Graduate trainee jobs in Nigeria - Available positions

Graduate trainee jobs in Nigeria - Available positions

For graduates looking for graduate trainee jobs, we have compiled list of companies in Nigeria that offers such opportunity below.

By saying graduates, we are referring to those individuals that have graduated from any of the following institution –

As mentioned above, both national and international organization in Nigeria are currently recruiting. It may be worth checking the companies out.

Our list consist of both local and international companies that operates in Nigeria. We also included their contact details such as phone numbers and addresses (where applicable for both) of such company for your reference.

International companies offering Graduate Trainee jobs

1. Chevron – an international oil and gas company operating in Nigeria. You can apply for a graduate trainee jobs at Chevron Graduate Trainee Jobs.

2. Shell – Shell as variety of positions available for individuals. Whatever job interest you, you can pick from the Shell experience professional jobs, Graduate Program, Student Industrial training and Internship program. The scope of this article is on trainee jobs in Nigeria, for more job offers with shell, you can visit our jobs in Nigeria section.

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Local companies offering Graduate Trainee jobs

1.Taviatech – a local company in Nigeria that offers graduate training jobs and jobs for experienced individuals. They have job opening in the following areas:

  • Oracle Web Center Support Analyst
  • UNIX Applications Support Analyst
  • Quality Assurance & Test Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Support Analyst- SharePoint
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • PHP Software Developer
  • PHP Support Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • VAS Sales Officer

2. British American Tobacco Nigeria – The company offer Global Graduate Training Programmes (for graduate trainee) designed to develop graduate potentials.

3. Bitcom ICT Solutions Limited – An ICT company. They have job vacancies for both graduate and individuals that have suitable experience.

Currently, the following positions are available:

  • Development + Support (web , apps, opensource, enterprise)
  • Web Services (web 3.0, social media, mobile & emerging media)
  • ICT Service Management (Project management , ICT4SME , Head-Hunters , Outsourcing , Logistics , etc)
  • ICT Products + Services (social lender, my circle, community savers, etc)
  • Projects + Events (Trainings , CodeSprints, Seminars & Conferences ,etc)
  • Community + Investments ( ideas, people , products, business development,etc)
  • Best Use of Technology ( Research , Strategy & Future Development)




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