Powerful tips on how to drive traffic to your website or blog

The most effective way to do business and make sales online is to drive traffic to your website. Yes you can now drive traffic to your website with these simple steps. In fact, these steps will increase your blog reach by over 2000% is practice religiously. So, what are these steps?

By and large, driving traffic to your website is the only and most important way to showcase your blog. In other words, the most effective way to run a successful business, blog or website on the internet is to get traffic visiting their web pages. According to statistics, the amount of blog published on the internet everyday are thousands; if not million. Similarly, searching on blogs are many too. If that case, how is it possible for a website owner to drive traffic to their website?

I started my first website in 2009 after attending Andrew Reynolds in Briton, United Kingdom. This young man tell his story on how he became a millionaire at the age of 50 years old; after series of failed businesses. In fact, he was on the brink of bankruptcy when he himself was invited to attend a similar seminar.

Although, his principle was based on buying cheap and selling at a profit. Remembering his words on that day, he said “the visibility of your business will sell your products and services”. So, if visibility is important for your website or blog (that is where you showcase your business), then, what are the best ways of creating that visibility? First thing to remember, visibility of your web pages bring traffic to your website.

In this article, I will give you tips on how to drive traffic to your website or blog using the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and
  • Social Media traffic generator or Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Drive traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Looking back, I remember when I started blogging; it was extremely difficult to get ranked on search engines not to talk of driving traffic to my website. In fact, I spent days and night looking for the best solutions to get traffic. Considering the fact that I had no clue on how to get good search engine ranking; not only that, but also do not know the basic principles of generation traffic to my blog.

Not only will search engine optimization get you free website traffic, but also get you web target website traffic. Let me be more realistic here by asking the question below.

What is target website traffic?

Target Website Traffic are those audience or prospects you specifically set out to showcase your products and services to on the internet. As a matter of fact, this is a proven strategy used to convert leads to sale.

How do I mean?

First thing to remember, individuals searching online through search engine needs information about that particular thing; be it – products, services or even general information. In addition, you will also be aware that only those sites that shows up on Search Engine Rank Pages (SERPs) get clicked the most. For that reason, those searchers are our target website traffic.

Now that we know who our target website traffic are, the next thing is to use SEO techniques to rank high on SERPs; this in turn will help drive traffic to our website.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used to get free organic traffic from search results on search engines. Be that as it may, SEO get you free traffic.

Using SEO to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website require you to make use of some techniques as mentioned link building strategies; nevertheless, I will explicitly explain all that is needed to get started with SEO. But if for any reason you can not get this done by yourself, I will advice you to seek the services of SEO companies. They have skills required to help you achieve your goals.

What a minute,

Why are you on this page? I believe my guess is as good as your. That is to say, you are looking for a better way to increase your website traffic.

For example, you want searcher to find your website pages on google search results for a particular phrase such as “Marketing Strategy” or “Internet Marketing Strategy in Nigeria” like below. Getting the number one spot will drive traffic to your site.

Search Engine Ranking, How to get free organic traffic, Marketing Strategy

As shown above, yokebay.com will receive most traffic when people search for the keyword phrase. To tell you the truth, I was able to achieve this through optimizing my web page. You too can achieve the same.

In order to do that, you need to use both on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques. These involves actions taken by you to drive traffic to your web pages. In reality, only combining both techniques can guaranty you a first page ranking for your website; this in turn, will drive traffic to your website.

Hey there, let us take a look at both techniques.

On-Page SEO

As the name suggest, these are the actions taken directly by site owner on a web page to improve the page search ranking. An improves search ranking will help increase website or blog ranking.

How to drive traffic to a web page using onpage SEO

Generally speaking, a good on-page SEO used on a web page gives it 25% chance of ranking high. That is to say, you already have 25% chance to attract traffic to your site. Since this is within your control as the website owner, it is better to take full advantage of it.

Inasmuch as you know what to do when it comes to on-page optimization, you will find out that traffic driving to your blog or website will become much easier.

For the purpose of those looking to use on-page SEO to drive traffic to there site, below are what it entails. Because this article is on getting traffic to a website, I will only list steps required for on-page optimization below.

These are:

  • Use keyword in the title of the page;
  • Make sure the targeted keyword is in the first paragraph of the post;
  • Keywords in the “Headings”; that is to say, h1, h2, h3, ……., h6;
  • Meta tags and description are important, use keywords inside them;
  • Never over use your keyword. In other words, use them moderately. This is know as “keyword density”;
  • Content length should always be more than 300 words

On the positive side, a good on-page SEO can even take your website to page one of search engine for some keywords; as long as that keyword do not have too much competitors for it.

Off-Page SEO

Harder part of SEO, but produces the best result when it come to search engine ranking. In other words, the remaining 75% of achieving good search engine results is in using this SEO technique.

Driving traffic to your website using offpage SEO technique

Ultimately, this is the best way to rank high in search engine; at the same time, it is the most effective way to get traffic to your website.

Unlike the onpage technique, off-page SEO is not totally in the control of the site owner; rather, it is partially in control of other website linking back to the site and the site owner.

Somewhere along your journey into the online business, you may have heard the term “backlinks”. Even, if you have not, I will give you detailed explanation on it below.

The simplest ways to show you the priciples of back linking is to relate it to election contest. Who win in an election? You will agree with me that the winner of an election is the person or party that had the majority vote. In the same fashion, this is how backlinks work. The only different is, with election to an office, human being votes while with backlinks, websites vote. In a word, a vote in the offpage SEO is called backlink.

What is backlink?

As shown above, backlink is an incoming (vote) to a web page. When a website link to another one, it is generally refer to as back link. In other words, it is a web page referencing another web page.

In that case, how do you get a backlink?

There are various ways you can use to acquire links to your website but we I will not be covering that topic here. If you are really keen to learn more on backlinks and how to get more to your website, why not take a look at resources on link building strategy. It has as you need to know on how to build backlinks and at the same time, teaches you how to get traffic to your blog.

Get traffic to your website through the use Social Media Platform

I receive hundreds of inquiries when I wrote an article on best internet marketing strategies. In that article, I made mentioned of using social media as a market tool.

According to marketing experts, the use of social media platform to drive traffic to a website is gradually beginning to materialize. With facebook, instagram, google plus and others, you have platforms readily available to drive traffic to your website.

Wait a second, I think we forgot something….

What is social media network?

In just a simple word, just as the name suggest, A social network is a platform that people use to perform social networking activities. These could be forums, business networking sites, photo and video sharing sites; the name could go on and on.

If social media sites are for social networking, then, how could you leverage on the them to drive traffic to your website?

For the purpose of people looking to drive traffic to their website using social media, I have listed the leading social media network (based on active users) for August below.

  • Facebook: 2,047,000,000 users;
  • YouTube: 1,500,000,000 users;
  • WhatsApp: 1,200,000,000 users;
  • Facebook Messenger: 1,200,000,000 users;
  • WeChat: 938,000,000 users;
  • QQ: 861,000,000 users;
  • Instagram: 700,000,000 users;
  • QZone: 638,000,000 users;
  • Tumblr: 357,000,000 users;
  • Twitter: 328,000,000 users;
  • Sina Weibo: 313,000,000 users;
  • Baidu Tieba: 300,000,000 users;
  • Skype: 300,000,000 users;
  • Viber: 260,000,000 users;
  • Snapchat: 255,000,000 users;
  • Line: 214,000,000 users; and
  • Pinterest 175,000,000 users

Source: wikipedia

As shown above, there are many active users on social media network which you can leverage on.

Techniques used to drive traffic on Social Media network

Due to the increase in the usage of social media platform, many site owners have benefited immensely on this. In fact, some use it as the only marketing tool for their business. While social media facilitate and encourage online social media networks, it also has other benefits for site owners.

The following are useful tips to consider when it comes to getting traffic from social media to your site.

  • No boundaries in social media
  • Analytical data
  • User-generated content (UGC)

Now, let us take each of the above one after the other.

1. No boundaries in social media

With social media as a source of generating website or blog traffic, it is important to realize that you have global coverage. In other word, the contents on your site can be seen globally.

Depending on your market target, social media platform could provide your site with the sort of visibility you need; this is good for new websites and also the already existing ones.

The American Marketing Association in a journal tagged: Online Social Media and Networks, explicitly stressed the important of marketing through social media. In the journal and I quote:

Online social media and networks have a growing role in marketing, which has important implications for how consumers, channels, and companies perform. In social media settings, consumers provide online feedback about products, and this feedback is visible to other agents, including other consumers, channel partners, competitors, and investors. Moreover, there is inherent variety in the way the feedback is received and processed (e.g., ratings, reviews) and the forums in which it is provided.

As shown above, social media can make or break you. On the positive side, using it effectively will give your site the much needed audience.

2. Analytical data

Data is key to what we do in today’s world of business. As a matter of fact, with data you can use the right marketing channels to promote your site; which in turn, will yield a positive result.

Let me put it in another way; when you have the right set of data, it is like you having an answer to examination questions before going into the examination hall. Alas, you will definitely pass that examination with flying colors.

For the purpose of this article, I will use Facebook as the reference point. Please remember, all social media platform has their own way of feeding advertisers with analytical data.

What you get with Social Media platforms

With Facebook platform, you will get product analytic tool that will help you drive traffic to your blog; this include the following:

  • Rich Demographics:
    To drive traffic to your blog or website, you need to have targeted audience. Who is your target audience? With the Facebook analytic tool, you will be able to get rich demographics for your target market. In addition, the tool gives you the ability to understand your prospects.
  • Multiple Channel Insight:
    As the name implies, advertisers will be able see people’s interaction with their website. Not only that, but also see it across all channels such as iOS, Android, web, bots and more. This is known as the “Omni-channel analytics.

  • Optimization for growth:
    All things considered, the social network site (like Facebook) will give you access to insight analytics; these will help you with reports. This report is essential to analyze performance and at the same time, you can use it to create your marketing strategy.

3. User Generated Content (UGC)

Depending on the type of blog you have or the type of website you just created, you can take advantage of UGC to generate traffic. With User-generated content website, your site visitors are the ones creating the site content for you.

What is it that you do knot know about user-generated content (UGC), I will tell you today.

Do you know that……

Twenty-five percent of search results for the world’s top 20 largest brands are links to user generated content and thirty-four percent of bloggers post opinions about products and brands.

Quote: Erik Qualman.

Indeed, UGC is very effective when it comes to driving traffic to a website. As shown in the quote above, the world best brands uses the user-generated content model to drive traffic to their brands. So, what is stopping you from doing same.

READ MORE ON UGC: How to start a blog and make money.

In summary, let us look at the difference between using Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Network to drive traffic to a blog. In other words, what will your preference be?

Truly, there are few basic advantages one as over the other when it comes to generating traffic; however, you will be the one to put a better strategy in place.

Looking at both channels, the decision still lie within your judgement. You should base your decision on – Out of the two model, which one of them will help me drive traffic to my blog? In other words, which one will generate more traffic to my website?

To help with this, you can use the below.

Search Engine Optimization Vs Social Media in generating traffic

Social Media Traffic to my Website, SEO Companies in Nigeria, SEO

Below are just few difference between the use of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Network to drive traffic to a blog.

Costing: Although this may be true, cost of advertising on social media network is arguably more expensive than using SEO to generate traffic to a site.

Time factor: Up to the present time, generating traffic through the use social media platform is faster than using the SEO model.

Targeted audience: Depending on the website owner, both model has a means of showing your website to the targeted audience you specified.

Return on Investment: From experience, use of SEO to drive traffic to a website yield a better return than the use of Social Media Platform.

Result visibility: Social media platform give your blog instant visibility while Search Engine Optimization give it a lasting visibility.

My advice:

By and large, it is always advisable to use both strategy to drive traffic to your website. Simply because both of them has their merits.

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