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April 3, 2018 Business,Nigeria

ISPs in Nigeria, Data, Wifi and Broadband Providers in Nigeria advertisement offer


Are you an ISP company in Nigeria? of your business is about providing any of the following services in the country:

  1. Internet Services;
  2. Data Services;
  3. Wifi Services; and
  4. Broadband Services

We will like showcase your business to thousands of Nigerian targeted customers on our website; and particularly on ISP in Nigeria Page

Presently, our website receive the highest traffic from google search for the keywords and keyword phrases in this industry.

Our Google Results Speaks

As a matter of fact, we are constantly on first, second or third positions on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for the following:

  1. Best ISP in Lagos;
  2. ISP;
  3. Internet providers in Nigeria;
  4. Internet Service providers in Nigeria;
  5. Fast Internet in Nigeria;
  6. Wifi providers in Nigeria;
  7. ISP in Nigeria;
  8. Broadband Internet Service providers;
  9. Fast internet in Nigeria;
  10. ISP providers in Nigeria and many more.


Because we constantly receive the highest traffic in this industry for those keywords and keyword phrases, we’ll like to send the traffic to your business.

What we are offering you as a service provider

  1. Place your banner on this particular page which is relevant to you;
  2. Place your banner on every single page of our blogs and articles;
  3. Banner size should be 300 X 250 px; and
  4. Also give you a full sponsored page on our website.


For as little as N70,000.00 per month, you will grow your customer base through us.


This offer is ONLY available on a first come first serves basis.

To take advantage of this offer, please make a payment of ₦70,000.00 and your advert will go live within 24 hours

If interested, you can send us an email, click on the amount above (click PAY NOW below) or call us on 07086437840.



Koye Beckley is an Entrepreneur, SEO specialist and a Trainer. He is the founder of and has published numerous business related articles that has high ranking position on search engine result pages (SERP). He is passionate about helping business owner grow their online business through search engine optimization (SEO); at the same time, he lives to travel the world.
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