Coronavirus: COVID-19 update around the world

This is a time of reflection as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting every area of our lives.It is so distressing to see the damage caused by Covid-19 globally. Every country is

Nigeria News: Enugu State News - Husband killed his wife

Husband killed his wifeReport reaching our news desk from Enugu State has it that a man has killed is wife (mother of four) in a

Guinea-Bissau News: Forest Fire kill 11 People in Konkoli

Forest Fire Kill Persengers in Konkoli, Guinea-BissauIn rural Guinea-Bissau when a minibus became trapped in a forest fire 11 passenger’s have

Read the latest Real Estate News in Nigeria

Real Estate News in Nigeria: One of the most important thing I learn in property business is to always listen

Nigeria News: Python snake sighted after Lagos flood

Python Snake sighted in Lagos

Nigeria News: Heavy Rain halt Lagos activities

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