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At Yokebay, we believe opportunities exist in Nigeria for both individuals and corporate entities to achieve their ultimate goals.

For businesses, we know the value of acquiring customers and retaining them. Not only do we help with customer acquisition and retention, but also help create sales funnel for your business through better online marketing.

For Individuals, their are better ways to improve yourself in terms of job opportunities and entrepreneurship in the country and all around the world.

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We believe there are better ways for individuals and business entities to market themselves; and get results. For this reason, we cater for:

  1. Employments and Unemployment Sector;
  2. Marketing;
  3. Real Estate.

Take a look at how we are changing lives in Nigeria below.


We cater for both employers and job seekers with our job posting and freelancing platforms.

On our job platform, employers can post job vacancies and shortlist successful candidates for free; while job seekers can register, apply for jobs directly with job posters and they can also upload their CV for employers to see.

Similarly, our freelancing platform for Nigerians, we bridge the “Lack of Talent” gap. Freelancers can list their skills and expertise; while project owners can pick the best freelancer to do the job.

With our job platforms,

We are all about two things:

  1. Showcasing talented individuals that will take your business/project to the next level.
  2. Present business/project owners with a platform full of skilled individual to choose from.

Feel free to try them out.

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We have a dedicated property platform that caters exclusively for individuals and business entities looking to buy, sell, rent or lease properties in Nigeria. You can pick from choice areas in Lagos and any other part of the country.

Additionally, real estate investors, property developers, estate agents and landlords can list their properties on the Nigeria property for sale and rent Platform.

With the Yokebay property platform, we made it simple for advertisers to list their properties; at the same time, accommodation seekers can view all available properties.

The platform is good for both realtors and property seekers.

At Yokebay, we believe there is a better way to market your products and services; not only on making sales, but also earn valuable customers to your business. This is one of our core values; that is to say, we help our clients to achieve their goals when it comes to customer acquisition and retention.

SEO Training in Nigeria

We ONLY focus on SEO. This is known to be the most effective marketing strategy today.

Additionally, we are happy to simplify SEO for individuals and business entities looking to optimize their website.

We train people in SEO too.

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Online Advertising Platforms in Nigeria

We do adverts too.

Advertising is a way of promoting your product, service and business as a whole to the right audience. Regardless of what business you are into, you need to advertise to the right people most likely to pay for your products and services.

For this reason, we have our advertising platform targeting Nigeria audiences. With Yokebay advertisement platform, you can display your product and service ads in front of all the right people.

For more information, visit our automated advertising section.

About Us