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Do you need a good SEO Company in Nigeria for your website?

Hey, wait a minute! Do you actually need SEO services in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Hacourt or any part of Nigeria? If you do, then my next question is – what do you really need to know about SEO services from SEO Companies? Well…..we will take you through the importance of SEO companies in Nigeria and their services for your business.

Why you need Yokebay SEO services in Nigeria



Our measurable SEO strategy is to help your website rank high in search engine pages. We focus on your important keywords. A good first page ranking in search engine mean higher revenue for your business.

With a good SEO company in Lagos, Nigeria, you should expect a better page rank for your website. A higher page rank = More sales = Increase revenue.


Our Strategic Internet Marketing Solution is designed for marketing purely on the internet. Not only do we help website owners to acquire new customers, but also help in retaining old ones. How will you like us to take your internet marketing to the next level?

While you focus on what you know how to do best, we focus on creating more visibility for your business.


Why are we the best SEO company in Nigeria? Because of the fact that we only focus on result. And how do we get these results?

We assess each client accordingly and our services are tailor made solution.

We are proud of this and it has made us to be the number #1 preferred SEO company in Nigeria. Getting results make our clients happy.

What we do at Yokebay SEO Services in Lagos, Nigeria

Search Engine Optimization

Reach the front page of search engine with proven and measurable SEO services with SEO experts in Nigeria.

SEO Audit Services

With our experience as a SEO company and experts in what we do, we will assess your site and find possible ways to increase its search ranking.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

As a SEO service provider, we use comprehensive internet marketing strategy customize for your business to drive traffic and sales.

Local SEO

Improve your local search presence and visibility to dominate search engine front pages.

Website Analysis

Not only do we audit your website, but also analyze all the important factors that impact positively on your website ranking.

Content Management

Because of the fact that content management is important to website ranking, we use our expertise to manage your site contents to improve your search ranking.


SEO Company or Agent will help you……

  1. Achieve good SERP
  2. Improve your site visibility
  3. Increase conversion rate
  4. Improve marketing strategy
  5. Increase traffic on site
  6. Increase market share
  7. Achieve good ROI
  8. Make your brand more credible and relevant.

While you are still considering whether you should optimize your site, your competitors are already doing it.


Importance of SEO Companies to your business website

As shown above and in the video below, Yokebay as a SEO company in Lagos, Nigeria will work with you on your site to deliver value. As a matter of fact, Search Engine Optimization may be the top strategy that your company need to drive sales. Together with a good internet marketing strategy, SEO will make the impossible possible. Until now, you may have been wondering why your website is not ranking high on search engines, well…., the answer is simple. You need Search Engine Optimization. Not only will SEO drive traffic to your website, but also increase sales conversion. You are 95% more than 95% better of when you use a SEO agents to rank high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). To emphasize more on the importance of search engine optimization, forbes, a trusted information company, publish this article – Five reasons SEO will have impact on your business.

As SEO agent, below are result you should expect from us:

1. Online Visibility:

We create an online visibility for your product, business and brand. How to we do this? With our in-house SEO strategies coupled with our experience and expertise, we deliver for our clients.

2. Higher Return on Investment

Comparatively, sites with good SEO strategy achieve more sales results than paid sites

3. Cost of ranking high on search engine

While you pay for every single click when you use a paid advertisement campaign, there are no charges to SEO organic results on search engines.

4. High Relevance and Credibility

Regardless of what type of marketing technique you use to promote your website, online users believe that organic results are more relevant than PPCs; As a matter of fact, more than 75% of online users believe that organic result as more credibility because of their contents.

READ MORE on: Content Marketing for Businesses.

SEO Video: What does a SEO company does?

5. Longevity of your search results:

While results generated from PPCs campaign may be short term, results generated through good search engine optimization last longer. In due time, before long, SEO campaign results show consistency.

6. Increase Traffic, Increase Market Share

Statistically, organic listing on search engines have more than 25% conversion rate PPCs. SEO companies deliver such results.

7. More Leads to your Business:

Statistically, impact of SEO results on a website is the number one source of leads. In fact, the report shows that SEO provides more leads from both B2C and B2B that both PPC and Social Media Marketing.

8. Profitability

At the present, SEO is considered to be the most profitable form of internet marketing. In fact, with search engine optimization you only pay the SEO company an agreed fee, while with PPCs, it is pay as you go; and conversion results on PPCs are far lesser than conversions from SEO.


Why do you need SEO company?

As shown above, SEO is very technical; more technical than you think. Even though, you may not care about some things, but I will encourage you to start thinking about how best to improve your online visibility. As a matter of fact, SEO strategy is the ONLY thing that can improve your site visibility.

First thing to remember, it is your business business we are talking about here; Inasmuch as you value it, you got to make search engine optimization your #1 priority. Certainly, it is the ONLY thing that will increase your online presence. Not only will it increase the traffic to your site, but also give you a better conversion of the traffic.

As a SEO company, this is what we do best. Regardless of the SEO service you need, we are here to help. Click on the CONTACT BUTTON below for all your SEO inquiries and we will get back to you.


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