Our Company Background

Let's grow together! Learn more about us and why we are the right choice for you.

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Business suffer from lack of talents!

Talent suffer for jobs!

Talent has no boundaries neither do business success do. Business owners can now employ the forte of freelancers to complete their jobs online without any boundaries.

Recruit a freelancer for your next project

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Why Yokebay – A freelance website in Nigeria.

Everything we do, we believe in creating value.

Yokebay is a unique platform that takes the stress out of freelancers or in this case, a job seekers. And at the same time, provide job owners/business owners to choose from the best available individuals in the market.

Bridging gap of Lack of Talents

We built the platform to bridge the gap of talents in the Nigeria employment industry. Now, employers can for the first time, view the skills and level of experience that an individual has before awarding a project to the individual. Business owners: Browse to find talented individual(s) that will take your business to the next level. You may not know, many jobs/projects gets done remotely in this present age of the internet. So, we believe in presenting experience individual(s) showcasing their talents on our website to you.


Registered freelancers on our website have access benefits from our inbound leads. There are members on our network currently looking for qualified talents like your. You will be saving yourself a valuable time looking or chasing time on your own. Take the next big move, join the most value added freelance website among all the freelance websites in Nigeria. [/pt_text][/pt_column][/pt_row][/pt_section][pt_section element_name=”Section” width=”boxed” bg_color=”#ededed” bg_image=”” padding=”30px,30px,30px,30px” margin=”,,,” extra_class=””][pt_row element_name=”Row”][pt_column width=”1/2″][pt_text element_name=”Text” extra_class=””]

What is Yokebay all about?

We are all about two things –

  1. Showcasing talented individuals that will take your business/project to the next level.
  2. Present business/project owners with a platform full of skilled individual to choose from.

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Resources at your finger tips!

Yokebay connect talented experts with business owners searching for forte to get the job done on time and to budget. Be it large organisation or a small business looking for the right expert to do a job, yokebay.com is the right website to find a freelancer.

A workplace for freelancers and business owners to realise there dreams.

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The Freelance websites in Nigeria

  With the advancement in technology and lack of right human resources, yokebay came into existing. We are online resource platform where job seekers with experience can showcase their individual skill to the right client, In other word, we are a meeting platform that link business owners with individual talent. These talents can be a single person or a team that can solve problems. Save Save [/pt_text][/pt_column][/pt_row][/pt_section][pt_section element_name=”Section” width=”boxed” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” padding=”10px,0px,10px,0px” margin=”,,,” extra_class=””][pt_row element_name=”Row”][pt_column width=”1/2″][pt_content_slider element_name=”Content Slider” images=”” delay=”5000″ navigation=”no” arrows=”no” extra_class=””]

Our Mission

  • To create value for Nigeria businesses by linking skilled service providers using our micro job platform to solve shortage of expertise.

Our Vision

  • Create Value: Bridging the gap of “talent shortage”
  • Provider Solutions: A platform where business projects can be solved online
  • Remove Boundaries: Platform where any business globally can seek the service of Nigeria freelancers

Our Core Values

  • Focus on business needs
  • Continuously provide better services to our customers
  • Provide great workplace platform transparency where job owners and job doers are highly satisfied
  • Create a success road map for our platform users.


Our Objectives

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A world of opportunities for freelancers

Through yokebay platform, businesses get more work done; using the platform connecting to freelancers to work on projects ranging from simple piece of work to large projects. Yokebay make the process seamless, fast and cost-effective to hire and work with freelancers anytime through its’ “Workflows” inbuilt technology system. We are proud to lead the freelance websites in Nigeria. [/pt_text][/pt_column][/pt_row][/pt_section][pt_section element_name=”Section” width=”boxed” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” padding=”30px,0px,30px,0px” margin=”,,,” extra_class=””][/pt_section]