Cap: 20GB), SWIFT Family Plus (Data Cap: 34GB).
  • Business SWIFT Premium (Data Cap: 30GB), SWIFT Elite (Data Cap: 46GB), SWIFT Elite Plus (Data Cap: 60GB).

For those people that are always on the move, Swift has the plug and play bundle offer that will be supportable for all purpose.

5. Smile Nigeria

One of the newest breed of internet service providers in Nigeria that pride herself as the fastest mobile connection company; alongside with super-fast internet for the family. Smile communications Nigeria is one of the fastest growing internet service providers in Nigeria.

Like any of the ISP’s in Nigeria, Smile provide services to both businesses and individuals with coverage in few states in Nigeria. When it come to the 4G LTE, Smile Nigeria plays a big role in delivering these services to their clients.

Smile has two different modem for individuals to choose from. These are –

  1. 7GB Anytime + SMIFI. This come with a 50% bonus data on all data recharge for the first 3 months. The cost of this modem is N16,500.00.
  2. Unlimited Premium + Router. A nice package that also give you 50% bonus data on data recharge; With this router, Smile Nigeria promise her customers an unlimited super fast internet services. The price for this package start from N34,800.00.

ISP, Internet Service Providers, Smile Nigeria, Smile Internet

Smile Service Plan

  • 4G LTE Supervalue Data pack – N1,000.00 (SIM ONLY)
  • Unlimited Premium + Smile SIM – N19,800.00

In addition to Lagos and Abuja, smile is making their services available to other cities like Port-Harcourt and some other states.

With those ISP’s mentioned above, I am pretty sure you will find one that is appropriate for your need.

I am sure you like good internet services, don’t you? Then it is time for you to compare your service providers with the rest. Go for the best.

With technology, individuals and businesses need good internet connectivity. With it, your connectivity with the world is made simple.

This article in for information ONLY!

Not intended for any reason to promote any of the Internet Service Providers in Nigeria. If you feel that we need to add any more information to it, please feel free to send us a mail.

In this year 2018, which of the ISPs in the country do you think is the best internet provider in Nigeria? In addition, which of these ISPs provide the fastest internet speed in Nigeria. That is to say, who gives the best internet in Nigeria services?

Good luck in finding the Best Internet Service Provider in Nigeria (ISP).

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