Blog Post Ideas for bloggers with the number of blogs online

As a blogger, you may find it difficult getting blog post ideas or even writing great articles your audience will like. In fact, this was my own case when I ventured into the blogging world. If you happen to fall into this category, do not worry too much; here is the 10 most useful blogging tips for you on ways to finding great blog post ideas and topics.

Are you struggling to come up with unique blog ideas? or

Are you are looking for how to find topics for your blog?

If so, follow me on this journey and I will show you the most effective ways of generating blog post ideas.

First thing to remember, contents is king; and equally important is the topic of that blog post. Therefore, generating unique topics for your blog is key to helping you keep a flow of visitors; that is to say, it help your blog popularity.

In addition, your articles send signals to search engines about your activeness among your niche. One of the main problem that every blogger faces is lack of ideas to write content. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find an article topic which suits both the article writer and your blog audience.

To help my other fellow bloggers, I have listed some of the ways to find blog posts ideas that will help them in creating great contents and unique blog topics.

By using any of the blog post idea generators listed below, you are given your content a better chance of having an impact on your website popularity and traffic.

However, while this article will focus on blog ideas for bloggers, we still need to look at blog competition; that is to say, how many blogs are published online.

How many blogs are there online?

Do you know the number of blogs online today? or better still, do you know the numbers of blogs published everyday?

Very good question asked by many of us!

Because of this, I started digging into this never ending question of the number of blogs on the internet. At the time of this publication, here are some of my findings:

  • As of June 1, 2018, hosts over 417.1 million blogs.
  • has about 79.7 million new posts and 49.7 million new comments each month.
  • Livejournal reports to have 62.6 million blogs published on the platform.
  • Weebly, a blogging platform provider states it has over 12 million blogs.
  • Blogster, a free online blogging community has over 1,962,250 blogs.

Despite the fact that each of these blogging platforms has there own individial record on the numbers of blog published on their platforms, Worldometers has a real time statistics of the number of blog post published.

With the amount of blogs post publish every seconds, what are the best options available for bloggers getting article ideas to write on?

So ……….

Inasmuch as you can create a blog post, then the post content should never be a problem. All you do is to make the post as attractive to readers as possible. So, sit back and continues this great article that solve the problem finding blog post ideas for bloggers.

Here are ways a blogger can find great blog post ideas

1. Google Instant’s Autocomplete Suggestions

Over the years, google has been offering this great feature when you the search tool bar. This is a great feature that I have used as blogger to help generate great blog post ideas. As a matter of fact, this google suggest (autocomplete) tool is one of the best blog post idea generator that I have ever used.

The good thing about google autocomplete is that all suggestions are based on real searches. That is to say, what others have searched for with regards to that particular keyword. As a matter of fact, I used google autocomplete when generating my blog titles. Such title includes – list of best blog sites in Nigeria; I now receive good traffic on the post.

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2. Yahoo – Question and Answer platform

Yahoo question and answer platform is another reliable tool you can use when finding great blog ideas to write on. I have used it several time and without any doubt, it has help me to find great blog topics to write about, On the positive side, I use it for brainstorming blogging ideas.

With Yahoo question and answers, you get great ideas on questions people will like an answer for. It gives you an idea on what to write; not only that, but also can be used to research the same topic you are writing on. I see it as one of the tool to generate great blog post.

3. Mylot – A discussion board and blogging community

I recently discovered Mylot website as a platform to use when looking to generate blog post ideas. It is discussion board where a blogger get great ideas from members discussion; this can help you to find great ideas to write your next blog posts. Just enter some keywords and you will related popular searches. They can be used to write great content that is also searched more on the Google.

Using mylot has helped me to discover new blog topic ideas that has generated quite a lot of traffic to my blog. Using Mylot are great resources for finding blog content, because it always involves discussions, questions, answers, facts and opinions.

4. Quora – Question and Answer website

Quora, a fantastic website!

Not only is it good for discovering blog ideas, but also good for generating backlinks to your blog post. Even though it is a question and answer website, you can actually generate blog ideas from questions asked by real people. Just move to Quora and type in your keywords, you will find hundreds if not thousands questions related to your keyword. Some may have already been answered and some are still waiting for an answer.

Although you can choose from any question but I will recommend you write on questions waiting for an answer. This is because either the question is not asked correctly or there is lack of knowledge among people about that topic. By all means, try and create your blog post content to solve the question asked.

5. Ubersuggest for blog post ideas

As the name of the site implies, It is a blog post ideas generator. That is to say, it help you generate keywords and keyword phrases ideas that you can use to create great contents in your blog. When I started writing articles for my website, I was able to rank high on the search engine result pages for some keywords with this help of this tool.

With Ubersuggest’s free keyword tool, you can generate an unlimited number of different blog topics suggestions. This will help you take your article content creation to the next level; and at the same time, help increasing your site’s chances of ranking against your other competitors.

6. Read Blogs with Same Niche

If you are looking to create good blog post, you also need to learn from other articles or blogs already published in your niche. This sometimes can give you an insight on what to write about.

Find blogs with same niche as yours and read their posts. You will get enough ideas to write posts for your blog too. One thing to take care is to never copy anyone. Write your own content, add your own ideas and be your own hero. Copied content will never help you in your blogging journey. You can take references from other blogs but your content should be unique and original.

7. Blog Post Ideas Title Generator

I have used the Title Generator to coil out different long tail keyword phrases for my blog website. Bloggers can take advantage of these tool to create amazing tittles for their write-ups. Just one click on the website will pull up over 700 titles you can pick from.

I have used the tool to generate catchy blog titles that have given me more that 60% conversion rate. As a matter of fact, I have used the title generated from the tool for marketing campaigns when I have to do promotional post on my website; and guess what, the conversion has been good.

8. Ask your Fellow Bloggers and Readers

I called this a brainstorming blog post ideas session. It is sometimes good to brainstorm with other bloggers; not only does other bloggers give you an idea on what to write, but also give you an opportunity to let them share your post for you. Many times, I have asked other bloggers questions relating to my blog niche mainly for the purpose of this exercise.

In addition, asking bloggers and your audience for feedback can give you an insight on what to write. It will let you know about your readers and what they wanted to read about. Take the feedback and choose the topics from them and reward the best topic given by your reader for more engagement the next time.

9. Social Media Groups generates blog post ideas

Join Facebook, Google+ Communities and other social media groups related to your niche. You can get blog ideas from various discussion on these groups; in fact, some of the questions posted on those social media groups will shed more light on various topics for you.

Your main focus should be to provide answers for these group members on topics they may be looking for to read about. In general. blogging is the best way by which people can be helped at a larger scale online.

These are some tips you can follow to find ideas for your next blog post and write great articles. Follow them to find ideas related to your niche and your blog.

10. Read and Learn

Reading great books and articles is my inspiration. In fact, this has help me to generating a whole lots of news blog ideas than the remaining nine above. Each time I read a book or an article, I learn from them and make notes; these notes are what I expand on when I write new blog post.

For example, I had the inspiration to write about How to make money online through the ideas I got from Robert Kiyosaki Books; most notably the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. I just love this guy.

By reading everyday, you will never run out of great blog ideas that will fit into your niche.


In finding the best blog post content ideas, you need to look beyond just writing an article. Research into what your audience may be interested in; by doing so, you give yourself a lot lot of coming up wit great ideas to write on. Obviously, writing articles and blogs on your site makes it popular; not only that, but also help your business one way or the other.

In order to be a successful blogger or article writer, you will need to find blog post ideas to write about. That is to say, the post should interest your audience and most importantly, it should add value to readers.

Remember, what has worked for me may not work for you; but using any of the ideas listed above will surely enhance your knowledge on how you can generate ideas for your new blog post.

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