How to Start A Blog in Nigeria in 2020 with Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for a free, easy, step-by-step guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria? Or even any part of the world?

Blogging in Nigeria is great. The beauty of it is that you can create and operate it anywhere around the world. Additionally, you can make it a business that will continuously generate steady income for you.

On this article, you will learn the basic steps needed to start a blogging business in Nigeria; not only will it teach you the fundamental principles of how to make money blogging, but also gives you an idea on the cost of creating a blog.

Although, this post is on how to start a blog; it also answers the following questions:

As can be seen, there are lots of questions that needs to be answered when going into the blogging business.

Let’s get started.

Best tips for beginners on how to start a blog in Nigeria

I wish someone had show me an article like this when I started my first website 10 years ago. But it is never too late for anyone to start. One thing that is certain is, as long as the internet exists, this profession will continue to make bloggers money.

Of course, this is true and I can testify to it.

And also, this is different from a get rich quick scheme.

Wherever you are in this world, as long as you have an internet connection from any of the Internet service providers and a computer (or laptop), you can make money with your blog. You can actually make over $12,000.00 (equivalent to more than N4 million in Nigeria) each month if you are serious about this.

For the purpose of those that are just starting out, let us start from the basics of blogging. Then I will take you through the step-by-step techniques of making money with it.

Here are my best tips on how to start a blog in Nigeria for beginners:

  • Blogs are easy to create.
  • Write about your passion.
  • Make sure your post add value.
  • Give in-depth analysis with your blog posts.
  • Write for humans (not for search engine).
  • Practice good blog ethics.

Without much ado, let’s go straight to subject of this article. I will start with the definition of a blog.

What is a Blog?

A blog or web log is a website with regular updates of one’s believes, opinion or publication and is intended for general public consumption. They can be a single website page of many pages that linked to one another. They generally give information about particular subjects.

Starting a blog not only serve as a good source of income to bloggers, but also serves as a way on generating revenue even while you are sleeping. In the United State of America, many of the “work from home business” are centred on it. Similarly, blogging business in Nigeria as becomes an income generator for people doing it.

7 Benefits of Blogging in Nigeria

Why do people blog?

Individuals have different reasons for starting a weblog. Nevertheless, each blog started has its own purpose. Be it for personal or business, blogging play an important role in our day-to-day activities.

Truly, the blogging scene has developed over the last few years tremendously; the benefits are still so enormous. Here’s a list of benefits associated to blogging in Nigeria.

  • Create online business opportunity

With a blog, you can create vast online business opportunities for yourself. The truth is, most people use their blog as money making platform business; generating regular income from it through various online money making strategies. Whereas, most businesses use it as a marketing tool (see next point)

Read more on – How to make money online with a blog.

  • Marketing tool

For entrepreneurs and business organization, creating industry related articles act an online marketing tool. Not only will it help your business website to grow subscribers, but also act as a medium to generate leads, gain online visibility and ultimately help increase sales.

Unique, creating blog contents is an effective way to grow your website authority in your industry. Additionally, it helps you drive traffic to your site; at the same time, increasing your online visibility to prospects.

In a word, blogging drive traffic to your website. Despite the fact that you may already have a website before, adding a blog page to it will increase the amount of visitors to your website.

  • Express yourself and share your passions

You can communicate your ideas and believes to the world with your blogging platform.

In other to get your ideas and believes out to the general public, blogging is an ideal platform to make that happen.

Whether you have passion for politics, fashion, business, or marketing, creating your own weblog will be an avenue to share this on the internet. This gives you an opportunity to share your passion with likeminded individuals.

  • Share your experience and knowledge

Experience and knowledge are gained overtime. Also, there are individuals looking to gain from you.

Creating your own blogging platform will give you the opportunity to share your experience with others. By doing so, you are impacting knowledge into some individuals.

  • Create audience

If you really know what you are doing, it will not take you time to create the necessary audience that you need.

By the time you have created the audience, you will automatically become an influence in your niche. As a result, there is a possibility to generate income as you build your audience.

  • Professional Networking

While sharing your passion, experience and knowledge through your blog, you will also create an avenue to build a strong network within your niche.

Another key point, as you build your professional network within your niche, you are facilitating your blog’s growth. This in turn has numerous benefits.

  • Become an authority in your industry

Regularly share industry based information on your blogging platform will earn your recognition within the industry. As a matter of fact, it can get you the necessary attention from the industry insider.

Because of your experience, knowledge and time publication of posts, you will be recognized and an authority in your industry.

Here are some more blogging tips to increase your blog success rate – for bloggers.

How to create a blog in Nigeria in 7 easy steps

Successful Blogging, Blogging for Beginners, Blogging in Nigeria, Successful Blogging Tips

Learn to create your own blog in less than 30 minutes following these steps.

  1. Decide your blog niche. Choose a niche you’re interested in.
  2. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  3. Get hosting. Register your blog with a hosting company.
  4. Customize your blog. Decide on a platform to use.
  5. Write and publish your blog posts. Time to get thing going.
  6. Promote your blog. Market your blog to the right audience.
  7. Make money blogging. Choose a strategy to monetize your blog.

As shown above (in the image), the secret to successful blogging is to follow your passion and work hard.

Therefore, let’s start your own personal or business blog now!

Step 1: Decide your blog niche

In the first place and most importantly, you decide and choose the type of blog that is best for you. Your choice will be based on the reasons.

To begin with, make up your mind. This is the first rule of thumb.

For individual looking to make money creating a blog, focus more on a niche where you can get enough audience to view your posts. Create posts on something you like, enjoy and know about; with this in mind, you will surely be successful.

Similarly, business entity should base their posts on products and services offered by their company. For the purpose of you creating those post is to increase your product visibility and sales.

As long as you a focus on those services, your posts will command the right audience.

In either case – I will advice individuals or business entities to choose a niche in which you can establish an authority in.

Step 2: Pick a blog name

Equally important is your domain name; try to make it something descriptive. This can give you a competitive advantage in the near future.

Your domain name is your web log address and equally stands for your brand. This is where people will find your posts.

So, seriously want to build a brand? Then you need to think deeply about your domain. This is where lots of people get it wrong. You need not to make same mistakes like other.

My advice on choosing a domain name is – Keep It Short & Simple (KISS); this makes it easy to remember. I always recommend to my students to choose a two or three syllable word. For example – “Yokebay” and “Google” are two syllable words while “Africa” and “Ibadan” are three syllable words.

In addition, you may want to take these tips into consideration when naming your blog.

  • Combine 2-3 words.
  • Use your target keyword in the name. This help search engine to distinguish what you blog is about; at the same time, people can easily identify your blog’s niche.
  • Use easy to remember memorable words.
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphens for your name.

All in all, try to use a name that is easy to remember.

Once you have decided on your blog name, you will need to choose a domain extension.

A domain extension is like a suffix added to your domain name. For example, .com, .net and .ng are domain extensions you can use.

Step 3: Get blog hosting account

With your domain name idea, head out to look for a reliable blog hosting company.

In choosing a web hosting company, make a choice from either –

Case 1: Pay for web hosting, or

Case 2: Use a free hosting site.

In either case, you have to decide on what is best for you.

As a matter of fact, you can get more information that will guide you on choosing a hosting company – “How to choose a hosting platform”.

Oh, wait a minute!

For the purpose of some beginners leaning from scratch, I will quickly run through the important part of choosing a hosting company.

First thing to remember if you are to create a successful blog is to go for a paid hosting (case 1 above), then how reliable the web hosting company.

Getting a paid hosting account gives you good control of your blog and at the same time, it shows your audiences that you are serious with it.

There are many hosting companies around; but you need a reliable one.

A good hosting package does not need to be expensive; but must have minimal down time.

I find out that KVC hosting package is suitable for Nigeria bloggers. They are not expensive and their services are top notch.

Similarly, Google, the king of search engines will take you serious.

Step 4: Customize your blog

Blog customization is simple. As mentioned in step 3 above, most hosting company will provide you with a one click installation process. It will be your choice to install anyone you want to use.

What I will be teaching you here is based on my personal experience. Just name it; there are more than 10 good blogging platforms out there that you can use, such as – Blogger, Tumblr. WordPress, Squarespace and many more.

But, I prefer to use the wordpress platform. I use the wordpress platform to develop my web log site because of so many reasons. Even though, some use other templates, wordpress templates are still the best and most widely use templates in the world.

Below is a typical wordpress blogging template image.

Blogging Business in Nigeria, How to customize wordpress theme, Add blog post

Note: I can help you install a wordpress blog template for as little as N5,000.00.

As soon as you have made your decision on the template for your website, just go ahead to install it. WPbeginner gives you a step-by-step guide on WordPress installation.

There are few basic steps to follow when installing your template, each of the template providers has useful instructions on how to install their templates.

I will advice you visit your chosen template website for more information.

Step 5: Write and publish your blog post

Now that your blog site is up and running, it’s time for you to do some blogging.

Go to the left hand side – where you have the menu and click on “Blog”.

Then, click on “Add blog post”.

The next screen you will see is the post editor box (see image below). Type your blog post title in the top box, and write the main blog post body in the lower box.

Write blog post title, WordPress blog post image

Within the WordPress post editor screen, you have various option to customize the feel and look of your post. You also have options to add images and videos.

Once yoiu are done wring you post, it’s time to publish it. Before you click on the “Publish” button, you may choose to preview your content or save it for a later date. The choice is yours.

When you are ready to make your blog post public, just click on the “Publish” button at the top right of your screen.

BOOM! You just published your blog for public consumption.

Publish WordPress Blog Post, Publish a blog in Nigeria

Step 6: Promote your blog

Now that you have designed your blog site, it’s time to promote it.

You can write the most compelling content on your site, even, design the best blog site in the world; if no one visit it, all your effort will be in vain.

This is when marketing and online promotions come in. In a word, your blog will only be able to achieve its potential if you can market it online effectively.

Ways to promote your blog online effectively

Relationship between SEO and Digital Marketing, Why is SEO Important, Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

What is the most effective way to promote a blog? I use search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Truly, there is no right and wrong answer to this, it all depend on your marketing strategy. My preferred method of promotion may be different from yours. Also, marketing strategy that works for me may not work for you.

Use any of the below methods, see which one will work best for you.

Here are few of the best ways to market your blog site.

  • Word of mouth

Let your family and friends know about your blog. Inform as many people around you on what you are looking to achieve with your new endeavour.

Although words may not spread fast about your blog, it could help bring you the initial traffic needed to kick-start it.

  • Submit to search engines

The greatest source of free organic traffic to any website comes from search engine. Make sure you submit it to them in order to get your blog indexed.

Submitting to search engines only take few minutes. In order to submit your URL to Google, login to your Google account and submit to the Google search console.

  • Use SEO strategy

Over the years, search engine optimization strategy (SEO) has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. With SEO, your marketing campaign will be directed towards your blog attaining high ranking is search engine result pages (SERPs).

The use of SEO as a promotional strategy will improve your site visibility; in addition, it will help with free organic traffic and increase conversion rate.

You too can learn to be an SEO professional.

  • Create and promote with contents

Using contents as a form of marketing strategy to promote your blog is a great idea. As a matter of fact, well written contents will bring dedicated audience to your blog.

With your contents, you will be able to market your ideas to the right prospect.

First thing to remember, you should always put your audience in mind when writing a post.

For example, your post should add value to your readers. A well written content will not only attract readers, but also be shared across all platforms. Hence, it will give you the necessary publicity.

  • Promote on social media platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms you should leverage on. In fact, most of your target audience are there waiting to read from you.

Try to build loyal followers and join groups on these platforms to maximize your blog post exposure. If you post valuable contents on these social media platforms, members will share your contents for you; without you even asking them to do so.

In addition to the social media platforms, you need to join “value added WhatsApp” groups. WhatsApp groups make it easy to promote your blog.

  • Build email list

Over the years, email marketing has been a great tool to spread words; therefore, use it to your advantage.

If you have not started building your email list, you need to start today.

Your email list should consist of people that may be interested in your post; at the same time, it may consist of prospect.

By all means, make use of email subscription link on your blog; it will help you attract the right set of audience.

First thing to remember, you must not spam your readers. Always make sure that you include the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every email you sent out.

  • Guest blog

Guest blog is the process of writing contents for other website and blogs. It is common practice among blogger to gain more exposure.

If you do not guest blog, you are missing out on an effective way to market your blog. In fact, guest blogging will increase your exposure and brand awareness.

Here are other advantages of guest blogging:

  • Get quality backlinks to your blog. Include authors’ bio for exposure.
  • Build authority in your niche. Your guest blog shows that you have in-depth knowledge of the topic.
  • Attract traffic back to your site. Readers may sometime click on backlinks for more info.
  • Advertise (paid traffic)

By advertising your blog, it gives it more exposure. Although, you paying to promote your site, doing so on an appropriate paid media can help you gain more exposure.

Not online will your traffic increase, but also give your blog some traction. Most popular paid traffic avenue include Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Step 7: Make money blogging

You have spent most time above learning how to start a blog in Nigeria; this section will focus on how to make money with your blog.

Your blog has the potential to generate regular income for you; but, it will require your creativity and dedication to achieve this. Remember, blogging is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. It takes time before the money start coming in.

Nevertheless, you can fast track the process. All you have to do is to use an appropriate marketing strategy to promote your blog.

In order to start making money with your blog, you need to have developed a large group of audience. Similarly, your blog should be raking high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

For beginners and experience bloggers, here is how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

  • Advertisement. Run and sell adverts on your blog.
  • Affiliate programs. Enrol in affiliate programs relevant to your niche.
  • Memberships. Create and charge membership section on your blog.
  • Sell products and services. You can sell your expertise to willing buyers.
  • Create and sell eBooks. Make money by creating and selling value added eBooks to your audience.
  • Sponsored post. Sell sponsored post spaces to willing buyers.

As shown above, there are numerous opportunities for bloggers in Nigeria. You just have to find a profitable niche within the industry to get going.

Frequently asked questions and answers on how to start a blog in Nigeria

Do you have a question on how to start a blog in Nigeria and make money?

This post has covered almost everything on how to start a blog in Nigeria to make money. Nevertheless, here are some frequently asked questions with answers for beginners.

How much does it cost to own a blog in Nigeria?

It will cost you a minimum of ₦5,700.00 per year to create a blog. Assuming you are designing it by yourself, here is the breakdown of your cost.

  • Domain name registration cost: ₦1,200.00 (minimum).
Domain TLDCost (₦)
  • Web hosting account: ₦4,500.00.

How do you create a free blog in Nigeria?

To create a free blog, you have few options; head over to, or and register. Both platforms have similar features.

After registration, take the following steps:

  • Login to your account and you will see “create a new blog”; here, you will enter your blog name.
  • Then, enter your blog URL. That is to say, your blog address.
    For example,
  • Follow screen instruction.
  • Click “new post” and an editable page will open up for you.
  • Then write your post and publish.


Remember, most free blog created are created in a sub domain folder of the main domain. In a word, you may not have full control of it.

Do bloggers in Nigeria make money?

Yes, bloggers in Nigeria makes money. The amount you earn will depend on the popularity of your blog, the type of adverts you have on it and your channels of monetization.

How long does it take to start making money from blogging?

In reality, it will take you between 4-6 months to start earning money on your blog. This may not be sustainable at first; but as time goes on, you will start to make substantial income on it.

How do I create a blog and make money in Nigeria?

You can create your blog with free domain hosted name, or paid domain name. Once your posts are published, use any of the monetization methods mentioned. Like Google Adwords, sell adverts and join affiliate programs.

How do bloggers in Nigeria get paid?

Bloggers get paid with various channels; such as wired transfer, Paypal and cheque. It all depends on your preferred method of payment. Most advertisers do have their preferred ways of making payment to bloggers.

If you have more question, kindly ask in the comment question below.


Starting a blog is super easy. Creating one that will be successful and make money for you is where the hard work is. With dedication, focus and the right attitude, you can create a blog that can be generating substantial income on a regular basis.

One thing that I have learnt about blogging is that the rewards outweigh the risk.

Blogs are easy to setup, organize and publish. The hard work in when you need to promote your posts. Take advantage of what you have learnt on marketing your blog; then, making money with it will be much easier.

Remember, to be successful as a blogger, you need to be passionate about your topic.

In addition, always put your audience first in all your post. That is to say, remember that your contents are created for humans.

Be yourself. Be honest and transparent on all your post. If need be, do a bit more research (for facts) on your publications before releasing for public consumption.

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