How to start a fast food business in Nigeria

October 8, 2017 Business,How to,Nigeria

It is no news today that fast food business is one of the most profitable business to invest in Nigeria; in fact it yield good Return on Investment. This includes local food restaurants and foreign food restaurants in the country. But wait a minute, if the fast food business idea is profitable, then the question is – How do you start a fast food business in Nigeria?

In this article, I will be providing information on the following – Fast food industry analysis in Nigeria, Cost of setting up a restaurant in Nigeria, Necessary certification or licenses for setting up a fast food restaurant and how to obtain them.

For the purpose of this article, I will focus mainly on the restaurant fast food business in Nigeria.

Fast food business in Nigeria

What is fast food business?

A fast food is a place where food is prepared and serves in a specific way, such as Nigeria local dishes or foreign dishes such as Chinese restaurant or India restaurants; In addition, it can also be a take away restaurant or eat-in restaurant. This can be a food stall, small or big restaurant.

On the positive side, there are two ways in which you can start a restaurant business. You either buy a franchise or start a fast food restaurant of your own.

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Type of restaurants

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