Best main principles of content marketing for businesses

June 29, 2017 Business,Marketing,Nigeria

Principles of Content Marketing

Are you looking to take your marketing strategy to the next level? or you will like to use content marketing to promote your brand, business, products or services? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above question, then follow me as I teach you the very best in the principles of content management.

In the first place, let us look back and see how marketing has evolve over the past few years before we move deeply into the principles of content marketing.

Why am I talking about marketing first? Generally speaking, we can not not talk about content marketing without roping it around marketing as a whole. As you will see later on, content marketing is the modern way of marketing.

You may not agree with me, but my next statement is true! The traditional way of marketing becoming less irrelevant to the way marketing is done.

Because the traditional way of marketing is nose diving, we now have a very new way of marketing. This is what is know as “Content Marketing”.

Before we dive into the principles of content management, let us define what content management is; in addition; you can take a look at Content Strategy examples and ways to use them.

What is Content Marketing?

“Content Marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves the creation, distribution and sharing of online contents to attract, engage and retain a group of audience. These contents can be in the form of articles, videos, pictures, infographics and many more”.

In other words, content marketing is a way of getting information out to a specific kind of audience. If you look deeply into the meaning of content marketing above, you will clearly see that it is aim at getting the attention of a particular set of audience.

As a marketer, your goal for using content marketing is to convert these audience into buying customers. Yes, that is what any marketer should be doing.

Hey, don’t let me bore you with stories!

Basic principles of Content Marketing

As a marketer, you need to follow the following principles in other to be successful in your campaign.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Select Media to use (channel of communication)
  3. Quality is king
  4. Content should be for your audience
  5. Be pro-active

Develop a retention strategy.

I called the 6 principles of content marketing above – Content Management System (CMS) in marketing.

What is Content Management System?

“Content Management System is the process of managing the overall content of a digital publication. This can be website, blogs or any form of digital publication that is available to the public.”

More information coming soon.


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