Cost of a Website in Nigeria - How much is it?

Cost of Building a website in Nigeria – How much does it cost to develop a website in Nigeria

Before now, I have had lots of questions with regards to the cost of a website in Nigeria when I published an article on – how to start a blog in Nigeria? From the many messages I received, majority of the inquiries were based on what is the cost to have their own website; or on average, how much does it cost to develop a website in Nigeria.

In fact, my response to those questions was that it depend on the type of website that each individual want to build; the website may be for personal use, or it may also be for business use.

Therefore, my question to you is – what type of website do you want to build?

In other words, why do you want the cost to build a website in Nigeria? Well… you answer will either be for personal use (that is personal website) or for a business website.

In addition, you may want to research on how much freelancers charge to build websites.

Quickly, I will run through the cost of building a website for you before narrating all it takes to create the site.

Cost to build a website in Nigeria is as follows:

Services to expect
Domain Name (.ng, .com cost more)N2,400.00
Website Hosting (depend on the hosting type)N3,500.00
Design of WebsiteN10,000.00
Setup CostN5,000.00
Template / Theme CostN15,000

While the cost of building a website varies from web designers to web designers; there are many factors we need to consider when talking about how much it cost to design a website.

In order to get the actual answer the question relating to – how much does it cost to build a website? We need to consider the following:

  • The type of website;
  • How much is it to host a website in Nigeria? or cost of website hosting;
  • What type of domain name are you acquiring?
  • Cost of designing the website;
  • Is it an eCommerce website? If so, what is the cost of designing an eCommerce website?
  • And many more.

Types of Websites in Nigeria

Individuals and businesses in Nigeria are coming to realize the importance of online presence in our everyday lives. Therefore, I will like you to know that a new website spring up each day. In fact, hardly will a day pass without a new website being registered.

Hey, what a minute!

In the first place, why do you need a website?

You are on this page today because you want information on – how much does it cost to develop a website in Nigeria. Cool!

Or it may be any of the following cases –

Are you looking for a cheap website design company in Nigeria? or

You are searching for freelancer to build your website?

In either case, by the time you finish reading this page, you will have more information on the cost of having a website in Nigeria.

Before we dive into the cost of building a website in Nigeria, let us go through the basic types of website that you may want to look into.

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i. Personal websites:

A personal website is a website created by someone just for personal information about themselves. As a matter of fact, this type of website does not have to be about you as a person; but it does have to contain personal information.

For example, online diary, personal blogs, hobbies and few others constitute what we can call a personal website.

By the same token, a personal website will tell readers about your personal thoughts and opinion on certain things or issues.

Types of personal websites are:

  • A personal blog
  • Photo Sharing Website
  • Music Sharing website
  • Writer or Authors Websites

ii. Business Websites:

Different from a personal websites are business website. By the looks of things in today’s world, over three quarters of the websites that exist online are business websites. These websites are in existence to generate income for their owners.

In other words, business websites are use to promote mainly three things – Brands, Products and Services. So, whatever your reason for researching into the cost of building a website in Nigeria; or looking for a cheap way to build a website, we have it all covered here.

Briefly, below is the list of the types of business websites

Types of Business Websites:

  • Business blogs
  • Informational websites
  • Company websites
  • Community building websites
  • Online business websites
  • E-commerce websites and few others.

As shown above, there are quite a number of websites that exist today; you just have to know which one to go for.

Now, let us look at the reason for this page; that is – What is the cost of building a website in Nigeria.

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What is the cost of a website in Nigeria?

Generally speaking, just given you a straight answer to the question on the cost of building a website in Nigeria will be unfair. To put it differently, it will not show a true reflection on the average rate of what it will take to have a website if we do not talk about some of the other associated cost.

In this article, I will not only tell you the cost of creating a website in Nigeria but also get all the related cost that may apply in building a standard website.

1. Cost of registering a Domain Name in Nigeria

In the first place, the most important thing you need to develop either a personal website or a business website is to register a domain name. A Domain Name is your online address; the address where other people will be able to view or access your website.

Your Domain name is your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address; a website address where your page can be find on the internet.

For example, if you are looking to have ‘Myname’ as your website name, then ‘‘ or ‘’ will be your domain name.

As can be seen, you should factor the cost of registering a domain name within the overall cost of a website in Nigeria. That is, it is part of the cost of building a website.

Another key point to note when talking about the cost of registering a domain name is the domain name extension.

For example, .com,, .ng, .club and few others are generally referred to as domain extensions.

In Nigeria, the average cost of a domain name is between N2,400.00 and N4,500.00; but this depend on the domain registrar you are getting the name from. Although, some hosting company can register a domain name for you FREE is you take up a web hosting package from their company.

To get more information on website hosting companies, it will be worth reading How to Choose a Web Hosting Company.

In addition, it will be good to let you know that there are some domains that have been labelled as Premium Domain names. These premium domain names are either been bought before and the owner is ready to resell at an higher rate or they are names that are of higher value.

What are premium domains?

“Premium Domains are sought-after domain names with short, common or desirable words. They provide a stronger and more memorable web address for a premium price” – cited from

2. Cost of Website hosting in Nigeria

In considering the cost of a website in Nigeria, we also have to look at how much a typical web hosting company in the country will charge.

The cost associated to web hosting are determined by some of the factors listed below:

  • Website Disc Quota (MB)
  • Monthly Bandwidths (MB)
  • Number of Email Accounts
  • Maximum FTP Account
  • Number of Database

As shown above, most of the web hosting companies in Nigeria will base the cost of hosting your website on the above list. In addition the factors listed above, some other company may charge for the type of domains – That is,

  • Number of subdomains
  • How many add on domain; and
  • Number of parked domain.

You are now to determine what your website requirements will be. After you have determine your website requirement and choose the best package for your need, you will add this to the cost of building the website.

The cost of website hosting in Nigeria ranges from N3,500.00/yrN120,000.00/yr on your hosting plan. A Shared Hosting Package is always cheaper than a Dedicated Hosting Package.

Now that we have learn few thing on hosting a website, let us continue on our quest to determine the cost of a website in Nigeria. In other to get the overall cost of building a website, we also need to consider the cost to design the website.

Remember, the actual cost of hosting a website in Nigeria will be determined by the factors mentioned above. However, I will advice you to go for a more appropriate package that will suite your need.

Wow, I am excited!

Why? Because we are getting to the most important part of this article. The following is an essential part of our analysis of the cost of a website in Nigeria

3. Cost of Designing a website in Nigeria

In other for us to get a more detailed cost of designing a website, I have broken this section into two parts –

  • Using a website design company; and
  • Seek the services of freelancers.

With my experience dealing with either a website design company or a freelancer to develop my websites, I find out they all charge based on the number of website pages.

In other words, the more pages you have the higher to cost of your website. So, you will need to factor this in when negotiating on the cost of you website design.

On an average, using a website development company in Nigeria to develop a standard 5 pages website will cost you between N15,000 – N20,000.00. This is dependent on where you look. Remember, this is just a standard website.


Using a Freelancers from any of the Freelance Websites in Nigeria will cost you between N10,000.00 – N15,000.00. Like I said above, it all depend on where you look.

Are you looking for a freelancer to develop a website for you? If yes, check if there is any available on the Freelance Websites in Nigeria.

4. Cost of setting up a website

Equally important is the website setup. This is another element of the website development that add to the cost of website in Nigeria.

Let us look at website set-up as putting all what we have discussed above together. This is more like arranging the domain name, hosting, template (to be discuss next) and the design together. Without this phase, the website will not function appropriately. So, this is a very important phase in building a website.

Typically, the cost of setting up a website ranges from N5,000.00 to N10,000.00.

5. Template Cost

Without a good template (or theme), your website will not function properly. There are a number of template to use in the market and they all come at a cost.

In choosing a template to use for website design, a website developer will need to consider the following:

  • The type of website he or she is developing
  • Ease of use of the template
  • Cost of website maintenance (if any); and
  • Support available from the template developer.

I will always recommend the use of WordPress templates for website development. Why do I recommend wordpress?

Apart from being the most widely used website building template in the world, it is user friendly and it is the most cost effective template to use. In addition, WordPress templates are very flexible when it comes to plugins.

You can learn more on using WordPress templates to build a website from

However, the cost of a template used in building a website ranges from N15,000.00N20,000.00. This will depend on the template or website theme that is being use.

The choice of template used will depend on the website designer.

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, the overall cost of a website in Nigeria mainly depend on the type of website you are looking to build.

In order to find the average cost of a standard five pages website, let us look at the cost of each element as discussed above to get what an average cost of a website in Nigeria.

The table below will give you an idea of how much it will cost to develop a website in Nigeria.

Cost to develop a website in Nigeria

In answering the question of – How much does it cost to develop a website in Nigeria? I will say that it will cost between N35,000.00 and N50,000.00.

Above all, the actual cost of a website will be determined by all the factors mentioned above. Nevertheless, the summary shown above (paragraph 3) for the actual breakdown of all cost associated to building a standard 5 pages website in Nigeria.

In reality, websites built for business purposes or an E-commerce website may cost you up to N500,000.00. Why should it cost you up to that amount?

In general, there are various other things that may be put into consideration when a website is to be built. Such things may include:

  • Is the website built Search Optimization (SEO) Ready?
  • Do your require a responsive website?
  • Are extra services required? Such as website maintenance and above all,
  • How many web pages will you require.

If you can answer the above questions as accurate as you can, you will be able to get the actual cost of a website in Nigeria.

In conclusion, you will find out that all cost associated to building a website is relatively cheap compared to the benefits of having a website.

All things considered, you can have a full functional website created for you for less than N50,000.00. The choice is totally yours!

Cost of a website in Nigeria, Cost to develop a website in Nigeria, Types of websites in Nigeria

Will you like any clarification on any part of this article? or will you like to contribute to it? Then I will be happy to hear from you.

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