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How do you make money online in Nigeria?

This is one of the questions asked my individuals and entrepreneurs all over the world. Nevertheless, you will find all the best ways to make money online on this article. As time goes on, I will keep adding additional ways of making money online to this page so please feel free to share the post.

Remember, this article is not ONLY for Nigerians, but also for individuals looking to earn steady income through different internet businesses.

How to make money online in Nigeria with opportunities

Till today, many people still wonder how best to make money through passive income on the internet. You may also be among the people asking this question. Truly, there are opportunities to make money online wherever you are in the world. It all depend on you and the type of online business that you want to go into. Where do you live? Africa, or Europe, or America, opportunity of making money exist online and it is open to everybody. In fact, I make money online from Lagos, Nigeria where I currently reside.

Just to let you know, I will be referring to Nigeria a lot in this article because I live in the Lagos, Nigeria and I have been making money through the internet for over seven year. In fact, this is what I now do for a living and I don’t think I can ever get a job better than this. The honest truth is that this write-up work for anybody anywhere in the world.

Hey, lets get this right!

The truth of the matter in making money online is that a little effort is required from you. Do not be deceived, I have tried them, they work. They are not get rich quick scheme neither will you become a millionaire within the shortest possible time but you will surely make money.

Equally important, I will be taking you through all that is required of you on How to Earn Money Online in Nigeria.

What is required of you to make money online

Like I said above, a little effort is required from you. What am I talking about? I will explain with the bullet points below:

  1. Time: Like many businesses, you still need to devote a little time to run you online money making business. For example, you need to find time to research on those things that will be making money for you.
  2. Plan: For you to start making money on the internet, you will have to plan ahead, Just like any other business, a good detailed plan of what you want to do needs to be laid out, So, with good planning, you will find it more easier to make substantial income online.
  3. Research: While there are so many routes to achieve your goal of generating income online in Nigeria, you will still need to research on the best route for you. For example, some websites do not accept affiliates from any other part of the world except affiliates in America. You see why the initial research is important.
  4. Marketing Strategy: As a matter of fact, an internet Marketing Strategy is key to you making money online, There are different ways in which you can go about doing this, but you need to read more about Internet Marketing Strategy.

Internet Marketing Strategy, Make Money Online, How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Before I dive into the secret of making money online, let us look at the basic requirements

Basic requirements needed to make money online

In reality, many Nigerians use the internet for various things like – Job searching, Social networking, paying bills and so on. In fact, statistics on internet usage by country in 2017 placed Nigeria at the 8th largest internet usage in the world.

Similarly, the same website estimated the population of Nigeria to be over 191M. This is a significant that can do magic for your online money making business.

Now, this is where you need to look – the figures. Each day in Nigeria, over 60 million people uses google searching for one thing or the other while on the other hand, over 90 million uses the social network websites for different things.

As shown above, the usage of internet is so high, Although, this is an advantage to you as an internet entrepreneur; it is also something that should point you to the type of business that will make money online for you.

Yeah guy, enough of my story! Its time to learn the basic ways to make money online. In this article, I will teach you different ways of how to Make Money Online in Nigeria. I have personally use them and still using them till date.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019

1. Set up a website

The most lucrative way to make money online in Nigeria this year is to set up your own website. Majority of what I will be teaching today is centered around you setting up your own website. With your website, you are in control of you own money making venture.

You may not not, majority of people making money on the internet today have there own website. I am sure you have heard about how much Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija is making on their websites. Yo too can make money through your own website.

To have a successful website, it is important that you have unique products or services that you will be providing to your website users. These products and services will make you money.

There are different types of website that you can set up – blog website, eCommerce website, Classified website and so many others. To learn more on making money with blogs, you can visit my article on How to Start a blog. It is a comprehensive article that teaches you the step by step on starting a blog.

2. Join Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

To begin with, let me shed more light into what an affiliate marketing is. An affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which a company pay affiliates a commission to sell or promote their products and services. Basically, what you are doing is to direct traffic to the product owners’ website.

As an affiliate marketer, you will make good money promoting different products and services. By becoming an affiliate marketer, you are literally promoting a brand from another company through various channels.

In fact, this is the second best money making source for me since I started in my quest on how to make money online in Nigeria.

Few of the reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing as a source of making money online are:

You keep no stock of good, so your inventory is zero; Your startup cost is as good as zero; and the best part of this is that you make money anytime your customer purchases from the affiliate company.

I am sure you like the above point. If you do and you really want to make money online, without delay, you need to join a good affiliate program in Nigeria.

3. Become a Reseller

Similar to an affiliate program but different in with lots of things. As a reseller, you will be reselling other peoples’ products; you may have to carry some inventories during the process. While as an affiliate, you do not carry any form of inventory.

Who is a reseller?

A reseller is someone or an entity that purchases goods or services from a manufacturer or the service provider with the main purpose of selling them rather than using them. These items you as an entity is selling can be tangible products or intangible products.

As a reseller, your business model will give you so many opportunities, I have seen so many resellers that their main source of income is solely on reselling manufacturing products.

For example, you can be a reseller for software (strictly online products) or mobile phones (tangible items). Whatever you want to resell, there are lots of companies in Nigeria that are looking for people like you.

4. Start a Drop Shipping business

Drop Shipping is an advance way to resell products without you holding stock or having inventory. In other words, you sell products, pass the customers information to the wholesaler or manufacturer and they in turn do the shipping of the goods.

Are you looking to make money with a new concept? If yes, drop shipping business is a new online business in Nigeria that is grow and it is growing fast. Coupled with the fact that it is growing fast, there are lots of advantages in being a drop shipper.

The good thing about drop shipping is that you will have taken your profit out when the customer pays for the goods before you pass the customer information to the wholesaler, distributor or the manufacturer. Another major advantage of drop shipping is that you can start with no deposit.

Before going deep into Drop Shipping business in Nigeria, let us define drop shipping.

What is drop shipping?

Drop Shipping is an online business where a seller sell products to customers and these products are shipped to the buyer directly by the manufacturer.

Before I forget, the golden rule in drop shipping is that the manufacture will package the products, sent to the customer as if the product is being shipped by you. In other word, the packaging and shipping of the goods is done for you by the manufacture.

I tell you what, that is the beauty of drop shipping. You do not handle packaging neither do you do the shipping. All is done for you

5. Join Freelance Websites in Nigeria

New online method of making money in Nigeria but yes, many are taking advantage of it. Have you ever heard about first mover advantage? If you have, this is the role in which freelance jobs opportunities in Nigeria is playing presently.

For you to make money as a freelancer, you will need to have specific skills that you will be selling through any of the freelance websites in Nigeria.

Furthermore, as a freelancer you have control over your time and the type of clients you want to accept jobs from. In addition to that, you can set your own price; you decide what price that you will be charging for any particular job.

You know what, I love to work as a freelance!

It brings out the best in me; apart from that, I decide what I am charging for any particular job for my skill.

I will recommend you try freelancing with any of the Nigeria Freelance Website. To learn more on how freelance work can help you make more, you can visit Freelance Websites in Nigeria homepage.

6. Use Google Adsense

I called the Google Adsense program the low hanging fruit of all the system of how to make money online. Why do I call it the “low hanging fruit”? You see, Google has made it so easy for everybody to earn income online through this program. All you have to do is to sign up for it, promote your website (if you have one) and leave the rest to Google.

One thing about thing that may be a set back to Nigerian looking to sign up for the google adsense program is that you will need to have a domiciliary account.

Why do you need a domiciliary account? Well….. for the single reason that Google will pay your Google adsense commission in dollars. So, for you to receive your commission, simply walk into any of the Nigeria bank and open a domiciliary account. Most banks will open the account for you in minutes.

To learn more on how the google program work, please visit the google adsense homepage.

Now that you have learn the basics of how to make money online, what are you waiting for? Start something, get something going and see how the magic of google adsense.

Thank you for reading our article on how to make money online in Nigeria, we believe that you have learn one thing or two. I will appreciate it if you can share it, you may be impacting knowledge into others too.

7. Online Market Trading

Online market trading is also known as e-trade; that is to say, investing in online stock trading and online e-currency trading.

Additionally, online trading can be referred to as a way of buying and selling of assets through license brokers. These license brokers have online proprietary trading platforms that makes it simple to carry out online trading activities.

In order to be a successful online market trader, you need to educate yourself on internet trading. As a matter of fact, this is the most crucial step to take when looking to make money online through online stock market trading.

8. Apps & Website Review for Cash

From time to time, App developers look to individuals to test their applications. While they do that, they tend to pay good money to individual app testers.

Similarly, website developers pay quite a lot to individuals willing to help test and review their works for them.

For you to earn income online via review of apps and website, you will need to join organizations in this sector. Companies such as and are two know entities in the sector that pays up to $50.00 for each website or app reviewed.

Review Websites to Make Money, Review Apps to Make Money, Make Money Online Nigeria

How do you make money as an app tester?

Simply create your profile with any of the app and website testing site; that is to say, sign up online with testing sites and you ready to go. Next, these companies will invite you to new testing projects as it comes up through email after your registration.

9. Become an Online Tutor

Traditionally, teaching or tutoring has always been profitable. Not only for impacting knowledge into others, but also for the financial rewards associated with it.

Online tutoring has been classified as one of the best home based business ideas on the internet. In fact, you can earn six figure salary each year from it if you know what you are doing.

You may decide to scout around to get tutoring jobs by yourself; or be a tutor to companies that provide such services. As a matter of fact, sites like and pay an average of $20.00 per hour for your tutoring job services.

10. Write and Sell Ebook

Starting out as an ebook publisher may sometimes be difficult but, there are ways you can go about to make it a venture that will continuously generate substantial income for you.

One way I always recommend is to use third party platform such as the Amazon platform; In fact, the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guide teaches you all you need to know.

Below is a bonus for you.

11. Crytocurrency

You must have heard of bitcoin, litecoin and other Cryptocurrency trading. If not, you need to get involved.

With cryptocurrency trading, you have a better chance on increasing your revenue streams.

First, you buy the coin from a reputable bitcoin and litecoin trading platform; then, you will be allocated with your trading wallet.

With your wallet opened, you are about to start trading. One good thing about these reputable platforms is that, you will be taught hoe to trade on cryptocurrency.

I tried it and was able to increase my investment within a short period of time. You too can do this.


As shown above, there are various ways to make money online; it all depend on the approach you want to take. Also, you may want to combine one or more of the said income generating online business to increase your chance of success.

First thing to remember is the fact that internet has changed so many things in our world. The way things are done has changed too. While these changes are happening, you are to concern yourself on ways to take advantage of the online business opportunities available to you.

Note that there is no right or wrong way of starting any of the above, I strongly recommend that you develop and get accustomed to each of the 10 list of the how to make money online series.


Koye Beckley is an Entrepreneur, SEO specialist and a Trainer. He is the founder of and has published numerous business related articles that has high ranking position on search engine result pages (SERP). He is passionate about helping business owner grow their online business through search engine optimization (SEO); at the same time, he lives to travel the world.
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