Best ways of making money online in Nigeria

Best ways of making money online in Nigeria

Are you in search of ways to make money online? If yes, I will like you to know today that there are various ways of making money online in Nigeria; but it all depend on the part you want to take.

If you seek to know more about the best ways to earn cool cash online or you are seeking to have financial freedom; then, this article is for you.

For you to make money online through different channel that are available through the internet, there are certain thing that you need to set in place.

As you and I know, it is not easy to start a business in Nigeria without a large capital/funds to invest. But with the advancement in technology and the internet, you can now start and run a successful online business and make money.

In fact, the internet has created different ways of making money online. It has even created more millionaires in the history of mankind.

Ways of Making money online through the Internet

I have seen many people asking this questions – What can I do to make money in Nigeria? or How can I make money online in Nigeria? or How to earn money online? You way also fall into these categories of individuals seeking answers to those king of question.

As a matter of fact, these questions have answers to. In fact, there answers are all right here in this article.

Hey, I am a living witness to making money online. In addition to that, I am also a Nigeria and have been making money online from my house in Lagos since 2010.

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you too can start something online and be making money. No matter how small or big you start online, be rest assure that there are great rewards online.

Either you are young, old, teenage, student, graduate or whatever, one thing that I know and I am sure of is that the world of internet has opened up a world of wealth creating for us all. It all now depend on individual to take the advantage starring in their face.

In order to learn various ways of making money online in Nigeria, there are few things that you will have to be prepared for.

Learn the secret ways to make money online

Wait a minute, do people really make money online? or through the internet?

Yes, people earn millions of Naira, dollar, pounds or name the currency you want.

It is no more a secret that many Nigerian are also making a living from different type of businesses online. I am not talking about illegal online businesses neither am I talking about “yahoo yahoo” businesses; I am talking a real legitimate online business.

Inasmuch as you are prepared to learn, be creative and ready to take that bold step, you too can start to earn income from your online business in Nigeria.

First thing to remember, in order to make money online, you must have a product or services to offer. Your product could include selling tangible or intangible items on the internet while services to offer can include helping to solve problems or providing useful information.

In other words, you need to have something to offer the internet community.

Are you serious to know about – how to make money online in Nigeria? Check out the list of things you can do or online businesses that makes money.

What are the basic requirement needed to make money online?

There are various services you can render and lots of products you can sell on the internet that will make good streams of income for you; I mean it, good streams of income. Of course, all you need to do is just to start from somewhere.

While many still believe that money making online is not real, others are reaping the goodies brought to them by the internet; the goodies are so real!

Before listing various ways of making money online, I will like to mention the basic requirement needed to start earning through the internet.

Here they are:

  • You need a website or a blog; or
  • Leverage on existing websites.

As mentioned above, you will need a blog or a website and/or leveraging on other existing website. Let shed more light into them

  • Create your own blog or website

From time to time, you have heard people saying “blogging makes money”; yes, staring a blog or a website with good contents is a gateway for your to start earning substantial amount of income on the internet.

As you will see later on this page, I will show you different ways of making money with your blog or a website.

With your website or blog, you have full control of everything happening on your web pages..

Read more: How to create a blog and if you want to know how much it cost, check that out on Cost of website design in Nigeria.

  • Leverage on existing websites

How do you leverage on an existing website?

In order to leverage of an existing website, you need to first analyze the services you want to render or products you will be selling.

There are many websites that will be willing to promote your products and services for a commission in return, take advantage of this.

For example, if you are a freelancers, use the services of freelance websites; similarly, if you sell tangible products, use the services of online shopping websites.

Below are the best ways to make money online; even while you are sleeping you still earn good pay.

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What are the best ways to make money online?

As someone who has been involve with different sectors of the online industry for some years now, I know some few things on what it take to be successful on the internet.

However, just like any beginner, I started as a beginner and with great passion and zeal to succeed, I am where I am today.

What I can truly tell you is that, you will make some mistakes on your way to learning the secret of making money online; but these mistakes will strengthened you and at the same time, add to your experience.

Although, there are different ways of making money online in Nigeria but, the ones am about to talk about are the best.

Let us get started……..

The best ways to make money online in Nigeria are:

1. Start you own blog or website

As can be seen, this is your starting point; it provide you with the platform needed to showcase whatever you want on the internet.

With your on blog or website, you will have total control of the contents of your pages. In addition to that, you can promote your website the way you want.

It is important to realize that, your website or blog is your business address, your virtual home and also your front store. It is the place where you showcase all you have to display. Therefore, you need make it your own.

What do I mean? or how do you make it your own?

You can do this by building your blog or website on a custom domain name.

For example, is a custom domain name while is not a custom domain name.

2. Join reliable affiliate marketing program

With my years of experience on the internet, I have made money online through different affiliate programs. In fact, I still continuously make good income from this part each months.

Can you imagine selling products and services online for a commission? This is what an affiliate does. As an affiliate, you will be helping companies to sell different products and services. Because the affiliate marketing program sector is this pretty new in Nigeria, this is the the right time to get involve.

It is simple to find affiliate companies that are paying good commission, just check out affiliate programs in Nigeria and just start promoting. After all, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Really simple!

3. Selling products – your own products, or other peoples’ products or both

From time to time, buying and selling has always been a profitable business. Now, the internet has brought to us a platform where you can sell virtually everything. With the advancement in technology, selling of products and services where buyers do not have to meet sellers. For example, let us look at ebay, it is a platform where you can sell anything sell-able to anybody.

Equally important when selling products and services online; the cheaper you get these products, the higher your profit will be. In other words, the price from source of what you are selling should be good enough to make you profit.

In addition to the price factor, fulfillment of the product is equally important. What do I mean by fulfillment of the products? The fall into the following:

Are the products physical products or electronic products? If the are physical products, how do you store them? and what logistics are in place to deliver those goods to your customers?

All the above question need good answer if you really want to sell physical good. Nevertheless, if you want to sell physical without having to store them, why not try drop shipping.

In order to maximize your profit, you can either sell those products on your own website or leverage on other e-commerce websites.

4. Google Adsense has Ways of Making Money

The easiest of all and at the same time, the lowest hanging fruits of all the ways of making money online.

Since google started her google adsence program, it has continuously been a good source of income for many many website owners. As a matter of fact, some website owners depend solely on the google adsense program as their main source of income; similarly, it remain the best ways of making money online for many.

In light of this, I have used the google program and I make over N100,000.00 each month through the adsense program.

You too can do same!

5. Create and sell Ebooks

Electronic books has become a good source of online money making in Nigeria for few people till date. In fact, these few people are making so much money that it as become their main source of income. You too should join these few as creating e-books is one of the many ways of making money online.

Regardless of what topic you choose, there are more than enough people that will buy from you. To begin with, make sure that the topic you are writing on is very interesting and it has valuable information.

While the e-book market is still growing in Nigeria, you have a really good chance of making money in this sector. All you need to do is to create an ebook that add value to your readers.

In order for you to sell you ebook products, you can join Amazon Kindle’s program or Apple’s iTune connect; they provide the best platform for you to sell your e-book.

6. Offer freelance services online

Are you good in things like social media marketing? or can you design a website? If you have the kind of skill that employers are looking for, then it is time for you to start selling your skills. To sell your skills and make money, you will have to join any of the leading freelance websites in Nigeria; on those websites, people seeking for your expertise will be able to contact you directly.

For one thing that I know for sure, you will dictate you price as a freelancer. Another key point to note, DO NOT OVER PRICE your services. If your pricing is good and your review is also good, I am pretty sure that many people will contact you to get jobs done for them.

In addition, these freelance website will advertise your skills alongside other freelancers on their platform.

What are you waiting for? If you are serious about making money online, this is one of the ways to make money.

7. Become a website tester

Although not that popular in Nigeria but it is a good way of getting residual income. Because it is not popular makes a money making business to go for. In others words, website testers are not much in Nigeria.

As a website tester, you will be invited to test websites, give feedback and in return, you will be paid for doing so.

8. Re-sell domain names

This is one of my favourite, an amazon opportunity to make big bucks. One good thing about re-selling domain names is that the market is already available. If you get it right, you can actually make money in it that will last you a lifetime.

For example, the person that first registered sold the domain name back to Facebook for over $13M. Similarly, the person that first registered sold it to ASDA (part of Walmart family) for millions of dollars.

There are lots of opportunities in selling domain names; all you need to do is to get it right and if you do get it right, you will surely be laughing to the bank.

9. Develop and train people online

I’ve been in the development and training of people online for over five years now and have wealth of experience doing this. In addition to that, I have make cool cash while developing and training others online. You too can do this.

As you may be aware, many people searching the internet do so to look for one kind of information or the other. In fact, many of them look to be trained on one thing or the other. By offering to train people online, you are creating a wealth of opportunities for yourself.

As long as the internet is available, people will still want to learn. If you provide solutions to what people are looking for, you are creating a very good source of income for yourself. All you need to do is just to make sure that you develop stuffs that you have great knowledge of.

I see this bit as one of the best ways of making money online. You will commit limited resources to make this happen.

10. Become a freelance writer

I started making money online by writing different articles and blogs for different website. This earned me good income and reputation. In addition, my works have gone to the far and wide of this world.

Freelance writers in Nigeria now earn between N3,000.00 to N5,000.00 for just a five hundred word count. If you do same on, you will earn something in the range of $5 – $10 for similar piece of work.

Writing longer articles can earn you more than N15,000.00 for each written article. Think of it like this, three articles a day will earn you N45,000.00. If you multiply that by 22 working days in a months, you will be like N1M richer each months. This is the sort of money that freelance writers go home with each months.

Are you looking to start working as a freelance writer? If yes, click on Freelance Jobs in Nigeria.


As shown above, there are enough ways of making money online in Nigeria. What you have to do is to just follow any of the part listed above and you will see your income grow. Nevertheless, the internet is too big and many people make money online each passing hour. As you have learn the best ways of making money online in Nigeria. I will like you to put this into practice. It is never too late to start.

Are you looking to make money online? If yes, contact me. We will teach you how to make money online and also support you all the way.

















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