Nigeria News: Python snake sighted after Lagos flood

Nigeria News: Python snake sighted after Lagos flood

Python Snake sighted in Lagos

Different from the normal snakes we see, the video below shows a Python Snake, longer than 4ft sighted and killed after the heavy rain in Lagos around the Ikoyi/ Lekki axis of the State (story not yet confirmed as per the area where it was killed).

This type of Pythons are the type and size usually seen in the Amazon forest sometimes called the Amazon Jungle in South America.

But wait a minute, in the first place, how did the Python Snake find its way to Nigeria?

In addition to the question above, how many of these deadly snake will still be around? These questions need an urgent answer.

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What baffles me was – What could the snake have been feeding on?

Hmmm…….. I can not give you an answer on that.

What I can only say was that I heard some onlookers saying it must have been feeding on animals and human being. Probably some people that were reported missing in Lagos area were ate my this monster of a snake.

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Effect of the rain in Lagos

The heavy rain pour in Lagos had a devastating effect on lives and properties; and now the news in Nigeria is adding a big, gigantic video of a python snake sighted in Lagos to it. This deadly reptile is capable of swallowing an adult at a go.

What a world we live in!

While some people are still counting loses on the rain aftermath, a Python Snake just surface.

Imagine the snake was not killed by that brave guy, how many more lives will have been lost?

Not only is the snake dangerous, but also deadly.

Let us thank God for protecting us.

Obviously, it could have been this human eater that could be responsible for some sudden disappearance of some people; we never know.

May God continue to protect us.

I will like to have your view on the Python snake killed in Lagos.







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