Starting a Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria: How profitable is it

Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria can be looked at in two different ways; those looking to farm the baby catfish (fingerlings or juveniles) and does looking to farm the adults fishes (cultivate them till they are eatable).

Either type fish farming, this article will guide you through both types of catfish farming. Are you looking to start catfish farming and you do not know where to turn to. I believe you are in the right place where you will learn the following of catfish farming in Nigeria:

Valuable Catfish Farming Business Tips on:

  1. How to start catfish farming;
  2. Cost to start a catfish farm (how much is it);
  3. How can catfish grow faster;
  4. What type of food can be given to catfish; and
  5. Profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria

At the bottom of this article, I also have a catfish farming in Nigeria video for you. Feel free to watch the video, it will help you achieve your business objectives.


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