Content Strategy: Ultimate Secret to Digital and Social Media Marketing

A good content strategy is the key to success for your digital marketing campaign, content marketing, online business and user engagement on your posts and website is your contents.

So, if your online business success depends on this; then, my question to you is – how do you improve your content strategy to achieve your digital and social media goals?

First thing to remember, content marketing involves the creation, structuring, publishing and sharing of useful online materials. Therefore, it has to be unique, educative and must add value to your audience.

For that reason, your created contents must be a top notch; that is to say, your content strategy and implementation should be of highest quality.

So, this article will answer the question of how to develop an effective content marketing strategy and few others relating to content creation.

But, wait a minute……

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the act of planning, development and management of digital contents; be it offline or online.

This phrase has been popularly used to describe the concept of digital and social media marketing; but to be honest with you, the concept of strategically planning, developing and sharing your contents goes beyond that.

Truly, the world is moving at a fast pace; to be successful in today’s business world, you need to strategically fine-tune your content strategy.

This is not a difficult task at all, all you need to do is in this article. So, let’s get started.

What Makes a Good Content Strategy?

Coming up with good content strategy requires you to follow some certain rule of thump. Not only that, but also need to be strategically written before being produced and distributed; in other words, you need to have a master plan.

For the purpose of this article, below are what makes up of a good content strategy.

1. Define your Objectives and Goals

Content creation and marketing should start with you defining your objectives; that is to say, get a clear vision of what you are looking to achieve.

You will need to ask yourself questions like – what am I doing? or what are we looking to achieve? The answer to these questions may be to increase your brand awareness, or convert prospects to clients; all should be factored into your strategy.

Until you have clear understanding of your objectives and goals before you can focus on creating a top quality content strategy.

As a matter of fact, defining your content marketing strategy goals is the first place to start.

Therefore, your overall business content marketing strategy objectives should be on:

  • Increasing business sales;
  • Getting leads;
  • Creating better brand awareness; and
  • Capturing a bigger market share.

2. Audience Segmentation Approach

Next step in the development of a good content marketing strategy is to define your audience; in addition to that, segment them.

In order to segment your audience appropriately, you will need to get the following facts:

  • User type;
  • Demographic information;
  • What interest them;
  • Their lifestyle;
  • Category they fall into; and
  • Competitors contents.

For example, if you sell fashion designer products, your main audience will be aged 20 – 35. Therefore, your content strategy should focus getting messages across to this segment.

A diagrammatically explanation of audience segmentation can be found in the image below.

Types of Audience Segmentation, Content Marketing Strategy, Segmentation of Audience for Marketing

Image courtesy:

In addition to the above information, you should also consider the following metrics your customer segmentation:

  • The type of information that interest your audience;
  • Where your audience get their contents from (online hangout);
  • What attracts them to the contents; and
  • How these contents are delivered to them;

Getting these valuable information right from the start will help you with to create and implement good content marketing strategies.

3. Focus on Your Audience Group

Part of the purpose of creating strategic content is to find and target highly specific audience groups; that is to say, a specific niche.

For example, a content written as “Bloggers who want more traffic” is not specific enough; but putting it as “ A travel bloggers with less than 1 year of blogging experience” is. Comparatively, the latter phrase is focusing more on a specific niche.

For each of the audience groups you found in the previous step, ask yourself: “what specific sub-groups can I target?”. By doing so, your content strategy is more defined.

To be more specific to your audience group, look for:

  • Sub-niches (e.g. Blogger -> Food blogger -> Street food blogger).
  • Knowledge-level (beginner, intermediate, expert).
  • Business stage (just founded, startup, established, etc.).
  • Funding (self-funded, VC-funded).
  • Revenue

So instead of “small business owners,” you might have “established businesses in the social media space with under $1M in revenue.”

As you can see, content marketing within your niche will be more rewarding for you in your content marketing strategic campaign.

Are you a blogger?

If you are, take a look at blogging tip to increase your blog success rate. It has the step-by-step guide for bloggers.

4. Review Your Content Strategy

You have done well so far by being able to determine the direction to go. Now, you will have to review your strategy.

Do do this, you need to align it with the overall business goal that you have set. Not only does it have to fit for purpose, but also has to be measurable.

What do I mean by being measurable?


You should have plans in place to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. At this stage, you should take a step back, assess and evaluate all you have put in place so far.

In addition, you should take holistic view; that is to say, think about the bigger picture of all you have prepared so far and what you intend to achieve.

Are we doing well so far?

If we are, then let us go into the nitty gritty of creating a valuable content that converts.

5. Content Game Plan

There is an adage where I came from in the western part of Nigeria, Africa that says “He who fail to plan, plan to fail”. This adage is really true. Therefore, content planning should be your next priority after you have reviewed your strategy.

As a matter of fact, this is an essential stage for your content strategy.

If this stage is so important, then let us go through few steps needed for better content planning.

  • Create your content draft. Your draft should include an inviting headline or title (discussed in details below).

  • Decide on the type of content you want to publicize; these could any of the following –
  1. Article Content;
  2. Video Content;
  3. Infographic Content; or
  4. Image Content.
  • Research and analyze other related content.
  • If need be, get few references on previous related post.

Then, you can move to the next point below.

6. Generate Interesting Content Topic

This is a very important stage in creating a winning content. It is a stage most experts called the “win or break” stage.

Why is it the win or break stage?

It is called so because your content topic needs to be something interesting or inviting; that is to say, it must be a piece of sentence your audience are interested in.

If it’s catchy enough, you are good to go.


How do you generate topics that interest your audience?

There are few ways to generate instantly appealing topics for your contents; my post on blogging ideas for bloggers dealt more extensively on this.

Remember, your topic or headline should relates to your industry.

Here are other ways to generate interesting topics for your audience.

  • Spy on your competitors;
  • Use Ahrefs; and
  • Take advantage of buzzsomo free account.

For example, I constantly use the combination of the mentioned above to research on different keywords.

Buzzsumo for Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, How to Creat a Content Strategy

As show above, you could see that the keyword “Content Strategy” has lots of shares on buzzsumo.

That is my starting point.

Thereafter, I will use the awesome title generator to create attractive and interesting headlines.

7. Start Your Content Marketing Campaign

One of the most important things to do in content strategy is to start spreading your content; that is to say. embark on a structured content marketing campaign.

I am sure the question on your mind will be like – how do I start with this structured campaign?

It is easy and I will show you the “HOW”.

First thing to remember when it comes to structuring your content campaign in called the “channel of distribution”. This channel means – ways and manner in which you will be distributing your contents.

Here are the best 5 ways to enhance your content marketing campaign:

  • Blog regularly about your contents

Blogging regularly create an online awareness for your brand and business. In fact, it is known to be an effective way to get words across to the right set of audience.

Additionally, you build an army of faithful audience when you blog regularly. These audience will not only read your blog post regularly, but also share your contents with friends and family.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a successful content marketing campaign, you need to incorporate blogging into your strategy.

For those looking to learn our to blog successfully, you may want to read the ultimate article on how to start a blog.

  • Connect with online communities

I have seen many people complain about their content marketing strategy not working. I hear such complaint, I sometimes ask them how they spread or share their contents.

Majority tells me they do that through social media sharing.


Social media content sharing is good but adding some other community sharing is not a bad idea either.

Like blogging, community networking is another great way to boost your content marketing campaign; in fact, your networks on those community platforms will help promote your contents.

For example, WordPress, reddit and other community forums may be a place to start.

When you connect with others using those community platforms, you can easily share your contents with them.

  • Use SEO to boost you content ranking

If you are looking to get your content ranked high in search engine result pages (SERPs), you need a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy incorporated into your content marketing strategy.

With SEO and SERPs, you get free audience viewing your contents. In fact, I have use linkio on a regular basis, as an SEO tools to perfect my link building strategy.

So…… by using SEO as one of your content marketing strategy channel, you are literally optimizing your contents for more audience view.

Share on Social Media

Link to other contents.

To summarize, you can give your content marketing campaign some wings to fly by incorporating the five channels mention above into your content strategy.

Measure and Analyze your Results

You have put in lot of efforts in creating a widely acceptable content strategy; and at the same time, you have been able to execute those plans.

So, what is next to do?

It is time to measure and analyze the result you are getting so far.

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