How to make money online in Nigeria in 2020 quickly - 21+ best tips

Are you looking for extra income? Or you want to be financially free? On this page, you will find the best tips on how to make money online in Nigeria in 2020; and generate extra cash in your spare time.

Truly, there are over one thousand ways on making money online in the country. This article have listed just over twenty of them; and also emphasized on other home base business from the comfort of your house.

Additionally, I will give you hints on who each of the online money making opportunity is suitable for. Especially for idividuals looking to know about how to make money from home in nigeria.

Top 21 ways to make money online in Nigeria

Here are the top 21+ tips on how to make money online in Nigeria in 2020:

1. Article Writing

Make Money Online in Nigeria, How to Make Money Writing Articles, Article Writing for Money

Writing articles can generate steady cash inflow for you; as a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest cash making business you can start today.

With all certainty, you can earn steadily through writing different articles.

In this article, you will learn the secret of making extra income by writing articles or through blogging.

How to Make Money writing Articles from home

From time to time, I receive lots of inquiries regarding this particular subject. In fact, the number of people looking to improve their financial situation through article writing is growing on a daily basis.

If we are to look at the average searches on google on the keyword relating to “writing articles, you will find out that between 10k – 100k searches are made each months. These searches are actual searches made in Nigeria. See image below.

Why are people searching for this keyword phrases? It is simple. Many people are now waking up to the fact that internet business is real.

Here are two good websites where you can earn over N50,000.00 for each article accepted.

All in all, my honest opinion is for you to start writing articles.

How much can I make in Naira writing articles?

Honestly speaking, this question has no straight forward answer. Your earning depends on various factors such as:

  • Your clientele;
  • Type of article;
  • Industry you are writing within; and most importantly,
  • The quality of your post.

Expressly, you can earn between ₦5,000.00 to ₦25,000.00 per article.

It all depend on the quality of work you put in and the length of the article; additionally, the more research work needed to complete the article, the more your pay is.

Inasmuch as you you are ready to work, sites for freelancing jobs provides many article writing opportunities for writers. You may want to register with the website

Suitability: Article writing is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for individuals that are creative; also, for those that with writing and marketing skills.

2. Start a Blog

How to Make Money with Google Adsense, Blogging to earn income, Start a blog

Over the years, many people have made money online through blogging; and they still do. In fact, blogging is the fastest way to enrich your pocket.

Do you care to know more on blogging? If so, take a look at – blogging opportunities in Nigeria. That is a good place to start.

Not only will you learn the basic principles of blogging on it, but also learn the nitty-gritty aspect of generating steady cash inflow from your own blog.

In fact many Nigerians have started their own personal blog(s) by following the step-by-step guide in that article.

I am sure the next question on your mind is ………

How to Make Money Online as a Blogger

There are couple of ways bloggers used to generate substantial revenue for themselves; it depends on the one (or few) that is best for you.

Nevertheless, here are few money making tips for bloggers.

  • Participate in Google Adsense program;
  • Sell Ads spaces on your blog;
  • Create and sell membership subscriptions; and
  • Sell E-books.

These are just some of the many ways of creating earnings for yourself as a blogger.

Wait a minute…….

There is something I like as a blogger; that is, I have control of my time.

Not only do I have my full time to myself, but I also have control of the content on my blog site.

To begin with, take a look at the rest of this post.

Suitability: Blogging is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for individuals that are good with keeping journals; also for those that love to write.

In addition, it is also good for individual that look to share their knowledge.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Start Affiliate Marketing, Join Affiliate Programs, Join affiliates to make money online in Nigeria

From time to time, I receive emails from individuals asking me questions on ways to generate income as an affiliate marketer.

My reply to that is, there are various ways to earn money online through different affiliate marketing programs.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a sure way to start. All you have to do is join couple of affiliate program; and start promoting them through various social media platforms.

Nevertheless, you have to promote those products in a systematic way.

That can be your starting point. You just have to sign up with some of the good affiliate programs.

For example, I have listed below some of the available affiliate marketing program that pay good money in Nigeria and Internationally.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Programs to consider

  • Skoybus Affiliate Program – You can sign up for this on Nigeria Affiliate Program. This program is in the Financial sector in Nigeria.
  • Jumia Affiliate Program – If you want to sell products, Jumia Affiliate program is good for you. The program is in the Online Shopping sector. Visit for more details.
  • Konga Affiliate Program – Similarly, the affiliate program is in the online shopping sector that have various products to sell. Sign up for the konga affiliate program on website.

To sum up the few affiliate program in Nigeria, I will also like to include Yudala Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Yudala Affiliate Program – In like manner, the Yudala affiliate program is in the online shopping sector. But in addition, they also operate their business in the traditional way. That is to say, they operate physical retail stores around the country.

International Affiliate Marketing Programs you may consider

  • Tradedoubler – Indeed, this is a good affiliate program for you if you are looking to sell both products and services. The is in both retail and service sector.
  • Amazon – In general, amazon claim to be the best affiliate marketing program, yes they are living up to expectation. I generate revenue on their affiliate program months in months out. It is also good for me to point out that is in the online shopping space.

On the whole, I see affiliate marketing as one of the best jobs in Nigeria you can ever have. Why is this? Because of the fact that an affiliate marketer can sell anything without having a stock of the product, neither does he or she has to pay upfront for the item being sold.

Nevertheless, to be an affiliate marketer, you need to register with an affiliate program.

Suitability: Affiliate marketing is an online money making opportunity that is suitable for individuals that can market online. If you are good with search engine optimization, you may go for this too.

4. Become a freelancer

How to make money as a freelancer, How to make money online in Nigeria as a freelancer, Become a freelancer

The dream of many of us is to become a self-employed person but a lot do not do anything about it. Neither do they take the necessary steps needed to becoming self-employed. This good news is this, you can become self employ by freelancing.

Many individuals are now freelancers working on different projects to make money. Although, as a freelancer, you need to be skilled in your particular field. If not, you may find it difficult to be successful as a freelancer. But nevertheless, the freelance industry is so big for you not to find a job there.

As long as you are a dedicated freelancer, you will always get jobs to do. One good thing about freelancing is that there are always job availability. At the present time, there are large demand for freelancers in Nigeria and many businesses are listing various projects on freelance website.

However, you can always get more information online from various freelance websites in Nigeria.

Suitability: Freelancing is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for individuals that are skilled in what they do.

In addition, those that love to work independently may go for this.

5. Start to tutor, sell courses or teach online

Until now, tutoring is not what I have ever considered as a way to improve may financial situation; but, I have find out way to enrich my bank account as a tutor.

In fact, this Amazon downloadable book give an insight on How to Work from Home Generating Passive Income Selling Online Courses.

Point often overlooked, as a tutor, you have a good stream of revenue that will earn you money over and over again.

Different from the traditional ways of tutoring, the internet has open a wider range of money making platform for people looking to tutor online. You do not need to have an office, neither do you need millions of Naira to start in. All that is required of you is your full time and dedication.

Do you have passion, skill or you are an expertise on something that you are really good at? Then, this bit of information is for you. Without delay, you need to start making money online with your skills.

This is pretty really simple, in brief, I will explain this to you. Generally speaking, there are two good ways to do this.

These ways are explain below:

  • Set up a website

In order for you to make maximum profit from either tutoring, or selling courses or even teaching online, you will need to do them on your own website. By all means, try to make all the selling of courses and teaching activities happen your your own website. There are advantages to this!

One of the advantage is that it increases your business brand and at the same time, your website traffic grow. In addition, use can use the services of SEO companies in Nigeria.

  • Leverage on other websites

In order to sell more of either your courses or teach online (especially if your website is new), I will advise you to leverage on existing popular websites. Not only will these sites help you build a solid foundation but also help you sell more products.

The main advantage you get here is that you are ridding on a ready made process to give you good visibility online.

Equally important to mention that you will be charge some form of commission for each product sold through their platform. All in all, you may still be better off leveraging on existing websites.

Suitability: Teaching on the internet is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for individuals with in-depth knowledge on a topic.

6. Online Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Strategies, Internet Marketing, Types of Internet Marketing Strategies

Whether you are good search engine optimization, social media or email marketing, there is a vast opportunity to make money online for you.

Digital marketing makes you money; in fact, it is an important subject that needs a page of its own when talking about the latest online money making opportunities in Nigeria. Nevertheless, I will give you some information on the subject matter here.

Regardless of how big or small a company is, they need marketers. Therefore, setting up a good online marketing business is not a bad idea; or what do you think? Doing this, you are solving some other business’ problem and at the same time, you are increasing your own bank account balance.

It is important to realize that ONLY individuals with good online marketing experience do well when it comes to operating an online marketing platform. Although, you may have to go for few training from a reputable marketing company in order to start such business.

To clarify, you set-up a marking business with the following objectives:

  • To provide online marketing solutions to business owners.
  • Focus on a niche that is in high demand; this follows the principle of demand and supply.

As a matter of fact, getting to market businesses looking for online marketing solutions will increase your earning power.

Suitability: Internet marketing is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for those that are good with any of the online marketing strategies.

7. Create a profitable forum group

You can make money from home in Nigeria by creating your own forum. This will require your dedication and commitment.

Most compelling evidence to shows that you can make money online in Nigeria by running a forum site like, a forum website started by Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa in March 2005 set the pace.

We can all see how nairaland as grown from strength to strength. In fact, money made online by owner is more than what most businesses in Nigeria are making.

At a point this year, was the most popular website owned by a Nigerian; Not only was forum very popular, but also the most viewed and participated Nigerian forum site.

Where am I going with this story of All am trying to say is that with a popular forum site of your own, you can earn money with it.

Additionally, you can increase your cash inflow by introducing monthly payment membership subscription on the forum.

For example, you can let your forum subscribers pay to participate in a particular section of your forum.

Suitability: Forum creation is an online money making opportunity that is appropriate for individuals that are committed and creative.

8. Start an online store to make a fortune

Create Online Store, Start an Online Store, Sell goods online

This is a very good online money making model. Yes it is. Regardless of what you sell online, if you know how to promote your online store, you will make money with your online store.

In the first place, to run a successful and profitable online store, you need to have a good business model. Online shopping models are different but for the purpose of this article, I will go through the different models available.

In brief, I will teach you how to earn from the different online shopping model below.

Suitability: Online store business is an online money making opportunity that is suitable for individuals interested in ecommerce.

Online Store Model 1: Sell your own goods

In a word, this is an online store created by owner to sell goods that they have control over. In this case, the owner of the website buy goods from seller and resell on their website.

For example, as a website owner, I may buy items from wholesaler and resell the items on my website. How to make profit on this type of model is that my profit comes from the sales margin.

Online Store Model 2: User generated content Store

Online stores that do not have their own stocks operate this model. With it, you do not need to keep stock of goods; just leverage on other stocks available from other sellers.

In fact, I love this model. You may not know but generally speaking, this is the exact model used by most popular online shopping stores all over the world. Websites such as, and many more.

With this model, you set-up an online store and give business owners access to advertise their products on your website. While you have created the platform for people to sell through your site, it is your responsibility to promote your site.

Ways to turn this into a money spinning platform are:

  • You either charge members a flat fee when they register on your site; or
  • Charge them commission for every sale.

In some cases, you can charge for both. That is you charge for membership and at the same time, charge sellers for every sale.

Another key point with the model is, you as the site owner is responsible for helping to take payment for every sales.

As you can see, this model is a good way of making money.

Online Store Model 3: Sell other peoples' good

Similar to the model mentioned above but with the difference of how payment is taking. With this model, buyers may decide to make payment through different channels. So, website owner is not in control of how payment is accepted.

For example, websites like ebay and other online auction websites are using this model.

9. Short link Creation

This is sometime called URL Shortening.

Without any doubt, this is the easiest of all in the list. What do you have to do? Just shorten your link and earn money.

With URL or link shortening online business model, an opportunity exist online for you. In fact, I personally have made thousands of naira from the model.

How do you earn money money online through link shortening? All you need is to join any of your desired link shortening sites and follow all the necessary information there.

Personally, I have used the above mentioned website to make passive income online; and I am still doing.

10. Create and Sell Ebooks

Electronic books shortened as ebooks can create a regular streams of income for you if you venture into it. If you are really keen to improve your financial situation, I will recommend you start creating ebooks.

On the positive side, ebooks are easy to create and sell online. One of the greatest advantage of creating ebook to sell is that you do have overhead cost. You also do not have to look for a printing publisher to sell it for you.

How do you earn money selling ebook?

There are two ways to do this and these ways are simple – (i) create ebooks and sell on your own website; (ii) Create ebooks and sell on other peoples’ website; (iii) Create ebooks and call on affiliates to sell for you; and (iv) Sell ebooks for others.

One good thing about the ebook model is that you can combine all the variuos ways mentioned above.

More ways on how to make money online legally in Nigeria

As a Nigerian, I have tried some of the listed income generating opportinities listed in this article. They worked for me, I am sure they will work for you too.

Therefore, these are more ways to make money online legally in Nigeria.

11. Become a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Make Money Online Legally in Nigeria, Search Engine Optimization Business, Become a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO specialist, sometimes called consultants help website owners and other online businesses to gain online visibility.

As a matter of fact, this is my favourite from the list in this article. Therefore, becoming SEO consultant is good for you too.

Not only do you have ready to go opportunities, but also become a sort after individual by your clients.

Comprehensively, you must be able to analyse converting keywords for your clients; and at the same time, give them online competitive advantage over their competitors.

By and large, the key on how to make money online in Nigeria as an SEO specialist is your ability to improve your client online visibility and convert leads to sales. If you can achieve that, you will continuously be generating good income for yourself.

12 How to Make Money with Online Consultancy Business

Generate income with your knowledge by starting a consulting business.

From time to time, consultants are highly sought after individuals that provide solutions to different problems.

Do you have an expertise in any of the online consultancy business listed? If so, you may consider starting your own consultancy business.

How much can you earn as an online consultant?

The answer to the above question solely depend on your experience and field of expertise. Nevertheless, Payscale (research and compare average salaries) listed the salary for Business Consultant at $71,421.00 per year.

If you convert the above figure into Naira, the money paid to you will be over ₦26.435 million.

13. Sell your Videos Contents Online

Youtube is the most popular video content provider readily available for you to make money with. Additionally, there are other website out there too. You can leverage on these sites to monetize your video contents.

Uscreen together with Vimeo are the two largest video content selling websites. Although, there are few other similar websites, I prefer these two,

If you are looking for the latest online money making opportunities in Nigeria video content selling, is an ideal place for you to start.

Unscreen has a sophisticated website to upload anything and at the same time, set your own price. Additionally, your video content can be sold as subscriptions, one-time payment, rentals, or simply made it available for free.

14. Create a Functional Membership Site

First thing to remember about membership website is that it is an ideal online business that generate both passive and recurring income.

Unlike other forms of internet business, you can create a membership website to start earning money immediately.

You increase your bank account balance by charging your members a fee on your platform. This can be for various activities performed on your site. Such activity includes, listing of items on your site; that is to say, members list their items on your website to sell.

For example, Ebay – the largest online auction site is a membership website where its members list items to sell. By providing this auction website, Ebay charge for listing of these items.

15. Sell Websites on Auction Sites

Do you know how to design a website? or better still, can you design a unique niche blog? If you can, there are lots of profitable opportunities when you sell websites on auction sites.

Even if you cannot create these websites by yourself, just employ the services of a good website developer to do it for you. Try negotiating on the design price in other for you to be able to breakeven on time.

After you have created the website, head over to auction sites such as Flippa to list the website for sale. Flippa have built a reputation for itself as the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Additionally, Flippa allow for domain name trading too; that is to sell, you can sell domain names on their platform too.

16. How to Make Money with Trade Stocks Online

Can you earn a living trading stock online? This is one of the many questions people ask me on a regular basis.

This is not a surprise to me because we all wake up each day thinking on how we can get out of the rat race. With the word “rat race”, I mean 9am – 5pm employment job. In other words, we need a stable cash inflow different from our monthly salary.

Although, each year, many people tried to trade stock online and fail; but the good news is, the average success rate in higher than the failure rate.

Therefore, my answer to the above question is YES you can earn a living through online stock trading. Like any other online business, you need to reach an exceptional level. As long as you master the act of online trading, you will be a success.

17. Start a Youtube Channel

Earn on Youtube, Start Youtube Channel, Create Streams of Income

Do you know Youtube is a social engagement tool that can be set on auto pilot to earn money for you?

If you do not know, I am telling now.

Many people believe Youtube is only a video platform, yes it is; but I tell, Youtube is more powerful than just being a video platform. As a matter of fact, it is a platform people like you used to generate steady streams of income each month.

First thing to remember, to make money using the Youtube model, you need to build your audience. This audience will need to have a passion for Youtube.

How do you make money with Youtube?

You can increase your bank account balance through the Youtube adsense. Although, it comes in trickles but the more audience you have, the better for you. The secrete to this program is for you to concentrating on high paying niche; by so doing and more user clicks on those adverts, the higher your revenue share will be.

To earn good pay from Youtube, you have to built your audience and engage them. So, take the bold step, head over to create account on YouTube and create your channel.

18. Social Media Marketing Consultant

You can achieve a lot for your clients working as a social media consultant; while driving leads and sales for your clients, you will be enriching your own pocket at the same time.In other words, the more sales made, the more you get paid.

As you know, social media is gaining popularity among business owners who want to establish social media presence in order to promote their business. For this reason, many social media consultants have emerged to help businesses in improving their online presence.

As the company’s social media consultant, you will manage all aspect of the brand social media marketing campaigns and activities.

These may include:

  • Developing relevant and attractive content titles to reach the company’s targeted audience.
  • Create, curate, and manage published content; that is to say, videos, images and written contents.

How do I Start Social Media Marketing?

Monitor, listen and respond to social media followers; and at the same time, use your experience to drive leads and sales.

How can you become a successful Social Media Consultant?

To earn good return for your services, you must be able to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Drive sales;
  • Analyze social media data;
  • Offer an unbiased opinion on clients’ social media activities;
  • Develop social media strategy and policy for your client; and
  • Integrate contents into social media account attractively.

19. Sell Photos Online

Are you a photographer?

Even if you are not, you can easily earn some extra cash by selling your photos online. Presently, snapping of picture is one of latest ways of making money online.

In the first place, you do not need to be a professional photographer before selling photos online; nor do you need any special training. All you need to do is to be able to provide high quality images.

Regardless of the type of images you want to sell online, the opportunities are plentiful; in fact, photo buyers are plenty. You can sell to big organizations, small-medium and online content providers.

As long as you can provide high-quality photos, you can make a decent amount of money from it.

Here are 10 top places to sell Photos online.

  • Your Own Website.
  • Adobe Stock.
  • Alamy.
  • Bigstock.
  • Crestock.
  • Dreamstime.
  • Etsy.
  • Fotolia.
  • PhotoShelter.
  • Shutterstock.

In order to create a steady cash inflow from selling photos online, you to focus on a niche market; and at the same time, build your own audience.

20. Start Copywriting

Copywriting, Start Copywriting, Copywriter Jobs

The first time I heard about copywriting jobs, I actually thought it was a copy and paste kind of job. Lo and behold, I was wrong.

Then, what is copywriting? and how can I make money starting it as a business?

Starting with the definition below.

Copywriting is a the act of writing valuable content to be used as a marketing material. In other words, the word “copy” means depict of your products or services; while the word “writing” mean content.

Therefore putting these two words together, it means, you depict your products or services with contents to sell more.

In order to become a good copywriter, there are a couple of different routes you can follow.

So which type of copywriter do you want to become? The choice is your from the three below:

  • Agency Copywriter.
  • Corporate Copywriter.
  • Freelance Copywriter.

Each of them does different types of work and earn different salaries.

How much can I earn as a copywriter?

Depending on your experience and most importantly, your choice from the type of copywriting, you can earn over $71,000.00 (equivalent in Naira) annually.

Update on How to make money online in Nigeria in 2020

As can be seen, there are many ways you can generate income on the internet. Just try to start something. Student or full time employee can also take advantage of the internet to make money.

You may also try any of the following below to generate additional income online:

21. Online Surveys.

22. Develop Software and Apps

23. Create a Niche Website.

24. Start Bookreview.

25. Graphics Design.

26. Build and Sell Software.


I will like to emphasize that it is not too late for you to start generating income from the Latest ways of making money online in Nigeria listed above.

As shown above, there are different ways of making money online, it all depend on the route you want to take. One thing that is important is that you need to start from somewhere.

In conclusion, if you will like me to help you on your journey on how to make money from home, you can drop me a note on the comment box below and I will surely get in touch. Thank you.

Nevertheless, you can start to make money online from the comfort of our home; through various Untapped Businesses in Nigeria.

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