How Creating a Trustworthy Website Can Help Your Business Grow

Regardless of the type and size of your company, having a decent website has become a powerful business tool that helps grow your business. As a matter of fact, you need to make it a Trustworthy Website.

Of course, it’s not enough to just make a website and believe it will take care of itself – a website takes a lot of constant work.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a functional website, but you do need to pay attention to a few essential steps that will make your site pop among so many sites online. Read through our shortlist of things you should do to develop your trustworthy website properly and grow your business. 

1. Optimize your website

With so many competitors online, you can’t allow your website to be slow. The time it takes your site to load will attract customers as much as it can turn them away. To be sure you have a trustworthy website; you have to invest time and energy into building it well.

To reduce the speed of loading, think of optimizing photos, graphics, and other content that could be slowing it down. Of course, think of the quality as well, because the quality is the reason why your customers are where they are. 

2. Leave Room for Improvement

Optimize your website, Website Optimization, Grow Your Business Online

Once you create and edit your website, don’t think this is where your job stops; in fact, getting to have a trustworthy website needs constant working on the site.

On the contrary, you always have to think in advance and follow all the marketing trends and tricks. If you constantly work on improving your website, you are more likely to keep your loyal customers if not attract even some new ones.

Check your website speed and design regularly and if you notice something that should be taken care of, don’t wait to do it.

The longer you wait, the higher the risk of losing clients and slowing down your business.

Additionally, constantly updating yourself on improvements in SEO and other relevant aspects to make sure your site is well-optimized and available to your clients.

3. Becoming and staying number one

Having a functional trustworthy website is not the only thing you have to take care of – marketing, branding, and customer experience are also high on your priority list.

To make sure you are on top of your game, all aspects of your business have to be up to date. You probably already know that SEO engines are responsible for site visibility, so make sure you are getting picked up by those and always improve your social media presence.

A great example of user friendly and trustworthy website is the AskGamblers.

Although a gambling site, they have been growing their business rapidly and gaining confidence from their regular customers while obtaining new ones. As you can see, the site owners did some good work on it to make it a trustworthy website.

You won’t find any spammy or insecure content on their site because they pay attention to transparency and quality.

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4. Trustworthy Website Needs Unique design

Create a unique website, Website Design, Internet Connections

The modern world doesn’t give people much time exploring – everything has to be available right here and right now. This goes for sites as well and you probably know that if you don’t captivate your customer’s attention from the beginning, it’s most likely they won’t be coming back to do business with you.

This is where website design steps in and steals away the show. An interesting and professional, yet functional site is what you should aim for.

The constantly improving internet connections nowadays allow for more unique and complex designs, but try not to go overboard!  

5. Be mobile-friendly

The popularity of smartphones and tablets is also important for someone who is building their website. Since a majority of people access sites through their phones, the popularity of your website will greatly depend on its mobile version.

Not making your website mobile-friendly will most certainly result in slowing your business down and even losing customers. The design of your mobile website should be responsive and user-friendly so that your customers can access it whenever they want to.

6. Put customers first

The opinion of your customers is what can give you an insight into what has to be improved. Make sure your review and feedback options are always available and optimized so that anyone who wishes to make a comment can do so.

The experience they get while they are searching through your website is what will make them buy your service or product so it’s important their search is easy and effective.

Don’t get discouraged by negative criticism or reviews and never get in conflict with your customers. Use the feedback to your advantage and always reply with respect. This will give you credibility and keep your customers by your side.

Building and maintaining a reliable website is not something hard but requires some time and effort.

Be mindful of all the aspects that are crucial for the growth of your business and keep improving them. Remember that your website is a work in progress so working on its improvement never stops! 


Emma Sumner
Business Strategist
Sumner Coach Academy.

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