Groundnut Farming in Nigeria: How to Start with Business opportunities

Groundnut, a cash crop that has been the darling of many farmers involved in the groundnut farming in Nigeria. Why is it a profitable business for Nigeria farmers? Not only because the demand for this agricultural product in Nigeria is high, but also because it can be harvested twice a year; in addition, the product supply is low.

Generally speaking, groundnut is an important member of the edible nut family with lots of health benefits. As a matter of facts, nuts are very good for you.

I am sure you did not land on this page by chance; you are here because of the fact that you are looking for information about groundnut.


If groundnuts are good as an edible product, then how can you profit from having a groundnut farm in Nigeria. In this article, I will be taking you through the basis of groundnut farming in Nigeria as a profitable business.

In general, this article will focus on Groundnut Farming Business in Nigeria with emphasis on the following:

  1. How profitable is groundnut farming in Nigeria as a business;
  2. Business opportunities in groundnut farming
  3. How to start groundnut farming business in Nigeria;
  4. Yield of groundnut per acre and hectare; and
  5. Groundnut production in Nigeria.

How profitable is groundnut farming in Nigeria as a business?

By and large, groundnut farming is one of the great investment opportunities in Nigeria open to individuals; and at the same time, it is a profitable agricultural business. Not only as a food crop on its own, but also has produce (or by products) that have many uses. Some of the by products are – Groundnut Oil, Groundnut Cake and many more.

In addition to the above, groundnut also improve soil fertility which help in the productivity of other crops. How?

It does this through Nitrogen fixation.

Your profitability in groundnut farming can come in any of the following:

  • Local consumption – Grown for the consumption of Nigerians;
  • Groundnut in large scale for exportation – Grown mainly for exportation;
  • Growing the product for it to be used for oil and other by products – Grown to be process into other uses.

Business Opportunities in Groundnut Farming

As can be seen, groundnut cultivation is profitable to a farmer. If this is so, let me expatiate on the business opportunities in it.

1. Local Consumption of Groundnut in Nigeria

Growing or cultivating groundnuts local consumption in Nigeria present itself as a business opportunities to many groundnut farmers.

As a groundnut farmer, you have the first choice of selling your groundnuts and its products to Nigerians for local consumption.

Locally, groundnut business is good if you are looking to sell for its nut (many Nigerians like eating it), oil (Nigerians like oil in their food) and for its vegetative residual (mainly the haulms). As a matter of fact, groundnut meal is a good local dietary supplement for protein in children; also, as a medicine used to treat protein malnutrition in children.

First thing to remember, Nigerians like cooking oil; therefore, this is an opportunity to invest in the groundnut farming business.

Second important reason you may want to get involved in it may be for the fact that it provides a source of protein that is lacked in many Nigeria food. Therefore producing it for local consumption is an opportunity you can capitalize on.

2. Growing Groundnuts for exportation

Large scale production of this cash crop as shown to be profitable.

Looking at it from the global statistics available to me at the time of writing this article, groundnut is:-

  • Nigeria is the largest producer of groundnut in Africa;
  • The 13th most important food crop available to mankind;
  • It is the forth most important and useful source of edible oil; and many more

As shown above, there are opportunities in this cash crop farming. In the list of most profitable export products in Nigeria, groundnut is one of the top product mentioned in it.

Where are groundnuts grown in Nigeria?

They are mostly grown in the norther part of Nigeria because of the dryness of the land in these states. These are – Kano, Kaduna, Kwara, Sokoto, Bauchi, Taraba, Adamawa and Zamfara.

Therefore, if you live in any of these Nigeria states and looking for a business to start or business opportunities in agriculture sector, this is a good one to look into.

3. Cultivation of Groundnut for other uses

Cultivating the nut for other uses is another type of business opportunity that is in groundnut farming. Despite the fact that many farmers grow the crop to sell, few others grow them to be used for other by products.

By doing so, these farmers are giving themselves a greater chance of generating more revenue. That is to say, they get revenue for converting their cash crop product into by products; in other words, they added value.

How to start Groundnut Farming in Nigeria

Groundnut Farming, Groundnut Farming in Nigeria, How to Start Groundnut Farming in Nigeria

The following steps will guide you through starting a groundnut farming in Nigeria:

1. Site and Soil Selection

The type of soil to grow them is very important, therefore, for best result, you need to grow your groundnut is a well-drained soils with a sandy or very loose surface layer.

Another key point to remember is the soil texture. it must be well drained, light textured and highly rich in calcium with moderate amount of organic matter mixed with it.

Despite the fact that the soil texture is an important factor that cannot be overlooked in groundnut cultivation, the soil pH (potential of Hydrogen) level is also important; it must be an acidic soil with pH of between 6.5 – 7.0.

2. Groundnut Seeds to choose from

There are three types of groundnut seeds you can plant, these are – bunch (Spanish), semi-spreading (Virginia bunch) and spreading (Virginia runner)

As shown above, you can from any of the above groundnut seeds to start your groundnut farming business.

3. Ground Preparation and Planting the Seeds

4. Crop Rotation is possible

5. Harvesting your groundnuts

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