How best to use Social Media Marketing for business

Social Media Marketing for your Business

Will you like to increase your business visibility through Social Media Marketing? Surely, I presume your answer is yes.

Will you like to gain an inside knowledge on how the expert use social media marketing to boost their business sales and revenue? I should believe you answer is yes here too.

If you answer yes to both question above, then in that case, let’s get rolling.

As a matter of fact, the likes of Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and few others have made made marketing more interesting than before.

Ahh, what a fantastic topic we will be dealing with!

In this article, I will be touching base with the following:

  1. Social media in general
  2. Impact of Social Media on marketing
  3. How to use social media for marketing

Without delay, let us get going.

To begin with, let us look at the meaning of Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a networking platform, either websites or applications that enable users to create and share information, contents, likes, ideas, images, videos and many more.

In addition, the platform act as a place to build a strong network of clients, audiences and name it.

In the light of what social media stands for, I will list the following as features associated with the platform:

  1. Development of an easy process for online social networking – As a matter of fact, Social media websites made it easy for anyone or any organization to participate in social networking.
  2. Information carrier platform – In fact, most ‘live’ news are being published and/or broadcast on social media that any other websites. For example, Facebook live broadcast.
  3. Creating of User-Generated Content (UGC) – In other word, engaging your audience to promote and market your products. For example, the “share a coke” campaign by Coca-Cola.
  4. A business directory platform – Equally available on the Social media platform is a ready made business directory. Although, most of the websites will not name it “director”, they give it a different name – such as, business page where you can list your business, location, services and others.
  5. Above all, a marketing platform – In like manner, these social networking websites allow you to create a group. It is now your role to utilize the power placed on your hand to take advantage of the available audience presented to you on a platter of gold.

On the positive side of things, all the above features are to the advantage of a good marketer. But, on the condition that the marketer can make good use of it.

Moving on to our subject of the day…..But, wait a minute! let us define “Social Media Marketing”.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process of using social media platforms for the purpose of promoting, or increasing awareness, or generating attention for your business, products or services.

Remember, we defined the term social media above; I forgot to add that each of of these platforms provide you with different social actions.

For example, LinkedIn is a professional social network platform popularly us by the professional. With LinkedIn, you can connect with professionally like career minded people.


What of Facebook and Twitter?

As we all know, they are both social media service providers. But where do you group them? Or where will you categorize them?

Twitter provide platform for people to broadcast short form of messages to the world (cited from Lifewire) while I don’t know how to describe what Facebook is.

Nevertheless, I will describe Facebook as a marketplace social media platform. Just for the purpose of this section of the article, let us just describe Facebook as above.

All said and done with intros, lets move on to the main issue – How best to use Social Media Marketing for your business.

In the following section of this article, I will be taking you through how to use Social Media Marketing Strategy to your advantage.

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What is the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy?


Let us talk about the best social media platform first.

Can we really point to a particular social network platform as the best? No. After all, each one of them has different roles that they play in our lives or businesses. In fact, they all serve different purposes.

For example, I use my Google+ account to reach out to my circle of friends in a particular region while I use Instagram to displace my clients’ work. Therefore, you can use them all together fore different purposes.

So, in answering the question on ‘best social media marketing strategy’, I will say that – It all depend on how you use the following steps.

Have a Plan to drive your marketing campaign

In order for you to have a plan that spell out how you intend to achieve your aim and objectives. First thing to remember is, without a social media strategy plan, you are like somebody walking without a direction. With a good plan, you will be able to ‘map out’ things that needed to be achieved and how best to achieve them.

Not only will your initial social media marketing plan give you a directions, but also inspire you.

Nevertheless, a well prepared Social Marketing Plan will have the following elements taken care of:

  • Goals and Objectives:

You must set a goal for yours social media strategy and at the same time, your objectives should be clear to you and your team (if any). At the same time, your strategy must serve the goals which you have set.

In general, social media can help you to meet your marketing goals by:

1. Increase your website popularity:

If you ask online marketers what they like about social media, 70% of them will respond by saying that it help to increase their website popularity. In fact, social media are known as the “low hanging fruits” in the social media marketing world.

Why do they call it the low hanging fruit? Simply because it has ready made audience waiting for you. All you have to do is just to identify your audience. Simple!

2. Creating brand awareness:

What are you sell? Products or services? Social Media Marketing allow you to create a lasting brand awareness with your audience. At the same time, it help you in terms of how the market sees your product and services.

As a good marketer, looking to leverage on the power of social media to create and build brand awareness, you will have to do an aggressive online marketing using all the available social media platform.

3. Increase customer conversion and sales:

It help to create opportunities that result in higher sale, which in turn results in more profit. With a good Online Marketing Strategy and value rich content, you will be rest assured to have a better sale through any of the social media platform.

In fact, all the good one will provide you with an analytical too for you to measure you conversion rate.

  • Identify your audience:

You know your business type, therefore, it should be a pointer to the kind of audience that you seek. Using some of the available online resources such as the Alexa marketing tool, you will be able to identify some of your audience.

In addition to the Alexa marketing tool, each social media platform has tools withing the website that will assist you to identify your audience.

  • Analyze your competitors

One of the great advantage of Social Media is that it allow you to track and analyze your competitors. In fact, a good marketer know the importance of keeping an eyes on your competitor.

Remember that, your business and other businesses are competing in the same space. With you tracking how your competitors are doing on the social media networking platforms, you are in a better position to measure how well you are doing.

So, with a good analytical tool like buzzsomo and the likes, you will be able to analyze you competitors. One other advantage you get when you analyze you competitor through this technique is that you can see how your competitors are doing.

My recommendation – If your competitor is doing well with a particular technique on any of the social media platform, I will advice you consider using similar technique. By then, you are certain that what is working for your competitor will work for you..

Step 5: Experiment on different channels

Step 6: Calve out a Niche

Step 7: Involve your co-workers, friends and family

Step 8: Be consistent

As shown above,

Watch out for more details on Social Media Marketing……..

Thank you from all of us at Yokebay. Please feel free to share this article, you never know if it will be helping someones’ business.

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