40+ Highly Profitable Export Products with Potentials in Nigeria

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Export Products, Starting Export Business, Exportation in Nigeria

Export Products are those items produced mainly for exportation out of Nigeria. That is to say, they are not for local consumption or use. Not only are these products highly profitable, but also yield good return on investment. By and large, if you are looking for a highly profitable business to start, it will be worth it to consider the list of export products listed below.

This article is for you if you are starting export business in Nigeria; it is a good resources for you to start with .

Since oil price has started declining, many Nigerians has been looking inward for the best alternative. These inward looking has actually yielded good stuff for many Nigeria business owners.

The good thing about product exportation is that there are ready made market for the goods; In addition, the profit margin is always high.

Are you looking to start an exportation business? or are you looking for good export products to start with? If your answers are yes to the two questions, then sit back and go through the list of these highly profitable export products below.

To begin with, I will list all the export products that are profitable; In addition,  I will take you through the basic requirements needed to start the business.

List of highly profitable export products from Nigeria

Nigeria, a country blessed with human and natural resources; has great potential to produce and export locally made products. Either you are just starting out in the export trade or an expert in the business, you will find these information useful.

Below are exportable products for your consideration:

1. Cashew Nuts:

Cashew Nuts Exportation, Cashew Nut, Export Products

I call cashew nut the king of nuts. Why? I see it as that particular product that has great potential for exportation; that is to say, it is an international commodity.

2. Rice

3. Melon

4. Ginger

5. Garlic

6. Plantain

7. Cocoa

A vital ingredient used in making chocolate; originated from the cocoa beans that grows from cocoa tree. Many other produce derived fro cocoa are:

  • Cocoa butter;
  • Animal feeds (from cocoa husk);
  • Alcohol and soft drinks;
  • Cocoa powder;
  • Marmalade; and many more.

As a leading agricultural export product in Nigeria; cocoa is a well sought after product. In fact, this is a product that has put Nigeria on the world map as the forth largest exporting nation of cocoa in the world.

8. Cola Nuts

9. Bitter Cola

10. Yam

11. Beans

12. Crayfish

13. Sesame Seeds

14. Locust Beans

15. Shea butter

Other Top Products you can export from Nigeria

16. Ground Nuts

17. Snails

18. Crabs

19. Soya Bean

20. Palm Kernel

21. Textile

22. Rubber

23. Honey

24. Cassava

25. Honey

26. Cotton

27. Poultry Products

28. Pepper

29. Bitter Cola

30. Walnut

31. Coco Yam

32. Millet

Majority of products mentioned above are either cash crops, aqua products or animal products. Although, few are also plant produce.

In the latter part of our list, I will take your through the solid minerals found in Nigeria. These solid minerals are export products in Nigeria.

Solid minerals in Nigeria ready for export market

33. Iron Ore

34. Charcoal

35. Biyumen

36. Zinc

37. Limestone

38. Lignite

39. Lead

40. Marble

41. Clay





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