How to start a blog in Nigeria: To Make Money And Build Your Brand

How to start a blog in Nigeria is one of the most asked question by many people in the country today. In fact, students and business owners are not left out of this.

Create a blog today!

As a matter of fact, blogging in Nigeria has created a greater online business opportunities for many people in the country. So, do you think this is good for you? or how you can create your own personal web log?

Great idea! You are in the right place.

Not only will your web log help brand you, but also act as a marketing tool for your business. It is good you are here today! My goal in creating this article is to take you in my arms and we walk through the step-by-step of creating a blog that will make you money online together.

In other words, this is what I now do for a living. As long as you are dedicated, your created web log will make money for you.

As a matter of fact, you will learn how to start a blog with this piece writing. So, sit tight and let us go through this together.


My advice on what you about to read – As long as you take your time in reading this page, absorb and practice what you learn in it; I guarantee you that – not only will you start successful, but also may make income from this. In addition, you will learn about the best platform to use.

How to start a blog in Nigeria: Best tips for beginners

I wish someone had show me an article like this when I started my first website 10 years ago. But it is never too late for anyone to start. One thing that is certain is, as long as the internet exist, this profession will continue to make bloggers money.

Of course, this is true and I can testify to it.

And also, this is different from a get rich quick scheme.

Wherever you are in this world, as long as you have an internet connection from any of the Internet service providers and a computer (or laptop), you can make money online. You can actually make over $12,000.00 (equivalent to more than N4 million in Nigeria) each month if you are serious about this.

For the purpose of those that are just starting out, let us start from the basics of blogging. Then I will take you through the step-by-step techniques of making money with it.

Whoopee! I am so glad to be sharing valuable information on how bloggers make money on the internet.

Without much ado, let’s go straight to subject of this article. Starting with the definition.

What is a blog?

A blog or web log is a website with regular updates of ones believe, opinion or publication and are intended for general public consumption. They can be a single website page of many pages that linked to one another. They generally give information about particular subjects.

Starting a blog not only serve as a good source of income to bloggers but also serves as a way on generating revenue even while you are sleeping. In the United State of America today, many of the “work from home business” are centered around it. Similarly, blogging business in Nigeria as become an income generator for people doing it.

In brief, let us go through the different types of blogs we have today. This will give you an head start on how to generate income with it.

Reason why you should start a blog today - Blogging in Nigeria

What is your main reason for wanting to start a blog?

Despite the fact that you want to know the how(s), it will be good to point out different reasons to consider when making that decision.

Note: For beginners that may want to know why it is good to start blogging, I have listed few reasons below:

  • Make money online blogging. For the purpose of this article, let me start with myself. Like many others, I make a full-time income as a blogger. As long as you know what you are doing, you will always make money in this sector.
  • Drive traffic to your website. Despite the fact that you may already have a website before, adding a blog page to it will increase the amount of visitors to your website.
  • Communicate your ideas and believes to the world. In other to get your ideas and believes out to the general public, blogging is an ideal platform to make that happen.
  • Use it as a marketing tool. From time to time, Individuals and organizations constantly use different types of blogs as a marketing tool to advertise their products and services. You too can do same.
  • Become a better writer. In addition to whatever writing skills you may have, blogging will automatically enhance your writing skills. On the positive side, you may as well use the acquired skills to get an article writing job.

So, how do you start to make money and build brand with it?

How to Create a Blog in Nigeria: 8 Easy Steps

You are here with me?


That means we can move on to the main topic of the day. So far so good, you must have learn the different types of blogs that you can create.

In the same way that I have listed the types of blogs below, let me list the very basic steps necessary to start them.

In order to create a blog, here are the six basic steps involved.

  1. Choose what to blog about.
  2. Choose a web hosting company.
  3. Get a domain name to use.
  4. Decide on a blogging platform to use.
  5. Install the platform.
  6. Design your blog.

Are you ready to start? Here is the step-by-step process for starting your own personal or business blog today:

1. Choose A Blog Type

In the first place and most importantly, you decide and choose the type of blog that is best for you. Your choice will be based on the reasons.

To begin with, make up your mind. This is the first rule of thumb.

For individual looking to make money creating a blog, focus more on a niche where you can get enough audience to view your posts. Create posts on something you like, enjoy and know about; with this in mind, you will surely be successful.

Similarly, business entity should base their posts on products and services offered by their company. For the purpose of you creating those post is to increase your product visibility and sales.

As long as you a focus on those services, your posts will command the right audience.

In either case – I will advice individuals or business entities to choose a niche in which you can establish an authority in.

2 Get Your Blog Name

Equally important is your domain name…..your brand. Like I said, your domain name is your web log address and equally stands for your brand. This is where people will find your posts.

So, seriously want to build a brand? Then you need to think deeply about your domain. This is where lots of people get it wrong. You need not to make same mistakes like other.

My advice on choosing a domain name is – Keep It Short & Simple (KISS); this makes it easy to remember. I always recommend to my students to choose a two or three syllable word. For example – “Yokebay” and “Google” are two syllable words while “Africa” and “Ibadan” are three syllable words.

In a word, try to use a name that is easy to remember.

3. Step 2: Choose a Web Host

In choosing a web hosting company, make a choice from either – 

Case 1: Pay for web hosting, or

Case 2: Use a free hosting site.

In either case, you have to decide on what is best for you.

As a matter of fact, you can get more information that will guide you on choosing a hosting company – “How to choose a hosting platform”.

Oh, Wait a minute!

For the purpose of some beginners leaning from scratch, I will quickly run through the important part of choosing a hosting company.

First thing to remember if you are to create a successful blog is to go for a paid hosting (case 1 above), then how reliable the web hosting company.

Getting a paid hosting account gives you good control of your blog and at the same time, it shows your audiences that you are serious with it.

Similarly, Google, the king of search engines will take you serious.

Why I suggested a hosting platform before steps 3 & 4 is that any good hosting company has it embedded in their cPanel. That is what you will learn in step 4.

4. Choose a Blogging Platform

As mentioned in step 3, most hosting company will provide you with a one click installation process. It will be your choice to install anyone you want to use.

What I will be teaching you here is based on my personal experience. Just name it, there are more than 10 good blogging platforms out there that you can use, such as – Blogger, Tumblr. WordPress, Squarespace and many more.

But, I prefer to use the wordpress platform. I use the wordpress platform to develop my web log site because of so many reasons. Even though, some use other templates, wordpress templates are still the best and most widely use templates in the world.

Below is a typical wordpress blogging template image.

How to create a blog, Blogs in Nigeria, Different types of blogging platform

Note: I can help you install a wordpress blog template for as little as N5,000.00.

5. Install the platform

As soon as you have made your decision on the template for your website, just go ahead to install it. As earlier said, our staff at can help you install your template if need be.

There are few basic steps to follow when installing your template, each of the template providers has useful instructions on how to install their templates.

I will advice you visit your chosen template website for more information.

6. Design your blog

Now that you have learn a lot on various step on how to create a blog, this stage is where you have to now design fanciful pages. Make it attractive; make it something that your audience will like and most importantly, keep it simple.

At this stage, I will say a big CONGRATULATION to you, for you have now set yourself on the part of creating a successful blog and ready to join the league of people making money online.

Below is a Step by step video to help you with the design.

Blogging Business: Types of Blogs in Nigeria Revealed

How to start a blog, Blogs in Nigeria, Types of Blogs in Nigeria

All over the internet, you will see different types of blogs with different topics. Ranging from news to sports, personal to business. Indeed, just name it, a whole lots of them exist on the internet even with different languages.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of blogs in Nigeria today.

Personal Blogs

This is me king of blog, quite simple, everyone what to know about you. This attracts attention to you.

It is a web log created for personal taught; and updated frequently by individual or a group of people. It can be a personal diary in order to express yourself and share personal thoughts and passions with the world.

  • For example: Blogs that reflects the personality of celebrities and lifestyles; like that of Sisi Yemmie and Linda Ikeji.

Business Blogs

As a result of high internet usage in the country, many businesses, both small and large companies have resulted to using web logs to promote there services. Companies ranging from Real Estate to lawyer firms, banks to stock brokers are now using one form of blog to the other to promote there businesses.

How do you make money with this? You can writing posts and contents as a freelancer for these companies. Register with jobs in Nigeria website as a freelancer to start making money with your contents.

  • For example: A typical type of this blog is 360Nobs and lindaikeji blog. They are strictly set up as a money generating platform.

Religion Blog

In contrast to the first two types of blogs mentioned above, religion organizations have non-profit types of web log. Churches and Mosques typically falls under this type of category. It is important to realize that, religion web logs are created to pass moral information to the community.

Do you know of a religion blog site in Nigeria? If you don’t, please pardon me to use City of David, a Redeemed church of God, Victoria Island, Lagos as an example of such in the country.

Location Blog

Alternatively, this type are sometimes referred to as web log on places of attractions. By all means, they give extensive information about places of interests – either good or bad. But they are mostly good information.

Your type of audience are tourists. Also, it will be good to point out that, individuals or businesses in the travel and tour industry mainly set up blogs that attract travelers.

Alas! This type makes good money for their owners. All you need is readily available on the internet.

  • For example: A website with information on best time to visit a country, or places of attractions.

Institution Blog

In contrast to what many believe, institutional blogs make cool cash. Blogging about universities in Nigeria and around the world can attract loads of audience. As long as the information you are putting out on your web pages has value, believe it, you will have good traffic.

You may not know, Institutional websites commands huge amount of traffic on the internet.

Posts and articles published about University, Charity organization, Research institutions, or name it; they all fall under this category.

With this, you have a ready made audience – a good demography.

For example: Writing about JAMB, NECO and other university entry results as pulled a significant amount of traffic in the country in this past few years. In this case, your target audience are students, they want every bit of information on the topic.

Political Blogs

Platform that allow users to voice out their opinion on politics are mainly referred to as a political blog. In addition, main content on this platform is on politics. To point out, one key advantage of running such is that your have a ready made audience. That is people mainly interested in politic.

Uniquely, this platform does not limit you to writing only on Nigerian politics; you can equally write on foreign politics.

  • Example of such political platform in Nigeria:, an internet website dedicated to Nigeria politics. In addition, the website write on other stuffs such as, sports, Government and educational news.

Guide Blog

I call this type of blog – the solution providers. The “How…….?” type of website.

In general, this teaches how tasks can be done. Besides, it is a User-Generated Content (UGC) platform.

What is a User-Generated Content platform? As the name implies, the general audiences populate the platform with contents such as, how to…… and a question and answer website. As long as the site exist, users will always add to the content.

Any individual looking to run such web log space should focus more on getting solution providers to participate on the platform.

In addition, it is mostly used to solve peoples’ problems.

  • Example of such template is Quora, a website dedicated to questions and answers.

Indeed, User-Generated Content platform is a great way to promote your business. In this case, users create your contents for you and at the same time, they promote it.

The Niche Blog

This is the type of blog I like most. Why?

Simply because it allow any individual to differentiate themselves from the others; that is to say, you can create your own space.

To begin with, this is a specialist web log. You must be vast in knowledge of your topics. For this type of website, information on it is directed towards a particular topic, sector, or subject.

It is equally important to know that blogs set-up in this category can make you good money. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is to find a good niche to be a specialist in.

  • Example: Blog Ideas is a dedicated post for bloggers that teaches them how to generate article titles and write great contents.

In order to learn how to start a blog in Nigeria, you must first be certain on the type of blog(s) you want to venture into. The list are as shown above.


In summary, we have been able to go through all that is needed for you to get started. Of course, everything that we’ve gone through is very useful to you.

As you can see, blogging business can makes you money.

Without delay, start thinking about the type of blog that you feel comfortable to start something good on.

We have literally touched every bit of the topic. If you have enjoyed reading it, we will appreciate it if you can help us share it. You never know, you may be sharing it with someone that will appreciate it like you. Kindly use the share button below.

In the same way that you have learn something from this, you can allow someone else to do so too.

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