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Blogging for money and passion to some people is a dream and truly, that dream must not die. Yes, you have that burning flame inside you to just blog, blog, blog and blog.

Are you a blogger? Or just starting to write your first blog; even, if you are an article writer, a website owner or a journalist, then this piece of blogging tips will help you. As a matter of fact, you may not need much blogging classes after reading this.

With many years of writing articles and blogging, trust me I know how it is to become a successful blogger. In fact, it is a business on its own; you sometimes feel frustrated or feel like quitting the blogging world because you are not seeing the results.

Well….. all these setbacks are about to end if you can follow me on these journey.

This article is good for both experienced bloggers and for those looking to take up the role of content writing. In addition, it also answer the question – how much do bloggers make?


It is important to realize that this article is a “Metablog“; that is to say, it is a blog about blogging.

Take Advantage Of Blogging – Read These 10 Tips

From time to time, I receive emails from different individuals in the blogging world asking different questions; questions ranging from how can I start a blog? to how can I make money from blogging?

Sometimes, some even call me to teach them how to improve their blog popularity or lecture them on ranking high in search engine results.

Let us get the ball rolling. In this article, I will be more specific and use my personal experience on the following:

  • Did You Start blogging For Passion or Money?
  • The Secret of Successful blogging.
  • Blogging Ethics.
  • Turn Your blogging Into A High Performing Machine
  • Ways blogging Will Help You Get More Business
  • Can You Pass The blogging Test.
  • There’s Big Money In Blogging.

Looking into all the above, I will take them one after the other.

1. Did you start blogging for money or as a passion?

As for me, I entered the industry some years back because of blogging for money. Yes there is money in it if you know what you are doing. Whatever your reason may be, the end product is to make money.

For those that are just about to start their own blog, I will advice you read how to start a blog before continuing with this article. You will get all the necessary information that will help you kick-start your blogging career.

Now, back to the reason for starting your blog. Is it because you have a passion for it? Yes, you are very passionate about; truly, you enjoy the fact that you are a blogger but, do you have the blogging ethics to take it all the way?

Similarly, you started your blog because you heard that bloggers make money (just like I did when I started)….. the same question I will ask you’ do you have the necessary blogging ethics to make your site as successful as you want?

Hey, why on earth will someone like me wake up in the morning and say to myself that the next thing to do is just write and write and write. Well, below are most of the reasons why people blog.

Some will say to:

  • Distract myself from my problems; or
  • Share my passion with others; or
  • Educate the public on some issues; or
  • Share my interest in reading, mentoring, photography or even to sell something.

Whatever the reason may be, you can be rest assured that the key to you running a successful blog is YOU. Yes, only yourself can determine the level of success you desire in it.

2. The Secret of Successful blogging

Successful Blogging, Blogging for Beginners, Blogging in Nigeria, Successful Blogging Tips
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Building an online business, selling stuff on the internet and blogging is easy but………”

……… how easy can most bloggers say this.

As a blogger, this section of the post will show you all it takes to be a success content writer.

First thing to remember, you are writing these blog posts because of your readers, therefore, your blog should provide value and educational materials to read. In other words, it should provide valuable information.

For this reason, I write this post to give you all necessary information for you to succeed as a blogger.

Take a seat as I go through basic techniques used by successful bloggers.

  • Be Focused and Dominate your niche

Most compelling evidence shows that all successful bloggers are very focused.

What do I mean?

As a content creator, you need to focus on two important things; that is to say, your audience and your content.

Your audience is important for the popularity of your blog, while the type of your content is important so as to attract the right audience to your posts.

As it can be seen, both audience and contents go hand-in-hand; and most importantly, create a blog niche for yourself and dominate it. This is a secret that most successful bloggers follow.

In other words, You become an authority blogger in your niche.

You too can do same!

  • Build Trust and Give Value

In order to be successful in blogging, you need to build trust among your audience; not only that, but also need to provide them with valuable contents.

Blogging is not just publishing a piece of content online, it is much more than that. As a matter of fact, it is about providing useful information; that is to say, quality contents.

As you may be aware, Google emphasizes this in the Google Quality Rater Guidelines. Following the guideline means you are providing quality contents; and quality content will help you in search engine result pages (SERPs).

If you can provide quality content, your audience will grow and these audience will trust you.

I do understand that sometimes it may be difficult to define quality content, or to understand what the audience wants. That should not deter you, just focus on content that provide solution to peoples’ problems.

To me, that is giving your audience “value”.

  • Be passionate with what you do

How passionate are you with blogging? and how prepared are you to work hard? If you answer yes to both questions, you will surely be a successful blogger.

Your passion for what you do is the number one rule of thumb to success; and at the same time, it keeps you going and help you overcome all obstacles.

Inasmuch as you have a clear understanding on what you want to do, just let your passion drive the goodness in it,

According to Hugh Masekela, he said and I quote –

Whatever you go into, you have to go in there to be the best. There’s no formulas. It’s all about passion and honesty and hard work. It might look glamorous, but it takes a lot of hard work. The blessing with the arts is that you can do it forever.

  • Be Original about Your Blog

Sometimes, originality make the difference in the blogging world.

If you provide original contents, you will see your audience grow; not only will that help to increase the traffic to you site, but also help you on SERPs.

First thing to remember, there are other blogs out there about the same thing you want to right about.


What will make your blog different?

The answer is, the originality in your contents. That originality is you, your perspective and the value you add.


To make your blogging a success, you must by providing your audience with original content; combined with creativity and added value.

My advice on blogging for beginners: Stop procrastinating, take the necessary steps on time, be more passionate and think outside the box.

3. Ethics for Bloggers

Blogging, Make Money Blogging, Blogging For Passion, Code Of Ethics for Bloggers
Code of Ethics for Bloggers.

After many years of using blogs, articles and posts as a marketing tool to promote my online businesses, I have finally settled to consult for many bloggers; and most importantly, I do more of consulting in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For the purpose of those looking to familiarize themselves with SEO, you can drive traffic to your blog with SEO. You will learn many of the benefits of using SEO for your blog and how to get traffic.

As a blogger, you are a content creator and an essential part of public knowledge creation. Because you create contents, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders; these includes being fair and honest in your opinion. In addition, you should try to be as accurate as possible and also, try not to be sentimental about your contents.

Another key point bloggers should note on the ethics is that, your contents today can last for a lifetime. In other words, any of your post may still be referred to or read by generation to come. So therefore, you are a part of the future to come.

With this in mind, you are ready to venture into the world of opportunities available to content writers. Before leaving this particular discussion, I will encourage all bloggers to go through Code Of Ethics for Bloggers.

4. Turn Your blogging Into A High Performing Machine

Blogging Tips, Number of blogs publish per day, Make Money blogging

In the first place, all bloggers want their blog to be popular; if not well known to the whole world, it should be known by some set of audience. If that is the case, ask yourself this question – how do I make my blog popular?

That particular question is what I receive every now and then from different bloggers all around the world.

You know what, my answer to that question is simple. My response is always – To make your blog popular, you have to define your niche market. By so doing, you are creating the path of success for yourself.

From time to time, many bloggers blogging can not define their blog niche. If you ask them – what is your blog all about, some will say “its all about lifestyle” while others will tell you “I am just a general blogger”. Well, this is where many people get it wrong. In order to make your mark on the blogging scene, you will need to be more focused.

According to the figure published on Quora, available at the time of publishing this article, over 2.5 Million blogs are published each day. With the stiff competition for popularity out there, how do you want to make it in blogging?

As shown above, the number of blogs published in a day is much. In order to be a relevant blogger, and at the same time turn your blog into high performing machine, you need the following.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    For me, this is still the most reliable method to use for your blog to be successful. I mean this, it will boost your blog traffic; not only that, but also increase your dominance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With my experience on SEO, I have been able to help clients turn their websites and blogs into high performing platform. With website optimization, you can be rest assured that your blog will be seen by your targeted audience.

    Another key point about SEO is that, it send natural organic traffic to your blog. These traffic are more likely to take actions on your post because they have actually gone out there to look for your services. In other words, SEO produces more conversion when it comes to traffic generation.

  • Social Media Platform

    My second favorite is Social Media. With it, you can boost your blog performance online in a way that will even marvel you. Any serious blogger will need to grow his or her social media follow in such a way that the followers will be looking forward to read his or her post.

    Although, with social media platform you have two choices; first, use paid adverts to boost your traffic and second, grow your audience organically.

    Recently, I wrote an article that went viral using the power of social media. To my surprise, I only did it through my audience.

  • Email Marketing

    Surprisingly, most bloggers have started to realize the importance of using e-mail marketing strategy to boost their blog traffic. To use this and get it right require you to have a large database of subscribers.

    I have seen so many bloggers, especially clients not taking advantage of their email list; even, some do not even have an email list. If you don’t have it, you are really missing out on a low hanging fruit that can turn your blogging into a high performing machine. Why is this? Emails broadcast have high conversion if you get it right. As a matter of fact, your subscribers are ready to read from you every time.

Comparatively, Google traffic is the best! Why? It converts more than paid traffic for bloggers; apart from that, it is totally free. As you and I know, organic traffic from search engines continue to lead when it comes to conversions online. In others words, high ranking website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) get more traffic.

If you are new to driving traffic to your blog or want to learn a bit about SEO, you can read up on “Powerful Tips to Drive Traffic to your Blog”. This is the ONLY way you can turn your blogging into a high performing machine.

5. Ways blogging Will Help You Get More Business

Generally speaking, blogging is good for business. Not only does it help you drive traffic to your site, but also help you engage your customers. As a matter of fact, blogging Will Help You Get More Business If you know how to use it.

In today’s world of online marketing, many business owners around the world are feeling the heat. Heat from competitors and that of economy down-turn. Now, many of them are realizing the importance of bloggers to help them gain market advantage.

In fact, these businesses need you. They need you because you are a blogger, you can use your write-up to engage your audience; this in turn will convert these audience into customers. Therefore, your blogging is a valuable tool that get your business more than you may think of.

As a blogger, you want more business. It is important to realize that directly or indirectly, individuals and business entity depend on your work. As Emily Bell put this, “Yes, Blogging is a business, but not has we know it” – and this is completely true!

Since it is a business, it is financially viable and sustainable. That is to say, you can generate sufficient income from it to meet your financial commitments. I don’t know if you have read “How to start a blog to make money”, if not, I will advice you do so. It is full of information to help both new and experienced bloggers.

This period is the best time for you to shine; the time to showcase what you are made of. Take advantage of it!

The saying goes…….

If you want A Thriving Online Business, Focus On blogging!

6. Can You Pass the blogging for money Test?

Like many other job out there, bloggers need to examine themselves if they can pass the basic blogging test. As a blogger, if you can, then you are definitely on the right part to success. In addition, assessing yourself on the basic blogging test will boost your blog and make it more successful.

What are the basic blogging test?

Below, I list the basic blogging test that is required to be a successful blogger. Regardless of your level and experience, you need to get yourself acquainted with them.

  • Blog Writing Skills

    Blogging is not just about writing words on the internet, it require some sort of specific skills. These skills require you to add HUGE VALUE to your audience. Value with the information that you put out there.
    How can you add value? You can only add value through your content. Publishing helpful, unique and informative content is the most important way you can add value to your audience.
    To be a successful blogger, you need to have writing skills that will engage your audience in all areas.

  • Targeting your Audience

    As mentioned above, each blog as its own audience, if so, you need to know your targeted audience; and in addition, be able to engage them with you blog posts. Although, you do not need to be a book publisher to be a professional blogger, you still need that skill to engage your audience if you are to boost your blogging platform.
    This is an important area where most bloggers fail. Regardless of what you are writing about, it is of high importance to know your targeted audience. Equally important (as mentioned above), you should engage your audience all the way.

  • Optimizing content for Search Engines

    Although, Google will tell you to write for your audience; yes it is true (as pointed above). This is essential for the blogging test. As a blogger looking to be successful in blogging, you need to optimize your content for search engines. If you do not, you are not likely to be prominent in the blogosphere.

    First thing to remember, without a well optimized blog post, your blog will find it very hard to compete with other bloggers’ post. In order to achieve this, you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for bloggers to outrank your competitors.

  • Misinformation

    Do not write or sell misleading information. As a blogger, you need to apply good blogging practice or code of conduct by not publishing false or inaccurate information.

    For example, one of the leading misinformation or misconception we all hear today is – ‘money start pouring in the moment you start blogging’. No, this is totally a misinformation; because you need to be fully rooted before your can make substantial amount of steady income from your blog.

    Although you can make few pennies from writing and publishing your stories, but you need to know that your will make real income advertisement and affiliate programs. So, it is important to realize that money does not start pouring in the moment you start your blog.

Inasmuch as you can adhere to all the above, believe me, your blogs and articles will go places.

7. There’s Big Money In it

Yes, you heard me right!

If there is money to be earned in blogging, then, how much do bloggers make?

Blogging provide great opportunities for bloggers to make money in different ways. Not only does it gives you the flexibility to take it up as a profession, but also can be used to create multiple streams of income.

I am sure most bloggers still cannot figure out the powerful income generating platform they have. If you fall into that category, try any of the following tips to boost your income streams as a content creator.

That popular question is…….

How do bloggers make money?

Here are few of the many ways bloggers make money.

By Selling Ad-spaces

One of the most common ways blogging generate income for bloggers is through selling of ads on their site.

Typically, you can sell three types of ads on your site; these are:

  • Private Ads

To make money through private ads placements, you must have good and relevant traffic on your site. By having good traffic, you will be in a strong position to negotiate how much you are selling the advert places.

In addition, getting adverts directly from advertisers is likely going to fetch you more income than going through any middle man; that is to say, advertising agents.

Generally speaking, private ads can be images, banners or text links placed on your site.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Cost Per Click (CPC)

In order to generate income through CPC or PPC, you will need to join any of the ad network program. The most common of this is the Google Adsense.

Nevertheless, it works is such a way that you will copy a code from these network program, place such code on your site; and anytime any of you audience clicked on the generated banner (or text link) from the code, you get paid.

  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)

Popularly referred to as cost per 1,000 impressions.

It is similar to the above in the sense that you get to participate in the program through ad networks. Additionally, you get paid a fixed amount for the number of ads viewed on your site.

In summary on selling ads, you could see that all boils down to the number of traffic your site is receiving. That is to say, need to have high traffic to generate substantial income from them.

Add Affiliate Links to Contents

Affiliate marketing is one of the unique way to make money from blogging. Here is how affiliate marketing works:

1. You establish a relationship with an advertiser. With this type of affiliate marketing, you agree to sell the advertisers’ products or services for a commission; through your blog.

2. After registering with the advertiser, you will get a unique code only associated to you. This code will be used to track clicks coming from your blog.

3. Depending on the advertiser, the said code is included in the link that you will copy and paste on your blog.

The copied link can be in the form of text link or banner ads.

How do you now make money as a blogger though affiliate marketing?

Its simple……

Anytime the link or banner get clicked and a purchase is made on the advertiser’s website, you get paid

Sell Digital Products, Sell Your Services

  • Selling Digital Products

Another good way to generate revenue on your blog is to sell digital products. With digital products, you can create the products yourself or sell for a third party.

Here are some of the products for your consideration:

  • Ebooks;
  • Video and Images;
  • Software and Apps; and
  • Online Courses.

With selling any of the items in the list, you will be creating a regular stream of income for yourself.

Inasmuch as you have the right audience to sell to, you will discover that blogging is profitable.

  • Sell Your Services

Many bloggers take to this option for the fact that it gives them some good income .

How does this work?

You write blog posts relating to the services you provide; and making those posts act as a marketing tool for your business.

In addition, bloggers also sell articles as a service.

Bloggers Make Money with Sponsored Posts

What is sponsored post?

A sponsored post is an article or piece of blog written with the main aim of promoting a brand, business or product; and this write-up is posted on your site in exchange for payment.

In reality, sponsored post is a unique way to make money from blogging. In fact, it can be a steady stream of income for your blog.

Why is this so?

Many brands owners look to bloggers to promote there brands.

SEO inclined website owners look to get backlinks to their site. Sponsored link is a good way to get these links.

As a blogger, you need to incorporate a sponsored post strategy into your plan in order to increase your revenue stream.

How much do you charge for sponsored post?

With my years of experience in the blogging industry, I have seen the ‘high’ and ‘low’ of what advertisers pay for sponsored post. Nevertheless, you will be expected to charge based on the following:

  • The traffic on your site;
  • You negotiating skills; and most importantly
  • Your target audience.

As can be seen, those three factors will determine how much your blog will generate from sponsored post.


As can be seen, blogging involves combination of different elements – from your main purpose of starting it to the goals you want to achieve; including how to achieve them.

These various elements have been analyzed in details to help you on your journey.

As a blogger, you can achieve so many things with your blog posts; be focused and make good use of the blogging ethics to your advantage.

While there are great opportunities out there, also remember there are lot of competitions. You need to make use of strategies like SEO, SMO and Email marketing platforms to promote your blog posts.

Inasmuch as you can follow these blogging tips, you give yourself a better chance to succeed.

Remember, don’t just sit there, start blogging; boost it with these tips and make money with it.

Happy Blogging!

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