Top 20 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria to buy from

September 29, 2018 Business,Nigeria

Online Shopping in Nigeria is now considered to be the best and most convenient way to buy what you need; especially for those who do not have time in their hands to go around in the market. For this reason, I have come up with the list of cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria for your consideration.

At the present time, an average Nigerian will buy his or her items online and get them delivered to a convenient location.  Take it or leave it, these online businesses in Nigeria are performing to expectation.

From time to time, we all look for bargains when we want to buy one item or the other. As a matter of fact, some people in Nigeria will go to the extent of buying cheap items from a far location; therefore, ending up buying sub-standard or less quality item.

Although, not all cheep items are bad; in fact, it all depend on the use and purpose of buying these items. For example, someone may look to buy cheap items for the sole purpose of reselling the item. In that case, you may look for the cheapest online shopping sites to buy the items in order to make profit.

Regardless of your reasons for looking for the cheapest online shopping site in Nigeria, I have come up with a good list to choose from.

Here are list of over 20+ Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

1. Maybrands

If you’re a fan of quality and brand, Maybrands Nigeria is your best bet. The website sell affordable, quality and cheap wrist watches, sunglasses, bags and other accessories.

When it comes to selling quality brand fashion accessories, I give it to Maybrands; they are one of the leading online seller of quality fashion goods in the country.

2. The 5K Shop

Pretty much everything on The 5k Shop website is less than ₦5,000.00, while the quality of its products are also good. In addition, the site sell gift cards, one of the best gift ideas you can give to loved ones.

When it comes to simplicity, quality and cheap products, I give it The 5k Shop a pass mark.


Although, the company only sell to consumers in Lagos state, but they are good at what they know how to do. As at the time of this publication, Supermart top the list of Online grocery store in Nigeria.

Since this article is about cheap online shopping sites in the country, we have decided to feature them; not only are there grocery products cheap, but also of high quality compared to some of there other competitors.


Like most of the Nigeria online shopping website, Kilimall has branded herself as an “Affordable Online Shopping” site; this could be clearly seen on the company site logo slogan. From time to time, the site offer various discounts on their products.

Could they be considered as one of the cheapest online shopping site in Nigeria? I will say yes. This is because I have done a bit of research of their product prices and could clearly see that they are a bit cheaper on those products.

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5. Yudala

Recently acquired Konga (an online shopping store in Nigeria). Yudala is not only a one of the cheap online shopping store to buy from, but also a store that stock variety and quality products.

One good thing about Yudala is that you have a choice buying from their online or offline store. All in all, you will still be buying the product at an affordable price.

6. Ajebomarket

In general, Ajebomarket is an online fashion shop for men in Nigeria. I did compared nothing less than five men identical fashion item on their website and indeed, I found those items to be cheaper on ajebomarket website.

For this reason, I will consider them to be one of the cheapest online shopping site in Nigeria; especially when it comes to buying men fashion products.


Similarly, focus mainly on fashion and accessories just like many of the Nigeria online shopping website. If you are wondering where that Nigeria entertainer got his latest Nike trainers, the odds are he got them on a cheap from the Obeezi Nigeria online store


Fast growing kids online store bumblebees is gaining a good reputation for being one of Nigeria cheapest online shopping store for kids. In fact, you get a better deal on kiddies clearance page sales.

For the latest kids trendy clothes on a cheap in the country, is one of the online store to look at. You can get a girls lace overlay shorts for as cheap as ₦5,500.00, while say overlay shorts will cost you over ₦5,000.00 from other stores.

9. Babyspace

Similar to Bumblebees, Babyspace specialized in selling quality, cheap and affordable baby wears. Babyspace pride themselves to be the premium online retailer of pregnant ladies and baby products.

10. Deluxe Nigeria

Other cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria to look at are

11. Jumia

12. Kara

13. Dealday

14. Slot


Although, some Nigerians still prefer to shop by visiting our traditionally brick and mortar stores; in reality, many of us are now taking advantages of shopping from the comfort of our home or offices. Regardless of what you are looking to buy, Nigeria online shopping sites are up to the task.

As the online price war continue between online stores, consumers are at a greater advantage to pick up goods at cheaper rates. As a matter of fact, most of the online selling websites now slash their prices.

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria.

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