Article Writing: How to make money as a Freelance Writer

Article writing is a job that can make money for every single article writer; in fact, many freelancers are now making six figures a year just by writing articles. Here are the simple ways to make money when it comes to article writing anywhere in the world – Nigeria, USA, UK, Ghana, just name it.

Writing articles for different organizations’ websites such as business magazine sites, financial services websites, business sites and others has changed my financial status as an article writing freelancer. As a matter of fact, it has brought about various article writing business opportunities to me; at the same time, I now make six figure income year-in-year-out from different article writing jobs I do.

As a freelance writer, you may want to know “How to make money as a freelance writer”. This article will give you a better insight on article writing and how money is being made as an article writer.

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Writing this piece of work makes me remember when I first got my first article writing job as a freelance article writer; the pay was good and the jobs went on smoothly. Sharing my experience, I will like you to sit back and lets go through different ways on making money writing articles together.

Not only do I get inundated by people who like my creating writing style, but also get lots of good jobs request from many individual looking to for my expertise.

The good thing about being an article writer is that, you can work from home. In addition, you can work from anywhere around the world – be it Nigeria, Ghana, USA, UK, Australia or just from any country.

How to make money with Article Writing

Do you have what it takes to earn good income as a freelancer? If you do, you can easily earn six figure income each year. In addition, you can also write articles for Newspaper companies.

Just look at where your article writing income are coming from; this is an important exercise that all article writers need to do. Not only will it point you to where you are making good money, but also help you analyze where you need to improve.

If you want to earn six figure income with article writing, here are 10+ different industries to look into.

1. Niche article websites: $50 – $100

One good thing about these types of clients is that they pay good money. In fact, some of them pay more than the average market going rate for article writers.

Niche article websites focus mainly on particular industry; such as business, finance, innovation, technology and freelancing. The articles are generally detailed with lots of information to help readers.

For example, the traditional herbal industry is a niche market that is growing online. For that reason, they always look for freelance content writers for the herbal remedies in Nigeria.

How to get involved

Start by researching on various niche websites that are looking for freelance article writers. Be sure to go through these sites thoroughly to know the types of articles they publish. For example, a technology website will publish articles that give detail information on various technology innovation.

Most niche website will:

  • Pay up to $100.00 for a 3,000 words article.
  • Require you to demonstrate a creating writing skill with all your works.
  • Want your articles to add value to their readers.
  • Require your consistency in writing for them.

The good thing about writing articles for niche article seekers is that you can get paid in any currency of your choice. Even if you are from Nigeria where I am from, you can get paid in Naira.

2. Business Magazine Websites: $50 – $70

Depending on how good you are, writing articles for magazine websites may be something you want to look into. In fact, I made over $65,000.00 from different magazine website in America last year writing on various topics.

Despite the fact that I earned good income on various topics, my highest earning comes from writing about different celebrities for these sites.

How to get involved

What works for me may not work for you. But I have discovered that in this industry, you need a very good network to secure a reliable writing job for a reliable magazine website. Just like any other business sector, getting to convince decision makers can land you that article writing job with a magazine company.

These can help you –

  • Seek to interview publishers: By interviewing publishers, you will be getting tones of attention from these publishers. Therefore, you will be on their mind next time they are looking for a good article writer.
  • Write an editorial: Writing editorials for these magazine website may be a good starting point for you if you know the best way to go about it. While this may work for some, it may be a no area for others; but it is worth trying.
  • Associate yourself with journalist: Generally speaking, networking is good. The more you associate yourself with the right set of people in the industry, the better chance you have in landing yourself a good article writing deal.
  • Write guest articles for them: The main advantage of writing guest article of guest blogging is that it gives you a kind of promotional publicity. If you can write guest blog for good and reputable websites, you have a better chance of writing for different magazine businesses online.

3. Writing Articles for Financial Services Companies: $50 -$60

I discovered there is money to be made writing articles for financial services companies back in 2010. And till today, these financial services companies still require my services.

How to get involved

Ever since I have been an article writer, getting to write for the financial services company is the easiest me me to get into. Doing the following, I was able to earn an average of $55.00 for every 2,000 words count article published for them.

  • Reach out to financial editors on social media.
  • Contact financial service providers directly.
  • Look out for opportunities.
  • Publish free financial articles online.

Remember, all it takes to get article writing jobs in this industry is to get noticed by the people in the industry.

4. Major Media Websites: $50 – $60

As you may be aware, digital marketing is now second to none. For this reason, many major media website now look for article writers to promote their websites. This a good marketing strategy now employ in the digital marketing industry.

Therefore, writing for these sites is will give you a steady income year-in-year-out. All you have to do is to supply them with quality contents each time; in the light of this, you start the chance of earning an average of $50 – $60 per article.

How to get involved

  • Publish great articles online.
  • Network with people in the industry.
  • Be a contributor to publish articles.

First thing to remember, writing articles for media websites can be an added advantage for you to launch your article writing career.

5. Insurance Company websites: $45 – $60

From time to time, many insurance companies always look out for good writers. Why? Because of the fact that the industry is highly competitive and they need to stay ahead of their competitors.

Getting to write articles for insurance companies on their website can earn you in the excess of an average of $50 for every 2,500 words article published.

How to get involved

Just like many other industry, you need to:

  • Network with people in the industry.
  • Create original content.
  • Publish your article to relevant sites to get noticed.

Remember, these companies have scouts looking out for good article writers.

6. Software Service Providers: $40 – $500

In 2017 alone, I wrote only five article for this particular software service provider in the United Kingdom (UK) and made an average of $207 per article. I was able to achieve this earning because of the fact that I know a lot about that particle topic I wrote about.

In fact, those five articles helped the company to rank high on google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for highly competitive keywords.

How to get involved

  • Be an active writer.
  • Write guest post in the industry.
  • Network with publishers in the industry.

Getting to write articles for websites in this industry is highly rewarding; as a matter of fact, software service providers pay higher rate to article writers because of the competitiveness in the industry.

7. Government Agencies: $30 – $100

Getting to write for the government agencies may not be something that comes to article writers every time; gut when it comes, the pay is good. With the agencies, a single 5,000 words article can earn you up to $150.

Most writing jobs available with government agencies revolve around annual report writing for state government and sometimes, monthly report writing.

How to get involved

This depend on the government of the country where you are looking to write the report for. Nevertheless, you will need to be the government accredited individual or work for an accredited entity to get the job.

8. E-book Publishers: $20 – $50

Regardless of your experience in writing articles, e-book publishers are always on the look out for article writers. These publishers pay in the range of $20 – $50 for up to 5,000 words count article.

While many writers find it difficult to get jobs of this nature, some find it easy. It all depend on where you look.

How to get involved

  • Look out for e-book writers.
  • Answer to publications.
  • Visit e-book website to network with publishers.

If you are starting out on looking to make money as an article writer, writing for e-book publishers should be one of your first point of call.

Other websites worth looking into when it comes to make money online with article writing are:

9. Cooking Industry: $40 – $60

From time to time, many of the sites in the cooking industry look for article writers. If you are good with recipes, you are better of writing articles for these sites. On average, you will be earning $60 for every 2,000 word article you submit and get published.

In general, a well written, well structured article in this industry can earn you $100 if it get published. Using one the article I wrote for a Nigerian food recipe website as an example, the site owner pay me an average of 50,000.00 (equivalent to $135) for every piece of writing that I produced.

How to get involved

  • Look out for opportunities in the food industry.
  • Register as a freelance.
  • Give reviews on healthy recipes

10. Health and Fitness Articles: $75 -$150

This industry pay good money to article writers; as a matter of fact, it has always been like that. This is an important niche and it has lots of topics one can look to write about. Such topics includes –

  1. Muscular Development.
  2. Nutrition and Supplementation.
  3. Getting Regular sleep.
  4. Strength Training.
  5. Mental Rest and Relaxation; and more.

How to get involved

  • Write and publish free samples.
  • Create your own blog.
  • Make reviews

At the present time, statistics have shown that this industry need more writers to write different articles. With more articles, they will be able to drive more traffic to their site. In addition, it will give them competitive advantage over their competitors.

Secret to Landing a Good Article Writing Jobs

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As shown above, article writers can earn good income from each and every piece of article the write.

But wait a minute!

What is the secret to getting high paying article writing jobs?

Below are steps you need to take in order to make money with articles writing online:

  • Research on articles niches

    One of the most important thing to do when starting out as an article writer is to research thoroughly into the niche in which you want to write on. As shown above, there are various niches that pays more than $50 per article; as a matter of fact, if you are good with writing, you will likely get some niche that will pay more.
    For this reason, you should take this research stage very serious. By doing so, you are preparing yourself for landing a promising writing career.

  • Learning to write creative articles

    There are various write-ups on the internet that can help you get started. Obviously, you can go through these write-ups and learn from them. You will gain one or two thing from different published articles online.
    While learning from the already published articles, always remember that you will have to incorporate your own creativity in your works; this is very important.

  • Write and Publish on your blog

    Another key point is for you to write and publish your our articles. You can do this by publishing it on different free blogging platform or on your own blog site. In other words, start your own blog on different topics that you are looking to dominate.
    WordPress, a leading blogging platform has made it easy for bloggers to start publishing their blogs through its platform. Feel free to start writing using the WordPress blogging platform; it is free.

  • Grow your network

    As shown above, networking is good; you need to expand your network circle. By doing so, you are giving yourself a better chance of landing few (if not many) article writing jobs that will earn you good pay. I did it from my house in Nigeria; so you too can do it.

  • Pitch to clients, start marketing yourself

    Ultimately, there are various clients out there. You need to start marketing and promoting your article writing services to them. Without this, no one will hire you. Although, this is time consuming but it is worth doing.
    One great way of doing this is to register with some of the good freelance websites like that connect job seekers to project owners.


By and large, article writing has become one of the greatest online jobs that pays good money. If you know how to write creative articles, you will find writing jobs to work on. Think outside the box, concentrate on a high paying niche and network with people in the industry is a good way to start. In fact, it may be all you need to start earning good pay.

In addition, you will need to promote your article writing services through various freelance websites; by so doing, you are setting yourself up for success.

So in order to make money writing articles for different clients, I will advice you to follow the steps mention above. I wish you good luck.