Freelance Jobs in Nigeria that pays N350,000 a week

May 29, 2017 Business,Freelance,Nigeria

RE-THINK where your career is taking you to. The world of “gigs” or “forte” for freelance jobs has started booming and before it start to nose dive, many people will have cut a large chunk of the global cake. Will you be part of it? Yes, you can be part of the online jobs that pay in Nigeria. This online job is called freelancing.

To begin with, I will share with you what Bolanle Ade_____ (surname blocked to protect privacy) did to land the freelance jobs that paid her over N350,000 a week in Nigeria.

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to landing your own high paying. In fact, they are no contract job. This gives you an insight to how she did it. You can find the summary of it all at the bottom part of this article. Additionally, on some of these platforms, you may decide to take up full time job opportunities.

Remember, you will also not be a full permanent staff of any particular company. But, these companies will be looking for your talent.

Truly, these companies are paying big buck for freelance jobs!

In the first place, we all know who a freelancer is. If not, let me take you back a step before I list those jobs that are now paying over N350,000.00 to get a freelance job done.

What exactly are we calling Freelance jobs?

For example, you have passion for taking photos or you write blogs but decided not to work for a particular company with the expectation of earning a regular monthly wages.You only work on short term basis for a fee that you set for the work done. These set of individuals can be referred as freelancers.

In another word, freelancers work from their homes or a office of their own choice. In the light of this, a freelancer control his or her own time, can also choose the freelance job to do or not to do.

Freelance opportunities are everywhere

Depending on where you look, you will find freelance jobs opportunities everywhere. On the positive side, I was just like you until I came across this two articles “Latest ways to make money online” and “how to make money online“. So, you are about to learn the secret within freelancing.

I could see that money can be made online as a freelancer.

Online presence

First thing to remember, creating great online present is the number 1 golden rule that will point you to the right directing in landing that freelance job that comes with higher rewards. In fact, online presence is a way to market yourself; it gives prospective client a good information about you and things you have done.

Generally speaking, A good freelance website will provide for you a dashboard where you will showcase your works and expertise. In addition to that, you may also include pictures and videos of your work in the dashboard provided by these websites.

How to start as a freelancer

In reality, some people have a hobby or two that can make money for them but they do not know how to make this transformation happen. In my experience, though, most people cannot identify these as a money making tool.

However, whatever your reason for coming onto this page, I will show you to replicate Bolanle money spinning freelance job. When it comes to freelancing, just be honest with yourself on your expertise. Even though you may not be the most experience on that particular project, but you have what the clients need. Then you are most likely to get the job.

Here’s a list of freelance jobs clients are looking to get freelancers for:

  • Website designer
  • Banner design
  • Escort jobs
  • Hair Stylist
  • Animation
  • Video editor
  • Photo editor
  • Content marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Makeup artist
  • Relationship adviser

As shown above, some Freelance jobs in Nigeria websites have provisions for you to showcase your skills. I was surprise when I personally discovered that more companies in Nigeria now give out jobs to freelancers.

Below are results from google on some of the searches from prospective clients looking for freelancers:

Freelance jobs, Relationship adviser, relationship help, Online Freelancing Job

At the present time, some organization/project owners need more than one service from you. Such could be, as a website designer, you may have to create some banner ads too for a client.

Some tips on landing your dream freelance job

Below are some of the tips to help you:

Integrity matters
  • Integrity is the # 1 rule of this game; be honest with yourself and your clients. As a matter of fact, your integrity coupled with reviews receive from past jobs are important. From time to time, research has shown that project owners go through review before awarding jobs to freelancers.
    Going global or local
  • Should you go local or global? Answer to this question depend on some factors. To clarify, going global mean that you will be receiving your payment in foreign currency. You may have to go and open a domiciliary account with one of these Banks in Nigeria.
    Moreover, If you decide to go local, you have a better chance of getting more work do. Of course, with local jobs, you are in a better position to dictate your terms and condition; and also avoid foreign competitors.
    Your profile speaks volume
  • Another key point to remember, you need to create a good profile on carefully selected freelance websites. In essence, a well captivating, well-worded description catches attention.
    Not only will it work to your advantage, but also showcase to prospective clients your selling points when they visit your profile page before given you a job. Together with an interesting profile relating to what you are skilled at, you have high chance of landing the job.
    Include images and videos
  • In addition, showcasing your previous works is an added value to you. Samples of works you have done speaks volume! in fact, they act as an advertising campaign to your skill listing.
    As a matter of fact, some freelance websites in Nigeria allow you to add up to or than ten images to your profile; some even allow video uploads. It is to your advantage to upload your previous sample works to you prospective clients.
    Accept realistic job
  • Be practical or you will shoot yourself in the foot. What I mean by this is – you may end up loosing good client. What do I mean by being practical?
    Inasmuch as you are looking to get lots of jobs, always take up the ones that you are sure of doing.

    Very important tip is to

  • Encourage clients to leave positive review. This is very useful in the freelance world. This is the most compelling evidence that you can do the job or that you can actually deliver.
    In fact, a high percentage of positive reviews on work done sell you and your services. In case you don’t know, reviews personal recommendation from a client. In effect yo this, you may want to check out few of the freelance jobs in Nigeria that provide reviews as part of the services for members.
  • Internet Services. In the final analysis of this part, you need to get a good Internet Service Provider for your online freelance jobs. This help you in the area of speed to deliver your clients’ job on time. Very important! Use any of the Internet Service Providers in Nigeria.

As shown above, these tips are essential to your success in the freelancing world. Nevertheless, you really need to work on them thoroughly to be more conversant with.

Communication is key

Equally important is your communication with your clients, For one thing, communicating with your client is like a fruit. It gives you and your client the vital ingredient to understand each other.

Freelance jobs in Nigeria, Freelance jobs online, How to communicate with your client, Online Jobs that pay


Moreover, anytime you receive a job request, it is important for you to communicate with the client. Provided the freelance website has a communicating facility on the website, By and large, the best way to communicate with your client is through the email facility provided by the freelance job website.

As a matter of fact, this is for you and the client protection. It is also an advantage for those freelancers that are in full time job.

For example, imagine your employer is your client on any of these freelance websites; there will be no way of knowing that you, the employee is the freelance.


Inasmuch as you are not revealing your phone number or email to the client, you are saving yourself a lot of hassles. I will advice you not to exchange phone numbers or emails with your client. In fact, This is another golden rule of freelancing.

List of freelance websites in Nigeria

From time to time, you will find freelance jobs from the list of freelance websites in Nigeria below. Feel free to make your choice on the best one that addresses your needs.

1. – A platform developed with users in mind.

Freelance websites in Nigeria, Freelance websites nigeria, freelance sites in Nigeria


 For one thing, job owners and freelancers have a better user experience on this site. Coupled with, transparency after registration.

How to use services after registration

Job/business owners:

  • Login to your account
  • Browse through the categories
  • Pick freelancer(s) that will be at your service for the project
  • Select addon if need be
  • Communicate with the freelancer
  • Pay for the job
  • Track the progress of your job
  • Collect finished job and leave a review for freelancer
  • Job done

It is highly recommended that you communicate with the freelancer before allocating the job to the person. Also, remember that all payment should go through the platform for your protection.


  • Login to your account dashboard
  • Click create listing (listing form will be presented to you)
  • Fill out all required field in the form
  • Addons are there for you to use if you have any upgraded services relating to what you are offering
  • Wait for job owners to contact you
  • Finish the job and get paid directly into your account

What it cost: It is totally free for project owners to use the service while freelancers pay only 10% of the amount receive as a service charge.

If you are interested in making extra income that may even be more than you full time salary, many of the freelance websites in Nigeria will provide you with that.

2. – A platform where job owners upload a request and a freelancer bid on the request., just5k, freelancers Nigeria, Freelancing sites in Nigeria

Using the platform after registration

Job/business owners:

  • Login to your account on the
  • Upload your request
  • Wait for freelancers to bid on your request

Justfrom5k recommends that both bidder and job up-loader communicates on their platform. Payment is done between the job up-loader and the freelancer; justfrom5k does not get involved.


  • Login to his/her account
  • Search through the uploaded jobs
  • Bid for job
  • Carry out errand on job bid won

What it cost: At the time of this publication, there was no cost implication on the website.


3. – Works similarly like yokebay just that all gigs seems to be N1000., freelancer sites in Nigeria, Gigs Nigeria, Online Freelance Jobs in Nigeria


How to use after your initial registration

For Job/business owners:

  • Login to your account
  • Check out the gig that you want to buy
  • Pay for such gigs
  • Track out the seller is progressing
  • Review the job recommended that communicate between buyers and sellers take place on on the platform.


  • Login to your account dashboard
  • Create a profile
  • Click create listing
  • Post a new job
  • Wait to be contacted a seller
  • Finish the job and get paid

What it cost: charges 20% of the amount receive as a service charge.

How much will it cost you to register on

In most cases, it is free to register and take jobs on freelance websites. The website allows both project owners and professional freelancers to interact on the platform. You only pay for certain services.

Secret to my success is leveraging

I was able to make over N350,000.00 a day on leveraging on freelance jobs and affiliate marketing that I know nothing about. I was able to achieve this through the lesson that I learn from the Rich dad poor dad book and audio series by Robert Kiyosaki.

My two main source of incomes are: Affiliate and Marketing leveraging

As many people know me today, I am not a good marketer; but my leveraging experience market for me. and (2) Leveraging on Freelance websites.

How to leverage on these powerful business segment?

For Affiliate website

Register as an affiliate with a Nigeria Affiliate Program

Choose a hot product or service from the website

Recruit affiliates – this is where the secrete of making money as an affiliate is (leveraging on other affiliates)

Other affiliates works for you.

Any question? I am happy to answer as many question on this topic anytime. Comment below will be appreciated.

If you find this article about freelance jobs or any of our article useful, please help us to share it. You may be sharing it with other people that it will be useful to. Thank you for stopping by our website.

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