How to choose a website hosting company

How to choose a website hosting company

Web hosting and website hosting companies

Are you looking for a good web hosting service provider? or You are looking to get yourself a website Hosting Company you can partner with to provide hosting services for your clients? If yes, this article is for you.

Over the years, there have been a lot of debate across the internet on which company is the best web hosting provider, but there as not been a concrete evidence to say that a particular hosting company is the best.

Furthermore, a frequently asked question by most people looking to start an internet business is how to choose a website hosting company from various companies advertising themselves.

Well…. I am here to give you more information on web hosting and the best possible website hosting company you may want to go for. For the purpose of this article, I will sometimes refer to “website hosting company” as “web hosting company”.


Do you have a website? or looking to start up a website? If your answer is yes to either case, then you need this page.

Similarly, Are you paying too much for your web hosting? or your website hosting company have too much downtime? Yes to either case too, you need this page.

By and large, the purpose for coming up with this page is to guide you on everything relating to web hosting and website hosting company.

Before I dive into the topic of the day – “How to choose a website hosting company”, let me talk about “website hosting” in brief.

What is website hosting?

In general, website hosting is a service provided by a company (popularly known as a website hosting company) that allow individuals, companies or organizations to post a website, blogs, journals, or a web page on the internet.

In other words, a website hosting is provided by a website hosting company and the services provided is referred to as web hosting services.

To learn more on web hosting and all that is associated with it on What is web hosting.

Similarly, let use look at the website hosting services provided by these companies.

Website hosting service?

Website hosting service is a website management platform that ‘house’ a domain and all that is relevant to that domain. In other words, it is a services to manage a website.

First thing to remember when talking about hosting services is known as “servers”. A server is where all the website services provide is stored or warehoused.

And finally in the list of our definition, we will look at the term called “website hosting service provider”. For individual or company to have a website running well, with minimal downtime, a web hosting service provider is needed.

Who is a website service hosting provider?

A business or company that provide the services of website hosting is generally referred to as a website hosting services provider. On the other hand, such company can be referred to as a web hosting service provider. Remember, we mentioned server above; these companies are the owner of these servers and they provide spaces on the server for website owners or their clients.

Moreover, it will be good for me to mention that we have different types of servers. Each server space required by individual clients are different; therefore, website hosting company will allocate servers spaces to clients according to clients’ requirements.

Types of Hosting

1. Cloud Hosting:

A recently hosting technology term that allow several individual to work together to produce one single hosting server; It is also call grid hosting.

Are you looking for a cloud hosting website company? If yes, you should go for a company that provide you with the following. In other words, below is what you look for

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Regular backup and security on the server
  • Server Optimization
  • Free Migration
  • Free Setup
  • Scalable

As shown above, the list provided should come from a good hosting company. As a matter of fact, the should be standard by any cloud hosting company.

2. VPS Hosting:

In brief, I will run through what a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is and its advantages. It is a virtual server that house different website files. In reality, a VPS is a physical server that is housed in a data center. With several advantages, a VPS can be divided into different servers depending on what a client want.

A VPS hosting is different from a Cloud hosting in the sense that the former can be divided into layers of VPSs. For instance, it can be divided into a shared or dedicated server.

Nevertheless, it is still the most widely used hosting server.

3. WordPress Hosting:

Generally speaking, there are two type of hosting on a wordpress platform. These are differentiated when hosted on either or platform.

Hey, wait a minute! What are the differences? Are they not both wordpress? Well… the answer is ‘No’. Of course they both have the word “WordPress” in them, but one end in .com and the other in .org. In addition, one is a free hosting platform ( while the other is a paid platform. They may both be a wordpress name but have their differences on how the work when it comes to hosting a website.

Furthermore, the major difference is the way in which your domain name, that is, your URL. On a hosting, you website will be assign a subdomain website such as while on the platform, your website is a stand alone domain such a

Moreover, choosing a wordpress hosting depend on what you want to do with your website. With the hosting, you do not have full control of your website whereas, you are in full control of your website if you go for the hosting.

4. Dedicated Hosting:

As previously explained above, it is part of what you get from Virtual Private Server (VPS). As the name implies, the server is devoted to a single client or organization.

In another words, the website hosting company will devote a whole server to a particular organization. This is good for individuals or businesses looking to have their own hosting server not to be shared with any other website or internet address.

I will recommend Dedicated hosting for Small and Medium Scale business owners and entrepreneurs looking to set up their websites. My recommendation is based on the fact that it is still cost effective on the long run. At the same time, you are in control of your own hosting panel.

So, a good hosting company will supply you with your own cPanel where you control everything that goes on your website.

5. Shared Hosting:

In contrast, Shared Hosting is a kind of hosting service where you share your website hosting with websites. Although, you still have control over your cPanel, but you are sharing same IP address with other websites.

If you are new to the world of internet or blogging, you may want to go for this kind of hosting from a good web hosting company but, you will soon soon find it better to go for a dedicate VPS hosting server because of the flexibility of such hosting.

My recommendation is, start with a shared hosting server then migrate after some time as your website grow.

6. Reseller Hosting:

As you thinking of making money at the same time have your own hosting server? If yes, then a Reseller Hosting package is good to go for. Why this? Well…. as the name implies, while you have a website hosting, you can still resell hosting to other website owners.

Cool! isn’t it?

This is one way of making money on the internet and at the same time, other website owners are paying you to pay for your website hosting.

Are your looking to make money online? or are you looking to start your own web hosting company? If the answer to the two question is yes, then the Reseller Hosting Packing is your best bet.

If you are typically someone like me, I will go for a Reseller package that has its own VPS. Comparatively, many hosting company will give you this kind of package.

Why should you go for a combination of VPS and Reseller package? The main reason is that, you will have a hosting account and at the same time, resell web hosting to others. You can check more details on that on How to start a Web Hosting Company Business. A cool way for other people to pay for your hosting package.

7. Collocation Hosting and

8. Self Service Hosting.

Cloud Hosting, Website Hosting, Reseller Hosting in Nigeria

Types of servers

Although, we have different services for different services; but for the purpose of this article, we will limit our discussion to servers provided by these companies to host websites. In general, the types of servers use for hosting websites are referred to as “web server”. Others are – FTP server, Proxy server, Online gaming server and few more.

Servers act as a big data storage facilities that hold information to many websites. Without them, a web hosting company can not function.

Inasmuch as a server is a server is up and running, your websites will not experience any downtime.














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