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There are over one thousand ways on how to make money online in Nigeria, it all depend on the part you want to take. Not only will you make money, but also have the freedom to dictate your terms and condition. In addition, you will have time on your side to do other stuffs. Just set up the right business, and get ready to rock and roll.

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If you can be that patient to read this article to the end, it will teach you how to make money online in Niger. These are Untapped Business in Nigeria with lots of opportunities.

Please note, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it is an income generating article that if practice, you will be laughing to the bank each and every time. I call it The Making Money Opportunities that is available to all.

How to make money online in Nigeria – The easy ways

On this piece of article, I will be given you the necessary information needed to help you start making money through the internet. Some people call it – Make money from Home business. In fact, they are right because you can operate these businesses from home.

Hey, this piece of information is free! I am not charging you.

Different from the traditional ways of making money, the internet has open a wider range of money making platform for everyone interested. You do not need to have an office, neither do you need millions of Naira to start. All that is required of you is your time and dedication.

While many still believe they cannot start a business because of the lack of capital, I can tell you that there are various online businesses you can do that does not require too much start-up capital.

One Thousand Ways of Making Money Online in Nigeria

With Nigeria population standing at over 180 million, there are no better opportunities than this; that is to say, you have the market to promote your services to.

While the market is there, all you have to do is to come up with a good business idea. But, the first thing to remember is, your business should be something that will provide solutions to problem.

To clarify, you must be in a business with the following:

  • A business that provide solutions to people’s problems
  • Business that is in high demand; this follows the principle of demand and supply.

As a matter of fact, getting you hands on a business with the mentioned gives you an answer to the question of how to make money in Nigeria.

In this article, I will be taking you through 10 ways to make money online and how to start. This list and the details in it are comprehensive; so, if you are really serious on wanting to know “how to make money online in Nigeria”, then let us get started.

List of 10 ways to make money online in Nigeria

The following are various businesses that will help you make online income.

1. Article writing

2. Start a blog

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Become a freelancer

5. Start to tutor, sell courses or teach online

6. Set up an online marketing business

7. Create a forum group

8. Start an online store

9. Short link creation

10. Create and sell ebooks.

Now, let us take each one of them one after the other.

Here are various ways to make money online in Nigeria.

1. Article Writing:

Writing make money but how? This is a question that many will ask you and this particular question need an answer. In this article, I will teach you how to make money in Nigeria writing articles or through blogging.

How to make money online – Article writing make money

From time to time, I receive lots of inquiries on how to make money online writing articles. In fact, the number of people looking to make money online through article writing is growing on a daily basis.

If we are to look at the average searches on google on the keyword “How to make money writing article”; part of the how to make money series, you will find out that between 10k – 100k searches are made each months. These searches are actual searches made in Nigeria. See image below.

How to make money, Make money writing areticles, write articles and get paid

Why are people searching for this keyword phrases? It is simple. Many people are now waking up to the fact that you can make money writing articles.

I will give you two good websites where you can earn over N50,000.00 for each article accepted.

All in all, my honest opinion is for you to start writing articles.

2. Start a blog:

Over the years, many people have made money online through blogging; and they still do. In fact, blogging is the fastest way to making money online in Nigeria as at today.

In order to know more on blogging, visit – How to start a blog in Nigeria.

How do bloggers make money?

Coupled with the fact that blogging gives you so much control over information, you will also take charge of contents on your blog.

To begin with, let me take you through ways to make money with blogs.

Make money with Google Adsense: We all trust google! Yes, this trust has made corporate organizations and individual to advertise in google through the Adword program. While google is making money through all these advert placement, google is generous enough to share revenue with blog and website owners.

As a blog or website owner, the lowest hanging fruit to make money is through the google adsense program. Without any delay, I will encourage you to register with google on the adsense program.

To learn how to make money with google adsense, why not just visit the Google Adsense page. You get more valuable information on it.

An honest secret about blogging is that it make you constant income.

In order to learn other ways of making money with your blog, you need a domain name.

Read more: How to get a free domain name.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

From time to time, I receive emails from individuals asking me how to make money from Nigeria using affiliate marketing. My reply to the is that, there are various ways to earn money online in Nigeria through different affiliate marketing programs.

Nevertheless, yes, they can earn good money online through it; they just have to sign up for some of the good affiliate programs. For example, I have listed below some of the available affiliate marketing program that pay good money in Nigeria and Internationally.

Affiliate Marketing Program in Nigeria to consider are:

  • Skoybus Affiliate Program – You can sign up for this on Nigeria Affiliate Program. This program is in the Financial sector in Nigeria.
  • Jumia Affiliate Program – If you want to sell products, Jumia Affiliate program is good for you. The program is in the Online Shopping sector. Visit for more details.
  • Konga Affiliate Program – Similarly, the affiliate program is in the online shopping sector that have various products to sell. Sign up for the konga affiliate program on website.

To sum up the few affiliate program in Nigeria, I will also like to include Yudala Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Yudala Affiliate Program – In like manner, the Yudala affiliate program is in the online shopping sector. But in addition, they also operate their business in the traditional way. That is to say, they also operate physical retail stores around the country.

International Affiliate Marketing Program to consider are:

  • Tradedoubler – Indeed, this is a good affiliate program for you if you are looking to sell both products and services. The is in both retail and service sector.
  • Amazon – In general, amazon claim to be the best affiliate marketing program, yes they are living up to expectation. I made money on the affiliate program months in months out. It is also good for me to point out that is in the online shopping space.

On the whole, I see affiliate marketing as one of the best jobs in Nigeria you can ever have. Why is this? Because of the fact that an affiliate marketer can sell anything without having a stock of the product, neither does he or she has to pay upfront for the item being sold.

Nevertheless, to be an affiliate marketer, you need to register with an affiliate program.

4. Become a freelancer – How to make money freelancing:

The dream of many of us is to become a self-employed person but a lot do not do anything about it. Neither do they take the necessary steps needed to becoming self-employed. This good news is this, you can become self employ by freelancing.

Many individuals are now freelancers working on different projects to make money. Although, as a freelancer, you need to be skilled in your particular field. If not, you may find it difficult to be successful as a freelancer. But nevertheless, the freelance industry is so big for you not to find a job there.

How to make money freelancing, How to make money, Different ways of making money online

How to make money as a freelancer

As long as you are a dedicated freelancer, you will always get jobs to do. One good thing about freelancing is that there are always job availability. At the present time, there are large demand for freelancers in Nigeria and many businesses are listing various projects on freelance website.

Moreover, for more information on freelancing and freelance jobs, visit freelance websites in Nigeria.

5. Start to tutor, sell courses or teach online – An Untapped Business in Nigeria

Until now, tutoring is not what I have ever considered as a way to make money; but now, I have find out how to make money as a tutor. Point often overlooked, as a tutor, you have a good stream of revenue that will earn you money over and over again.

Hey, you make money tutoring online!

Do you have passion, skill or you are an expertise on something that you are really good at? Then, this bit of information is for you. Without delay, you need to start making money online with your skills.

Hey, wait there! How do you make money online as a tutor? This is pretty really simple, in brief, I will explain this to you. Generally speaking, there are two good ways to do this. These ways are explain below:

  • Set up a website

In order for you to make maximum profit from either tutoring, or selling courses or even teaching online, you will need to do them on your own website. By all means, try to make all the selling of courses and teaching activities happen your your own website. There are advantages to this!

One of the advantage is that it increases your business brand and at the same time, your website traffic grow. In addition, use can use the services of SEO companies in Nigeria.

Looking for SEO agents to help you with Search Engine Optimization, visit SEO Companies in Nigeria.

  • Leverage on other websites

In order to sell more of either your courses or teach online (especially if your website is new), I will advise you to leverage on existing popular websites. Not only will these sites help you build a solid foundation but also help you sell more products.

The main advantage you get here is that you are ridding on a ready made process to give you good visibility online.

Equally important to mention that you will be charge some form of commission for each product sold through their platform. All in all, you may still be better off leveraging on existing websites.

6. Set up an online marketing business

Equally important in our article on “How to make money in Nigeria” series is online marketing business set-up. Regardless of how big or small a company is, they need marketers. Therefore, setting up a good online marketing business is not a bad idea; or what do you think? Doing this, you are solving some other business’ problem and at the same time, you are creating income stream for yourself.

It is important to realize that ONLY individuals with good online marketing experience do well when it comes to operating an online marketing platform. Although, you may have to go for few training from a reputable marketing company in order to start such business.

7. Create a forum group – A Untapped Business in Nigeria

Most compelling evidence to show that you can make money online in Nigeria is forum website. We can all see how nairaland as grown from strength to strength. In fact, money made online by owner is more than what most businesses in Nigeria are making.

At a point this year, was the most popular website owned by a Nigerian; Not only was forum very popular, but also the most viewed and participated Nigerian forum site.

Where an I going with this story of All am trying to say is that with a popular forum site of your own, you can earn money with it.

What are the ways to earn money with a forum website? Again, this is simple, you make money through advertisement. Additionally, you can make money through membership subscription on the forum.

For example, you can let your forum subscribers pay to participate in a particular section of your forum.

8. Start an online store

Hmmm. a very good money making model! Yes it is. Regardless of what you sell online, if you know how to promote your online store, you will make money.

  • How to make money with online store:

In the first place, to run a successful and profitable online store, you need to have a good business model. Online shopping models are different but for the purpose of this article, I will go through the different models available. In brief, I will teach you how to make money from the different online shopping model below.

(i). Online store to sell your own goods

In a word, this is an online store created by owner to sell goods that they have control over. In this case, the owner of the website buy goods from seller and resell on their website.

For example, as a website owner, I may buy items from wholesaler and resell the items on my website. How to make profit on this type of model is that my profit comes from the sales margin.

(ii). User generated content Online Store

In fact, I love this model. You may not know but generally speaking, this is the exact model used by most popular online shopping stores all over the world. Websites such as, and many more.

With this model, you set-up an online store and give business owners access to advertise their products on your website. While you have created the platform for people to sell through your site, it is your responsibility to promote your site.

How to make money with this model……

You either make money by charging a flat fee from from seller when they register with your site or you charge them commission for every sale. In some cases, you can charge for both. That is you charge for membership and at the same time, charge sellers for every sale.

Another key point with this model, you as the site owner is responsible for helping to take payment for every sales.

As you can see, this model is a good way of making money..

(iii). Online store created to sell other peoples’ good

Similar to the model mentioned above but with the difference of how payment is taking. With this model, buyers may decide to make payment through different channels. So, website owner is not in control of how payment is accepted.

For example, websites like ebay uses this model.

9. Short link Creation:

Without any doubt, this is the easiest of all in the list of how to make money online. What do you have to do? Just shorten your link and earn money.

How does it work?

For more information on how this work, please visit the shortening website here.

10. Create and Sell Ebooks – Untapped Business in Nigeria

Electronic books shortened as ebooks can create a regular streams of income for you if you venture into it. If you are really looking to know how to make money in Nigeria, I will recommend you start creating ebooks.

On the positive side, ebooks are easy to create and sell online. One of the greatest advantage of creating ebook to sell is that you do have overhead cost. You also do not have to look for a printing publisher to sell it for you.

How do you earn money with ebook selling?

There are two ways to do this and these ways are simple – (i) create ebooks and sell on your own website; (ii) Create ebooks and sell on other peoples’ website; (iii) Create ebooks and call on affiliates to sell for you; and (iv) Sell ebooks for others.

One good thing about the ebook nodel is that you can combine all the five ways mentioned above to generate good income stream for yourself.

To Make Money Online in Nigeria

I will like to emphasize that it is not too late for you to start generating income from the 10 ways of making money online in Nigeria listed above.

As shown above, there are different ways of making money online, it all depend on the route you want to take. One thing that is important is that you need to start from somewhere.

In conclusion, if you will like me to help you on your journey on how to make money online, you can drop me a note on the comment box below and I will surely get in touch. Thank you.

Nevertheless, we all can start to make money online from the comfort of our home; through various Untapped Business in Nigeria. I will also appreciate if you can help share this article, you never know, you may be changing someone life for good. Use the share button below.