How to let the best jobs in Nigeria look for you

How to land the Best jobs in Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria or finding your dream job (without having long legs as we call it) in Nigeria or knowing someone to introduce you to a person in that organisation is very possible in today’s world of technology. What you are about to learn in this article will teach you how the best jobs in Nigeria will look for you. Hmmmm .

It is no new that Nigeria population is over 180 million and the working age population is more than 80 million. So, what is your best chance of getting a job with this massive competition ahead of you.

Regardless of your job seekers status, there are jobs out there for you. You may be a new graduate applying for jobs vacancies or already in the working class category searching for other alternatives in the job market; you have a job waiting for you somewhere every time.

However, there are basic step that you can follow. Of course, these steps will not only get you the right job but will also put you in a position where the best available jobs in Nigeria will be looking for you.

Yes, best jobs in 2018 will be for you.

For the most part of this article, I will give you an insight on various types of jobs in Nigeria, how to find your dream and at the same time, guide you on what to do to get best jobs you are look for you.

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What are the best jobs in Nigeria?

Generally speaking, best jobs in Nigeria for individuals differs; moreover, it all depend on the way we look at it. Some look at it from the angle of what the job is paying the candidate (salary) while others may look at it from a different angle.

While some best jobs in Nigeria fall into the high paying category, others fall into the job satisfaction category. Whatever angle you look at it, there is no wrong or right answer to this. It just depend on individual preferences.

When searching for a job, you should first ask yourself what you consider as the best job for you. What i consider to be the best job in Nigeria for me may not be same for you. So, we all have individual preferences.

For example, see below for some of the check box to consider.

  1. Salary: What is the job salary range?

Types of Jobs in Nigeria

As a job seeker, there are difference between Types of jobs and Job categories in Nigeria. There has always be misconstrue about the two.

The type of jobs

The different types of jobs we have are – Full time job; Part time jobs, Contract jobs and Freelance Jobs


Job categories

A job category is a group of job available in various industry.

Now, let us dive into what is required of you in the journey of how to let the “best jobs in Nigeria” look for you. You might actually be surprise at our findings. But wait a minute, it is worth mentioning that you are the starting point to make this happen.

Starting point in securing the best job

Your starting point is yourself. This is very important! You have to first do a checklist of yourself by personally doing a self scan or x-ray of the type of job and under what category you are looking to land your dream job. Getting a clearer understanding of these two will give you a heads up on where to search.

Discover your passion! By doing these, you are setting yourself on the right part that leads you to the best jobs in Nigeria for you. I use a website called – The Most fun way to discover your passion today.

Be honest with yourself, what skills or qualification to you have? Do you have any professional qualification? These things play an important role in your search for a new job are are the basis you will be using to asses yourself.

Don’t worry if you do not have the required or professional qualification, some organisation place more importance on necessary skills. So, if you can demonstrate to possess the necessary skills needed for the job, you may still get that dream job you desire.

For fresh graduates without the skill and years of experience, your qualification and right attitude gives you a good ticket to landing your dream job in Nigeria.

To be honest with you, best jobs in Nigeria require the best set of people.

Use the following tactics to attract to attract best organisation that are recruiting now.

1. Make yourself more visible….by leveraging on the available resources.

First thing to remember – make yourself visible. It is important to realize this; the earlier you do, the better your chance. While many may think this is not important, I will

Visibility is one thing that most people lack. Think of it this way, if you don’t tell anyone about yourself, skills and deliverables that you have, no one will know what value you will add to their business.

By visibility, you will attract the best employers in the market.

There are now various resources online today that most employers use to attract the best candidate. One of the resources used by employers are the Freelance websites. This give an employer to test your skill before hiring you as a full time staff or part-time staff.

Freelance websites give individuals the opportunity to showcase their skills to prospective employers. They even allow you to chat directly with a business owner through their website without disclosing the identity of the organization and the freelancer. I recommend you register with the Freelance Websites in Nigeria. It is a good starting place for those looking to be hired for the best jobs in Nigeria.

With a good listing of your skill and experience on these websites, employers will see the quality the are looking for. This gives you the first real opportunity to showcase your skill.

Why not take the advantage, leverage on the Nigeria freelance websites available to you.

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2. Apply to unlisted jobs…..these jobs are not listed through any job websites.

As a matter of fact, unlisted jobs are jobs you can get through the network you develop for yourself (see point #5). I have worked in HR and as a recruitment consultant with over 15 years of experience. What I found out was, dream jobs are not listed on recruitment job websites.You will hardly find one there. I am not particularly saying that recruitment websites are not good, they are but you will have too much competition.

What I tend to advice job seekers looking for the best jobs in Nigeria is to use recruitment job websites are a form of resources. Many good jobs are advertise on these websites, but many job applications also follow these adverts. So, using them as a resources can pave ways for you.

How to use jobs websites as a resource.

Take a marketing managers’ role that you see in on an advert through a job website in Nigeria as an example. All you  may have to do is make a note of the company offering the jobs’ name, then set for action.

With you knowing the name of the company you are interested to work for, go out there and become a friend with people who work for these companies. 

I am sure the question on your mind next is – how do I become there friends when I don’t even know them? Well, this is possible with the advancement in technology.

Use professional social networking websites like LinkedIn. Type the company’s name on the social networking site search box, you will surely find staff of such company there. Request to be there friend and follow up on them after.

Phew…… simple!

In fact, research has shown that Linkedin is 227% more effective than facebook and twitter when it comes to building professional network that can land you your dream job in Nigeria.

I will advice you to leverage on this finding. This is another opportunity you will not allow to slip by. Your newly found friends will soon realize your quality and they will be on your neck to join their organization.

This is another example of best jobs in Nigeria looking for you. A great opportunity for you to land you your dream job staring at you right in the face. Use it to you advantage!

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3. Make money a secondary priority…..You number one priority should not be money.

What have you got to say? Yes money make the world go round but it should not be your #1 priority if you want the best jobs in Nigeria to search for you. Although, there is a thin line on this; while we all need money, we should not make it to be too obvious. This is a lesson that must stick to your brain.

If you are good at what you do, money will find you……

Inasmuch as you know what you are doing, money will come as a reward. In fact, employers will be asking you what you will like to take home.

As a matter of fact, the ball is in your court. You need to demonstrate to your prospective employer that you are good at what you do.

By all means, emphasize more on the quality you are bringing to the company. By doing this, the employer will not under estimate your pay cheque. You should know by now that achievers believe in 100%; you show 100% in what you do, that money will find you.

Just keep pushing at what you do, the right employer will find you.

4. Update your skills…..Its your gateway to landing your dream job.

Equally important is your skills. Up to the present time, on-the job skill is the number one priority for employers. Although, most employer will give you necessary training required for the job.

Nevertheless, updating your skills play a significant role in you securing one of the best jobs in Nigeria. As you may well know, your on the job skills is a valuable asset that you processed. Your mark of quality! 

This is your best tool that shows you are ready to land one of the best jobs in Nigeria. You may not know this, employers tend to pay more attention to candidates on the job skills. Most employer will not want to spoon feed you unless you are on a graduate training position. 

You need to get the best training in your chosen career. On the job training is good, off the job training is equally good for you. Your training will always count when it matters. 

5. Build your network…..Networking always pave the way.

As mentioned in point #2 above, you need to apply for unlisted jobs. You can only be able to do this through the network that you build. There is a network media that most people fall to utilise; but I tell you something, this media is great to get your dream job.

What media am I talking about? This media is called WhatsApp. Join a productive group through your WhatsApp contacts and utilise it to the fullest. This gives you a ready made network group that you change your career in the right direction.

You may have heard the story of a guy that have tried working for one of the biggest telecom companies in Nigeria. He even went to the extent getting a degree related to what he thinks will be accepted in the telecom sector. Each day, he buy different Nigerian newspaper that advertise jobs. He also browse online at every little opportunity searching for Telecommunication jobs in Nigeria. None of these yielded any positive result for him.

To begin with, he joined a WhatsApp group created by his old school mates. After few weeks in the group, he chatted with old pals and he was introduced to a director in the Telecom company. Through the group chat, he finally got the job he has been dreaming of.

As shown above, you need to develop professional network.

Best jobs in Nigeria comes through relationships

As shown above, you are in control of your destiny. I have listed the 5 most important things you need to secure your next job.

In addition, I will put more emphasis on point #5 – Build your network. From time to time, you need to continuously develop professional relationships. This is an open secret; get involved with like minded people.

Also, point #5 cut across points #1 and point #2.

Checklist that will help you

By the time you practice the following, you will be setting yourself up for a golden opportunity.

  1. Plan – from time to time, plan yourself yourself in all you do.
  2. Courage – At this instant, you need to develop great courage.
  3. Development – Without delay, your personal skill need to be developed.
  4. Be more Social – As can be seen, your social connections matters. As a matter of fact, it help in unadvertised jobs
  5. Focus – By and large, be focus on those things that will secure the best job in the Nigeria market for you.

Even if, you like painting? – paint well, or you are a Web design specialist, Just keep creating great websites.

Whatever you like doing, do it well. You never know, best jobs available in the field may come knocking at your door. This has been proven; best jobs available will look for you if and only if you know what you are doing. Plan and don’t waste your valuable time, you need to get something going if you want the best jobs to look for you.

Take control of your future, get something going NOW.

In Conclusion, I have listed the very best way in which you can take control of your career and let the best jobs in Nigeria look for you. Nevertheless, majority of the work needed in securing that job still lies in your hands.

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