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September 25, 2018 Fashion and Lifestyle,Nigeria

Gift ideas for men, women, children and friends is something we all search for when we are faced with giving out a gifts to people special to us. In fact, you may be reading this article because you are looking for a unique gift to give a special person. Yes, there are lots of great gifts out there, but you may be out of ideas on which one to buy next.

We all look to give out one form of gift or present to our loved ones whenever they are celebrating a special occasion. Although, we sometimes give gifts to people that are special to us even when they are not celebrating any form of occasion too. In either case, this article will go through some best gift ideas for men, women, children and friends.

No matter where you are from, you will one day look to give out a present to someone special to you. For example, a lady ones asked me this question. She said sir, please what is the best for a Nigerian man? My answer to her was, madam, it depends on your relationship with the man. Meanwhile, I also told her to browse some of the Nigeria online shopping sites for more options.

What was I trying to tell the woman? It is simple and it goes like this……..

By all means, we should always consider the type of relationship we have with the person (individual we give gift to) before giving out a present.

What is a Gift?

A gift is an item willingly given to someone as a present without expecting payment in return. These items are not pre-owned by the person receiving it; in other words, the item is not already owned by the person receiving it.

All in all, gifts are present given to people in our lives to show that they are special to us. If that is the case, let us look into those special gifts we can give to the people special to us.

Wait a minute, why do you even need gift ideas?

Well…… you may be looking to buy unique birthday gifts for him or you just to have a general special birthday gift ideas for him; here you get the list you required. On the other hand, birthday gift ideas for her or unique gift ideas for a woman; you will get the full lists here.

For the purpose of this article, I will categorize each item that I will be talking about into gifts ideas for:

  • Friends;
  • Men;
  • Women;
  • Children; and
  • Work Colleagues.

Remember, you are to figure out what is best for the person you are presenting the item to. For instance, some of these items are ideal as gift ideas for a girlfriend or birthday present for her; while some may be good as a luxury gift for him. The choice is yours.

Without further ado, let us take each of the above one after the other.

Here are the Best Gift Ideas for Men, Women and Children

  1. Educational Books;
  2. Movie Tickets;
  3. Gift Vouchers;
  4. Souvenirs;
  5. Personalized Plaited Leather Bracelet;
  6. Cufflinks and Studs;
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Wristwatches
  9. Perfumes
  10. Hand Bags
  11. Games

Gift Ideas for Friends

Gift Ideas for Men, Gift Ideas for Women, Gift Ideas for Friends

Depending on how close you are to your friend, here are 5 great gifts you can give.

  • Educational Books

One good thing about buying a friend an educational book is that you are impacting knowledge into them. No matter their age, they can still learn one thing or the other. If your friend is an entrepreneur, you can buy books on business opportunities for him or her.

For example, I once got a book as a gift from a friend; lo and behold, that book changed my entire life with regards to business and financial education. The book is titled – Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

  • Movie Tickets

Most people like going to watch movies; in fact, there are new movie release in the cinemas almost every week. Buying a movie ticket for a friend is an ideal way to show them that they are special.

Generally speaking, when you give a friend this kind of gift, you are letting them know that you care about them. Not only do you care for them, but also letting them know that they need to go entertain themselves.

  • Present them with a gift voucher

There are various companies and online sites that sell gift vouchers you can purchase from. An ideal gift voucher is a prepaid card. These cards gives flexibility; that is to say, they can be loaded with cash and spend at different outlets. On the positive side, you can redeem cash from some of these gift vouchers.

  • Souvenirs

Souvenir is a special present you give to people that means a lot to you. They are things that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.

Gift Ideas for Men

You like him, show it by presenting him a special gift. If you run out of thought, we can help you out. Whether you are looking for a good present for your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend, here are best gift ideas for men.

  • Personalized Plaited Leather Bracelet

Although this may be true, wearing a leather bracelet communicate to the world that a man is real. If it is hard to pinpoint what he likes, trust me, most men like good leather bracelet. And if you want to make it more interesting, make a personalized plaited one.

This is a unique birthday gift for him if you are looking to present him with something that he will cherish. To make it more perfect as a present, you can inscribe his name on the plaited bracelet.

  • Cufflinks and Studs

They may be small in appearance but cufflinks and studs actually make a considerable impact to men’s appearance; especially when it comes to formal dressing. In effect, they are a piece of jewelry that are both functional and ornamental; that is to say, they are decorative.

According to Katerina Perez – a jewellery insider, she said inside one of her blogs that cufflinks is a must-have jewellery for every man.

She went ahead to prove that –

“Cufflinks offer men the opportunity to display their unique style through jewellery, replacing the buttons on a shirt cuff with bright, distinctive and even personalised novelties”.

  • Sunglasses

Giving a man sunglasses as a present spell out two main things which are (i) fashion and (ii) protection. Fashion in the sense that you want to add it to his fashion accessory; and protection in the sense that you want him to protect his eyes from the damages from the sun’s harmful rays.

In general, sunglasses are eyewear designed primarily for the purpose of protecting our eyes from excessive sunlight. Not only do they protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, but also protect the eyes from infection.

  • Wrist Watch for Men

A fantastic gift for men. It is a present that will be appreciated by any man; as a matter of fact, it’s an ideal gift for many occasions. Be that as it may, it is ideal as a man’s birthday gift or just to show a sign that you appreciate time spent together with the man.

There are different meanings associated to buying a wrist watch for men as a gift. For a man, it may mean (especially when the present is from a lady) – ‘my time is your time’ or it can also mean ‘I am with you every second of the day’.

  • Perfumes or Cologne

From time to time, men like to smell nice; and perhaps, will appreciate a kind gesture of receiving a lovely perfume as a gift. Be that as it may, perfumes has been regarded as a symbolic gift. Ideal as a valentine or birthday gift for him.

In addition, perfume as a present has always been referred to as a gift of affection. That is to say, it is an emotional gift as well. So, if you are looking for unique gift ideas in order to buy him a lovely present on a special occasion, consider buying him a lovely perfume.

More reason why men wear cologne or perfume is answered in the video.

Gift ideas for women

Women are special and should be treated specially. If you are looking to buy a lady a special gift, you may consider any in the list of ideal presents for women below.

Here are the top of the gift ideas for women for your consideration:

  • Jewelry – Beads and Necklace included

Jewelries are personal ornaments that women love. Women have a great interest and pleasure in lovely jewelries because it’s romantic.

By the same token, you are also saying to that lady that you understand her. All women want to be listened to and understood. Buying a jewelry as a gift to a woman (a present she truly want), even though she may not tell you, shows that you paid attention to her always.

  • Ladies Perfume

Ladies perfumes are appealing. In fact, it creates a shimmering invisible armor that lingers in a room long after its wearer has gone; that alone, give women sense of empowering. Not only that, but also infuses ladies imagination with a subtle power, hinting at a hidden identity.

Getting to know your woman is important here because different ladies are sensitive to different perform. All in all, all women like perfume because it makes them smell nice.

  • Chocolate

A box of chocolate is an ideal gift to give a woman. Yes, most women will tell you that they are watching their weigh, but the truth is, a box of chocolate will not do any harm. As long as it’s not on a regular basis.

Gift Ideas for women, Birthday gift ideas for her, Gift ideas for her, Chocolate as a birthday gift

To women, chocolate as a present means that you see her as someone that is sweet and pleasurable to be with. It can also act as addition to the birthday gift ideas for her in every way.

  • Hand Bag

How often do you appreciate a woman’s hand bag? I bet it, many men do appreciate a good ladies’ hand bag but only few of them will say. Give a woman a quality hand bag and you will see how she will appreciate you.

Hand bag is a unique birthday gift to give her on her special occasion; it actually signify that you appreciate her in every way. Not only do you appreciate her fashion sense, but also showing her she is important. Because women love to carry their important personal belongings alone with them.

  • Ladies Wrist Watches

A woman’s wrist watch is an ideal gift for her and it symbolizes that you cherish every single time spent with her. In addition, it is a confirmation from the man that ‘we are together for every second of the day’.

Why do men spend hours looking for the best romantic gift for their woman; when they can actually get a nice watch for the lady. Good watches are romantic gifts for women; in fact, they are ideal romantic gifts for many reasons.

Ideal gift for children

Gift for kids are many out there but finding an ideal one may be something that is hard to come by. Here are some of the best gifts for kids.

  • Games

All kids love one kind of game or the other; in fact, that is always on top of their list when they ask for gifts. This is true especially if they are male children. Nowadays, computer games such as Sony play station is an ideal gift to give a male child; while a computer generated makeup graphic kits is good for teenage girls.

When looking for gift ideas for children, both boys and girls, computer games are an ideal gift to consider.



Gift ideas for work colleagues

Sometimes, you do not have control to determine who our work colleagues are; but, what you do have control over is creating a better working environment with your coworkers. In the process of creating a better working relationship, you may be lucky enough to have good friends among your work colleagues.

Here are the list of gift ideas for work colleagues.

Coffee Mug

Tie (for male colleague)



As shown above, there are lots of creative gift ideas to give to men, women, friends and children. Before presenting them with any of the presents we have identified above, it is necessary for you to consider their taste and lifestyle. This is of utmost importance if you want your gift to be appreciated.

Another key point to consider when giving out a gift is your relationship with who you are presenting the item to. You can give an ordinary friend a general present while you give a special person a symbolic creative gift.

All in all, you can choose from the list of gift ideas as listed above.


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