Black Friday Sales in Nigeria 2019: Best Deals Online Shopping Items

November 8, 2018 Business,Nigeria

As Friday, 29 November 2019 approaches, so are we all looking forward to getting the best Black Friday sales online and offline for various items; that is to say, we need to save money on these items. For this reasons, I have come up with online stores in Nigeria where you get the best Black Friday Deals in 2019.

Before diving into where you get discounts on that particular day, from Nigeria online stores, let us look at some answers for the frequently asked questions. In addition, I will also talk about things most shoppers don’t know with regards to that day.

What is Black Friday?

It is an informal name given to the day after the Thanksgiving day in the United State of America; a day regarded as the beginning of Christmas holiday shopping season. For this reason, it has been regarded as a day where shoppers snap up great deals.

Although, the celebration of black Friday started in the US; presently, more than 80% of the countries in the world celebrate it.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Traditionally, black Friday is the day when retailers sell more of their goods on a single day; in other words, the retailers start to make profit for the year. Also, within the accounting code of practice, profit margins are usually shown in black ink. For that reason, the name black Friday became popular.

Are there Black Friday sales online in Nigeria?

Yes, there are great deals to be snapped up online from almost all the Nigeria retailers. In fact, retailers such as Maybrands, Jumia and Konga have started selling at great discounts to their customers online.

When is Black Friday Date this year?

Answer: Friday, 29 November, 2019.

Best Online Black Friday Deals in Nigeria for this Year

Here are list of items on Black Friday Deals in Nigeria for your consideration:

1. Fashion and Accessories

Black Friday Sales, Jumia Black Friday Sales, Konga Black Friday Sales

There are great deals online for individuals looking for fashion and accessory bargains in Nigeria. Traditionally, major retail online stores such as Maybrands, Jumia and Konga discount their fashion and accessory products.

The offers for the period surrounding that day may include price cuts, free gifts with purchases or a combination of both in some cases. As a matter of fact, these stores have started advertising most of their Black Friday deals online.

This year, you can get great deals online from any of the stores; remember, this sales have started on the following fashion and accessory products.

Most discounted Items for the Black Friday sales under this category are:

  • Wristwatches

As one of the best gift item Nigerians buy online, we look at those online stores that give you better bargains on wristwatches during this period. You too can compare the best Black Friday deals on wristwatches.

Inasmuch as I’m not to tell you the best place to buy your stuff during this season, my advice is to buy from a reputable original designer wristwatch dealers in the country.

On or before the big day, you will save money on the following wristwatches:

Is it a good time to buy a Wrist Watch?

Yes, it is. If you are a wristwatch lover, or you like to give out wristwatches as an ideal gift to a loved one; then, this is an appropriate time to snap up a deal. Either you are buying as a Christmas or birthday gift, you may get up to 50% discounts from the above online store.

Jumia Black Friday, Jumia Black Friday 2018, Konga Black Friday, Black Friday Sales in Nigeria

Source: Maybrands Nigeria.

  • Handbags

Good handbags, be it leather or fabric, make our dressing complete. When it comes to snapping up that designer handbag you have always wanted, this years’ Black Friday comes with lot of goodies.

Above all, this year’s Black Friday sales promise to be the best in the history of online handbag sellers in Nigeria. Not only will you get some inspiration from women’s handbags on sale, but also, and most importantly, snap up bargains from the best sellers.

On or before the big day, you will save money on the following handbags:

List of online stores in Nigeria to snap up handbag deals are:

Maybrands: A leading designer handbag seller in Nigeria. Snap up bargain on Michael Kors, Fossil and few other designer handbags.

Jumia: Sell handbags for various seller.

Konga: Similar to Jumia sale, they sell for various merchants and distributors.

In general, this is the best time to buy more from the markdown prices of handbags online.

  • Shoes Sales

Both men and women can snap up good shoes from this years’ season sales. From the look of things, most Nigerian online stores have slashed their prices to more than 50% already; giving you the opportunity to purchase that designer shoe on your mind.

From what we gathered from some of the Nigerian online shore stores, they expect to give their customers the best deals this year.

All sales are superbly good; even a saving of ₦5,000.00 is good. In case you do not know, there’s really nothing better than buying at bargain price. For example, you can buy a pair of shoes worth ₦23,000.00 for less that ₦10,000.00 at some of the Nigerian Online shoe stores. That is what I call a big saving!

Whether you’re still on the hunt for the perfect everyday office shoe or want to get your next Christmas shoes early, there are tons of options at affordable prices for you.

Our pick on Online Shoe sellers in Nigeria.

  • Trushoe

With different range in their shoe categories, the Nigeria Shoes Online website has some good price bargain for you this holiday seasons period.

Whether you looking to buy a lovely shoe present as a gift for a loved one, or you just want to save money on your next shoe collections, we recommend you check them out.

2. Health and Beauty

From time to time, we need to look good for our own self. For this reason, we sometimes look for health and beauty product sales and bargain; in fact, we constantly look to save money on these products.

Over the years, we have been used to high cost in price for health and beauty products, but during this season, these prices are slashed. That is to say, Black Friday is a great time to get a deal on most popular brands and retailers.

3. Electronics (TVs, Tablets and Smartphones)

Black Friday Shopping in Nigeria, Black Friday Sales, Cheap Electronics online

Electronics deals are very common during this seasonal sales period. Last year, did amazing sales on her electronics products. On the average, Nigerian online store slashed its electronic products by more than half of there prices.

What will be the best black Friday electronics deal this year?

Maybe your guess will be as good as mine, we’ll see!

No matter where you choose to shop this Black Friday, you’re almost guaranteed to find TV, tablets and smartphones bargains. Last year, some retailers offered free gifts with a qualifying tablets and smartphone purchase. I believe such freebies, or even better ones are out there this year.

Advice on shopping for electronics deals in Nigeria

In order for you to snap up the best electronics’ deals during this seasonal sales period, you will have to do the following:

  • Do your homework, research on the product you want to buy.
  • Use price comparison sites to compare the product price before buying.
  • Go on social media to see what people are saying about the product and the shopping store.
  • Use review websites to read the review of that product.
  • Create a budget and stick to it. It will help you not to over spend.
  • Avoid pricey accessories and stop wasting money. Only go for what you need.

Our pick on Online Electronics’ sellers in Nigeria.

  • EShop

As one of the leading electronic store in the country, eShop Nigeria has something great in stock for you; you have huge saving on your electronics purchases all year round.

In fact, the online store has slashed her prices on Cloud Energy Solar Panels and other electronics; like Inverters and many more. When you want to buy electronics online in Nigeria, try the eShop online store to snap up a deal.

4. Home appliances

Obviously, it’s no secret here that Black Friday offers huge amounts of savings on major home appliances; such as washers, dryers and refrigerators. You got to look for similar deep discounts again this year.

Last year, many Nigerians enjoyed over 40% off the price of selected major home appliances. In fact, big brand home appliances were not left out.

If you’re in the market for smaller appliances such as bread toasters, blenders, vacuum cleaners, or kettles, expect deals this year from major superstores in Nigeria.

Our pick on Online Home Appliances’ sellers in Nigeria.

We took a look at some of Nigeria online store we you can get real snapped up bargain, and here they are

  • Escapadeng

With good reputation and customers’ reviews, Escapadeng, one of the leading Nigeria online home appliance store has great savings for you this period.

From what the store has called her EscapadeNG YafunYafun Black Friday Deals, you are in for good deals on home appliances like the chest freezer and the rest.

5. Travel deals

Are you planning for a family vacation, holiday or business trip next year? If you are, this is the best time to snap a deal and make great savings.

Prior to this year, many Nigerians have testified to grabbing huge travel bargain when they make a ticket booking around this period. Why is this? It is simply because many of our travel agents slash their ticket prices too.

Not only do you get unbelievable deals on travel tickets, but also get fantastic discounts on hotel bookings too. As a matter of fact, all sectors within the hospitality industry will give you discounts on your bookings this period.

Regardless of who is looking for Black Friday deals, be it individuals or corporate entities, this is a good time to make your bookings in preparation for the new year.

6. Sporting Goods Deals

What is your favorite sport? Many Nigerian youths will say football or even some other sports. Yes, most of our kids are looking to be great footballers in the future. Not only are they looking to be a great footballer, but also support great football teams around the world.

In that case, this is the best time to pick up a bargain buy of your favourite sporting kits. Be it football, tennis or other sporting activities. Additionally, this is the period to pick up bargains when buying sport equipment.

In case you are a football fan, what league do you follow? – English premiership, or Spanish football league (La Liga) or the Italian football league (Serie A); whatever it may be, you will never get a better opportunity to pick up your favourite team or players’ shirts than this Black Friday season.

Although there are fake sporting kits sold by some sport shops in Nigeria, I will advice you to buy your sporting kits and materials from reputable sporting outlets.

Where can you buy original sport equipment and kits in Nigeria this Black Friday season?

The scope of this article is not to pinpoint a particular store; nevertheless, you may shop for big brands through any of the comparison sites. In addition, always read reviews and customer feedbacks on these stores before patronizing them.

Good luck!

7. Black Friday Gaming Deals

When it comes to entertainment, gaming is one of the most widely entertainment form among the Nigerian youths. With different big hit games in the market, you have varieties to choose from.

In addition, there are early Black Friday sales and deals on different computer games and consoles. It is time you take advantage of this season.

To be a modern gamer is expensive, therefore taking advantage of this year’s season gaming deals may be more important than ever. Games like PlayStation (PS4), Nintendo, Spider-Man and many more are available to be snapped at bargain prices.

What sort of exciting gaming deals can you expect this season?

It’s very likely we’ll be seeing big money savings on consoles, accessories and physical games this shopping holiday season. Online retailers such as IEX games, Soso games and NXT Games are among Nigeria’s top gaming sellers to consider for gaming discounts and deals.

In addition, online stores like Jumia, Konga, JIJI and OLX have great deals on games to be snapped up for this Black Friday.

8. Office Equipment and Stationery

Many business owners are bargain hunters; they look out for mark downs on prices for office furniture, stationery and other equipment. Yes, this season’s holiday period is the best time to snap up deal of the year.

With high dollar exchange rate, truly, any business owner will look to save money on office expense. Nevertheless, there is little to nothing they can do all year round. But with Black Friday season around the corner, many of these office essentials have reduced prices.

Inasmuch as the procurement department has been able to identify their needs, then half the problem is solved. All that is left is to shop around for best buys.

To me, best buy means to look around for “quality” items with the best affordable price in the market. Remember, I did emphasize on the word quality.

For business owners looking for best buy Black Friday deals on office equipment and supplies, take a look at what the following Nigerian Online stores have for you:

  • Office Land Limited;
  • Office Everything;
  • Southwood Nigeria;
  • Office-r-us Nigeria; and
  • The Office Store Limited

Generally speaking, the above listed stores deals with all your office needs; while the likes of Deluxe, JIJI, Gloo, Jumia and Konga sells these office needs for other retailers. That is to say, they provide trading platforms for office equipment retailers.

Always remember to check out store and product customer reviews. These reviews are great indicators to guide you on price and product quality.

9. Baby Products

Best Buy Black Friday, Best Buy Black Friday Sales in Nigeria, Best Buy Black Friday Sales in Nigeria

Baby products are essential but expensive. If you are an expecting mom, a new mom, or just a mom in general, this period is the best time of the year to snap up good bargain on most of your essential needs.

Be that as it may, smart moms are guaranteed some HUGE savings on baby items and things for the rest of the family. These could include savings on kids gear, clothes, toys, diapers and everything else that mothers spend a small fortune on.

As shown above, there are obvious items outside of the baby world like electronics, TVs, home appliances, kitchen stuff, travel deals, etc. But some of the best Black Friday deals on baby stuff to keep an eye open for are:

  • Diapers;
  • Clothes;
  • Rock N’ Plays,
  • Car Seats;
  • Baby Carriers

Best Places to Shop for Black Friday Deals on Baby items

There are lots of online stores in Nigeria to snap up great bargain from when planning your Black Friday shopping.

Most of these stores have started leaking their deal Adverts. For mothers, this is an appropriate time to start looking for bargains, especially for some specific items as mentioned above.

For the purpose of this up coming sales period, we have put up some online retailers for moms to consider when shopping for Black Friday sales.

Baby, Toddlers and Kids Retail Online Stores In Nigeria
  • Newbee;
  • Mumsfave;
  • Early Years;
  • Simplyinfants; and
  • Mothercare Nigeria

Like I have always said, it is best for you to shop around to know which of the deals advertised is best for you.

Good luck moms!


While shopping online for Black Friday deals means you avoid unnecessary rush to shopping malls and stores, it still requires navigating sales items online in advance.

As shown above, there are various items you should look out to get deals on when shopping this sales season. This article have identified specific items that you will be saving money on when purchased online and offline in Nigeria. In addition, we have also identified top online stores in the country that gives most discounts.

In general, you will save hugely on our identified items and at the same time, be shopping with reputable online mega stores in Nigeria.

Ready to snap up over 30% savings this Black Friday, do your homework thoroughly and buy with care. Good Luck!

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