Plantain Farming – Cultivation, Cost with Business Opportunities

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Plantain Farming, Plantain Farming in Nigeria, How profitable is Plantain Farming

Plantain farming is one of the most profitable agro-business to start in Nigeria. Not only does it present to you as one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria, but also good as an export product with good returns. Our article will go through How to Start Plantain Farming in Nigeria, Cultivation of Plantain, Cost and Business Opportunities associated with Plantain Farming in Nigeria.

Having a plantain plantation can create a wealth of business opportunities for individuals and business entities. Not only because plantain is a local food enjoyed by Nigerians, but also for the fact that it is one of the most profitable export products from Nigeria to invest in. That is to say, it is a profitable and lucrative business venture.

Plantain farming is profitable. But, wait a minute, how profitable is plantain farming in Nigeria?

In a nut shell, the profitability in the business depends your level and scale of involvement in this lucrative business. In fact, if you go into its commercial farming, you can be generating over N1.5 million each months.

For example, starting the business for the main purpose of exportation or processing the plantain into its by-products such as plantain flour, plantain chips and others can create additional wealth on there own for the farmer.

A friend of mine ones asked me this question – How profitable is plantain farming in Nigeria?

My reply was, it is very profitable. With the my reasons after taking you through all it takes to start plantain cultivation. In addition, I will also talk about the cost associated to plantain farming in Nigeria.

How to Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria

  1. Get a good land;
  2. Prepare the land;
  3. Get good and healthy Plantain Suckers;
  4. Plant the Plantain Suckers;
  5. Fertilization;
  6. Weed Control and Maintenance;
  7. Harvesting;
  8. Processing; and
  9. Marketing

As shown above, this article will guide you through each of the steps mentioned. As long as you follow them religiously, you are in to having a profitable plantain farming business.

In fact, plantain has lot of nutritional benefits which includes carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals; as a matter of fact, it has the following nutritional composition:

  1. Calories – 179;
  2. Fat – 0 grams (g);
  3. Protein – 1 g;
  4. Carbohydrates – 48 g;
  5. Fiber – 4 g;
  6. Vitamin A – 83 micrograms (ug);
  7. Vitamin B6 – 0.44 milligrams (mg);
  8. Vitamin C – 27 milligrams (mg);
  9. Magnesium – 55 milligrams (mg);
  10. Potassium – 739 milligrams (mg)’



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