Freelance Business Developer - How To Make Your Career A Success

April 26, 2020 Business,Freelance,Nigeria

A freelance business developer is an individual with an exceptional skills and experience needed to drive organizational growth. This individual will be responsible for overall corporate development, marketing strategy and business development.

Every business organization, big or small, will always aim towards making their business better. For this reason, they often require the services of an exceptional individual that will drive the business forward.

While some organization will seek to employ a permanent staff as a business developer, others prefer to hire a freelancer.

In order for an organization to hire the right candidate for the post, the company’s human resources have a decision to make. In this case, the department will have to decide on hiring a freelancer or a full time staff.

From time to time, businesses will take into account the advantages associated to hiring a freelancer before making the decision. These include:

  • Cost savings.
  • Top expert.
  • Less overhead.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Work quality.
  • Timely delivery.

By the time an organization weigh the above advantages, they are most likely hire a freelancer to take up the available position.

This is where the services of a freelance business developer come in. That is to say, your expertise and maximum flexibility is in demand.

Your role is important to the organization, as it is a position that has lots of responsibility and prospects. For this reason, your earnings are attractive.

Comparatively, income earned as a freelance business developer is normally huge.

What are the duties of a business developer?

Organizations differ in so many ways; therefore, the role of a freelance business developer in one organization may defer from that of another organization.

In most organization, the duty of a business developer requires the post holder to perform management duties; like development of marketing strategies and performing executive sales.

As a business developer, here are your main duties.

  • Look for ways to increase company revenue.
  • Identify business and market opportunities.
  • Development of extensive marketing strategy.
  • New products and services development.
  • Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Development of competitive strategy.
  • Lead generation.
  • Submission of tender and contract documents.
  • Oversee partnering with other companies.
  • Account management.
  • Identify market opportunities to maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Advancing the sales process.
  • Closing new business deals.

As shown above, these are your main responsibilities as a business developer. As can be seen, you need to have the necessary experience in order to be perform your duties effectively.

Required Skills

As a business development executive officer, you need to be a goal getter; not only will you demonstrate that you are ambitious, but also be able to adapt to changes.

Be that as it may, your experience is of high importance to the organization; for this treason, you need to have the right attitude to work.

For clarity, here are the necessary skills of a business developer.

  • Project management.
  • Sales and marketing.
  • Human resources.
  • Client facing and negotiation skills.
  • Time management.
  • Information technology skills.
  • Data analytics and administration.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Presentation skills.

By and large, as a business development manager, you must be an all round value added individual.

Ad hoc responsibilities

Your main responsibility as a business developer may depend on the company’s need. Just have it in mind that some ad hoc duties may be added to responsibilities.

For example, an organization may require you to participate in team building exercises; but, it was not stated in the job description. In that case, your flexibility and team working skills is being tested.

Also, you may need to do someone’s work while they are away or ill. These are part of ad hoc responsibilities that may be required of you.

How to be a successful freelance business developer

Success lies ahead of you as a freelance business developer if you are good in your field. As a matter of fact, there are business owners out there looking to pay the right candidate.

Having the right attitude to work and possessing the required qualification; but, your skills knowledge and expertise will guide you to success.

Uniquely, your ability to demonstrate the following could be an added advantage to the success of your role.

  • Competence in market knowledge.
  • Industry knowledge.
  • Buyers behaviour and market segmentation.
  • Target audience analysis.
  • Factors influencing consumer behaviour.
  • Networking.
  • Brand positioning.
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal relationship.

You can be successful as a business developer, Inasmuch as you can demonstrate the above; at the same time, think outside the box.

Freelance business developer salary

Salary for Business Development Consultant, Hourly Pay For a Freelance Business Manager, Business Developer Salary

Of course, working as a freelancer is good, but securing a freelance business consultant or developers’ role is even better. In a word, the payroll is good.

In contrast to other job sector, freelancing portals has three different payment models to choose from. These are:

  • Project based model:

    With project based pricing model, you are sure of the amount you will get for the project. Additionally, your earning does not depend on the time you spend in completing the project.
    Obviously, you have a huge potential to earn more income in less time.
    Average Base Pay: $66,093.00 per year

  • Fixed-price monthly retainer model:

    This is a type of contract where your client pays you on a monthly recurring basis. With this type of payment structure, the projects scope and timeline will have been agreed upon.
    Thus, you client pays you a fixed amount (as agreed), regardless whether you actually work for them during the month or not. Therefore, your time management skill will play an important role for you with this model.
    Average monthly retainer fee: $5,000.00 monthly.

  • Hourly pricing model:

    This is the starting point for most freelancers. While this is good for many, some find it to very tricky. Take a look at what the market rate is before setting your hourly rate. By all means, try not to under price yourself.
    Average Base Pay: $45.00 – $55.00 hourly

All things considered, the above salary models are favourable to most freelance business development consultants. You only need to go with the most convenient one for yourself.

NOTE: All salary stated above are average base pay that may change. Also, the price paid by one client may be different from another client.

Where can you find a freelance business Developer's job?

As a freelancer looking to secure your next project, there are various job portals on the inter listing such position. Do a bit of research to find a suitable one.

When you find a suitable freelance platform, just go ahead to register. Remember, most of them offer free registration.

You can register and secure a freelance business developer’s job on sites like – Ziprecruiter, Indeed and Upwork. Provided that you have the experience, I am sure you will secure a job from those websites in no time.

If you are in Nigeria, take a look at for your next freelance job.

Bottom Line.

Responsibilities associated to a business developer vary; therefore, you will need to have vast knowledge in the field to land yourself the job. In addition, boost your employability by attending business courses and online trainings.

Websites like Udemi and LinkedIn learning could be a starting point for you. In fact, they both offer some free courses in business development.

Wish you good luck.

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