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Internet Marketing Strategies that work in Nigeria

Internet Marketing in Nigeria is creating more business opportunities every day, In fact, businesses are now using different internet marketing strategies to drive more sales to build and promote their business. With the internet, we have great access to variety of resources at our disposal, business potential to grow and unparalleled opportunity to reach millions of users.

Using the internet, you will be able transform your business potentials from where it is at present to where you want to take it to be. With that said, what are the best internet marketing strategies available to change your business for good? In other words, what is the best marketing strategy for your business?

What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is a plan of actions set in place to promote, advertise and sell products or services to customers or consumers.

In order for you to promote and grow your business, you should put various marketing strategies in place. These is really essential if you are to compete in the real world of business.

From time to time, internet marketing may take a different turn. But what I am about to share with you in this article have stand the test of time. In fact, that is what all the great marketers use to make more sales.

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I like Internet marketing. I am sure you may want to ask me what I like about it.

Yes, I will tell you. You may not know, internet marketing is the easiest and most cost effective way to market your business. If you get it right, believe me, your business will do better than your competitors.

To give your business to succeed in this present economy condition, you need to put a good internet marketing strategy in place. You may want to know, there are quite a number of internet marketing strategies that you can embark on. These strategies are more effective if you know what you are doing.

It may not be new to you as it is not new to me that one of the most important questions asked today is – How do you reach millions of potential customers?

The answer to this is simple – implement good internet marketing strategies that works. Also, make sure the strategy implemented is measurable. What do I mean with the word “measurable”?

Implementing Internet Marketing Strategies

Who is your target market? This is the number one question that only you can answer. Defining your target market will give you an heads up to implement good marketing strategy that work for your business.

Looking at it like this, will your marketing target other businesses? that is, business to business (B2B marketing) or are you willing to target the general populace? Get an answer to the above, you have a direction of where your internet marketing strategies should start from.

Some business target other businesses will some target general consumers. Which one is your target market.

Whatever your target market may be, I have put together the best marketing strategies that will help your business.

Holy Moly!

There are handful of internet marketing strategies (sometimes referred to as business marketing strategies) to take your business to a whole new level. Implement them and your business will thrive.

In fact, half of the marketers out there prefer to use the word “business marketing strategies“. For the purpose of this article, let us stick to the word “Internet Marketing Strategies”.

What is Internet Marketing?

Sometimes referred to as “online marketing” or “digital marketing” is a process used on the internet to promote a brand, products or services. This process could involve using email marketing, affiliate promotions and any form of electronic promotion targeting customers.

Now that we know the definition of online marketing, let us get to the real business.

With advancement in technology, there lots of way to promote your brand, products and services. To succeed online, the strategies am about to share with you are what your business need. They will propel your business. Although, it is possible to build a business without online presence but, you will be missing out on great potentials.

Similarly, online presence without good strategy will lead your business to no where.

Be the king of internet marketing strategies

While we will be looking at the best online marketing strategies, let us first look at some qualities I called ” the juice” that any online marketer needs before they embark to marketing online. These juice are as follows:

  • Valuable – Your strategy should offer good return on your investment (ROI). As a matter of fact, your cost on promotions should be less while your return should be higher. What is more important is you creating value, this value in turn will yield sales for your business.

  • Call to action (CTA) – As the name suggest, an instruction for something to happen, Yes, your internet marketing strategies should be focused on making your audience take action. As a matter of fact, your content should prompt your audience to take action. A very simple call to action may do the trick.

  • Affordability – It is important to realize that your marketing should be affordable to your company. In other to achieve this, you do not have to spend much money on any of your chosen strategy before you start seeing results.
  • Keep It Simple (KISS) – Beyond many marketing expert imagination, keeping your online promotional as simple as it may be has done some great imaginable things. With this in mind, your marketing strategies will yield good result. Take the like of google, ebay, amazon and Apple as an example, what do they have in common?The answer – Simplicity!
  • Trace-ability – Equally important in marketing is what is known as ‘traceable marketing’. All things considered, your marketing strategies should be track-able, traceable and measurable. These will help you to repeat and improve any successful campaign or stop any unsuccessful campaign.

Generally speaking, you can never go wrong if you implement the above qualities in your internet marketing strategies to be mentioned below.

Grow your business with digital marketing

To return to the subject, I will list the important elements needed to succeed in the digital marketing world.

1. Get the right platform… deliver your product and services.

To begin with, the kind of platform used to market your products and services can influence the outcome of your effort. I will start with the basic. The platform use to design your advertisement, promotions or even your brand play an important role in communicating with your customers. Some may think this is not important, but research has shown that this influence the attention customers will give to your business.

Indeed, getting the right platform is easy. Why did I say this?

First thing to remember, you are not re-inventing the wheels. You only need to make the wheel better. Look through the internet, you will see what platform most of your competitors are using.

For the purpose of this article, let us use a simple website promotion as an example.

You will need to use a user friendly website builder theme, it must be easy to read and the content interesting. You use a good font size with an easy navigation on it.

If you are just setting up a website, I will recommend you use wordpress to build your website. Even though, there are various platform to build a website, WordPress is still the most widely used platform. Apart from being the most widely used website building template,

One of the first thing to remember in the above example is, your website is the center of your internet marketing. So, as a matter of fact, you need to inject time and effort to develop it to standard.

Equally important is the structure of the platform. This is an important point often overlooked by internet marketers but it is equally important.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…..the most important strategy

From time to time, search engine optimization is the back bone of internet marketing strategies. No success can be recorded for any business or brand without a good SEO.

The first thing to remember when it comes to Internet marketing is – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only strategy that can bring you success. In fact, with SEO, you will be far ahead of your competitors.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Defined as the process of maximizing your website visibility on search engines by ensuring that your website is ranked high in search results for particular keyword or phrase.

In general, here are two type of SEO practiced by internet marketers namely – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. As a marketer, it is important to realize that both on-page and off page types of Search Engine Optimization is important. In fact, these two combined can give you the best internet marketing result your business require.

Furthermore, if good SEO strategy is used, you will start seeing results in weeks.

As a matter of fact, as long as Google is still in existence, SEO will still remain the best business marketing strategy online.

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3. Social Media Marketing… you good digital leveraging

Similarly, just like Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing is becoming popular. In fact, if use effectively, it will produce a good result for your company. Inasmuch as you do it right, you are in for a good result.

In order to have a good social media campaign, you will need to create a plan. The following should be in your plan:

  • Set your objectives and create a social media goals: Above all things, you need to set an objective and social media goal. This is the first step in any social media marketing strategy and it is very important to realize this from the beginning.
  • Ensure your social media solve problems and challenges: Equally important for your Internet Marketing Strategies on social media to actually solve peoples’ problems. In other words, it should provide solution to your audience challenges.
  • Audience value added matter: As long as your audience value your contents, you are in the right direction.

Content is king – Above all, your content should engage your audience.

Measure and tweak your accordingly.

All things considered, your plan should involve good content marketing strategy. You need to get your and on the best content marketing strategy available online

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4. Email Marketing… has been proven that it works

In the same way as above, using email marketing is one of the recommended internet marketing strategy that works. An email marketing in reality is a kind of broadcast sent out through email to advertise, solicit sales and/or request for business. Email marketing campaign are good if you know what you are doing and how best to do it. In fact, they can me handy to get lots of advertisements out to both new and old customers.

In addition to the definition of email above, email marketing are also use to build your brand awareness and trust with your clients. In the light of this, you can use it to send out newsletters to your customers. In general, your newsletters build your brand.

In order to build an email campaign in your quest to successful internet marketing, there are few things to consider. These things are indeed key to your business success.

Key point #1 to a successful email campaign:

One important thing to note, do not allow your email to be black listed. What do I mean by this? In general, if you send unsollicitated email out to people, your mail can be reported as spam. If reported, the ‘big boys’ such Google, Yahoo and other providers will blacklist your email address so this will make it a bit difficult for you to achieve your goal.

For you not to fall foul of the big boys, you will need to get permission from email owner. How do you do this? This is done through you building a sizable email list.


As shown above, you have read about the best internet marketing strategies that will work for any business. Inasmuch as you practice them in a good and acceptable manner recommended by search engines, believe it, your online presence will increase.

By all means, try to use the combination of at least two of the strategies mentioned above. Remember, it is important to realize that your business success on the internet depend mainly on your business online visibility. So, this is something that must be remembered all the time.

If you need help in any of the 4 Best Internet Marketing Strategy mentioned above, you can contact us.

Additionally, the video below on Internet Marketing Strategies from is also good.

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