Groundnut Farming in Nigeria: How to Start with Business opportunities

February 4, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Agriculture,Business,Business Ideas,Nigeria

Groundnut, a cash crop that has been the darling of many farmers involved in the groundnut farming in Nigeria. Why is it a profitable business for Nigeria farmers? Not only because the demand for this agricultural product in Nigeria is high, but also because it can be harvested twice a year; in addition, the product supply is low.

Generally speaking, groundnut is an important member of the edible nut family with lots of health benefits. As a matter of facts, nuts are very good for you.

I am sure you did not land on this page by chance; you are here because of the fact that you are looking for information about groundnut.


If groundnuts are good as an edible product, then how can you profit from having a groundnut farm in Nigeria. In this article, I will be taking you through the basis of groundnut farming in Nigeria as a profitable business.

In general, this article will focus on Groundnut Farming Business in Nigeria with emphasis on the following:

  1. How to start groundnut farming business in Nigeria;
  2. Yield of groundnut per acre and hectare;
  3. How profitable is groundnut farming business in Nigeria.

Coming with more information……